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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaurvaki comes to her room. She finds it decorated beautifully. She happily walks over flower petals and looks around in surprise. There is a plate kept on the sofa. She finds a small box on it. She opens it to find a mirror inside it. She notices Ashoka’s reflection in it and smiles. Ashoka walks up to her and hugs her from behind. She asks him what happened. Did you forget to keep the gift? He says it is empty now but we will fill it with our love, memories. It will have the memories of the time we will spend together after our wedding. Whenever we will look at it, it will remind us of our long journey here. Kaurvaki adds that a very long journey is still left. He shows her the little statue she had given to him in the childhood. You still have it? He says you gave it to me after

all. She shows a small stone to him. They keep it in the box together and share a hug.

Dharma is grinding turmeric. Chanda’s mother is also doing the same. It is for the next ritual (haldi ceremony). Charu. Chanda’s mother and Dharma speak about the significance of this ritual. Every mother does it for her SIL. The leftover turmeric will be sent to her daughter then. It is a ritual. Once the ritual completes then everything will go well.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki are together. She is resting her head on his chest lovingly. She lowers her eyes shyly as he keeps looking at her sweetly. O priyatam plays. He moves the strand away from her face and touches her cheek. They lean closer but she gets up feeling shy. He holds her hand.

Dharma suddenly shouts in shock as the turmeric turns red. Blood! Devi looks and says it is turmeric only. Dharma too realises the same. it was my illusion. Pardon me. Charu thinks Dharma always wants everyone to look at her only. Everyone gathers hearing Dharma’s voice. Jagannath advises Bindu to call off the wedding. These are all bad signs. Hasting for something can bring bad luck for us. Bindu stays put on his decision. This wedding will surely happen and it will be historic.

Devi stops Kaurvaki from coming to kitchen. Be in your room. Your haldi will come there only. Ashoka notices the tensed look on his mother’s face.

Devi comes to Kauravki’s room. Kaurvaki says you are from the groom’s side. Why are you here then? Devi denies. I am from the bride’s side. Vit says you switched sides so soon. One cannot trust anyone. Devi says it doesn’t matter. I am from both the sides. Vit says we will decide that later. Bhaiya is waiting. He runs out with the bowl of haldi. Everyone smiles.

Ladies teases Ashoka on the ceremony. Your bachelor life will end now. Ashoka asks for his mother. Vit takes him with him.

Devi is taking haldi for Kaurvaki when Jagannath meets her in the corridor. Devi says Kaurvaki will become Ashoka’s after today. Jagannath reasons that blood relation is over everything. In the end, Kaurvaki will choose her blood and not love. so the wedding will surely turn out to be historic! Devi leaves.

Ashoka changes and comes for the haldi ritual. Dharma starts the ritual. She recalls the time when he was born and of all their struggles till date. Her lullaby plays in the background. Both Ashoka and Dharma get emotional. Dharma says I am surprised that such a peaceful and good moment will come in our struggling life. Devi comes there. Dharma asks her to join her.

Acharya RG informs Bindu that Ujjaini has been attacked. Bindu is shocked.

Dharma suddenly sees blood all over Ashoka. She is startled and stunned. Blood! Ashoka gets concerned. Are you fine? She says nothing has happened. ashoka is sure something is up. You are hiding something from me for sure. Dharma dismisses it. She sends Ashoka with Vit. Dharma asks Devi about the Baba she met. I have to meet him asap.

Bindu tells Acharya RG to make sure Ashoka does not get to know about it. You should go to Ujjaini with a troop right away. Acharya RG nods and leaves. Bindu wonders why so many problems are coming during Ashoka’s wedding.

Baba says you will get worried by your questions. Dharma replies that she will find her peace. Tell me what you think. Baba tells her to forget about this wedding. It will only bring destruction. There will be a big war between Patliputra and Kalinga. Such war has never happened before. It will only bring destruction. So many people will be killed. Sky will turn red. Only one person will stand alone amidst all of it. Ashoka is seen standing around thousands of dead bodies (in the vision). Dharma says I wont let it happen. He says it doesn’t matter what you will think. What has to happen will happen. This girl only will bring peace and calm to Ashoka. She will get him on the right path. Dharma is confused. Why will Kaurvaki do so? She will never do it. I will not let her do something like that. He says you will soon find the right girl for Ashoka. You yourself will break this wedding then. Dharma says why I will do that. I thought you are knowledgeable but you are not even good enough person. I don’t know why I listened to Devi. I shouldn’t have come here at all. Ashoka is a saviour. He saves people. He will never become the reason of so many people losing their lives. She walks away. Baba says she doesn’t know she is the one who will stop this decision. She will have to give her life to follow this decision.

Acharya RG has gathered his soldiers. He speaks to them about the impending war. We have to make sure the palace is safe as the princes are soon going to marry. Ashoka comes there. Acharya RG does not tell him about the attack. We are making security preps for the wedding. I will handle everything. Ashoka leaves.

Daasi comes running. She wishes to meet her husband before he leaves for the war. Soldiers tell her that he will be highly lucky to die for his country. Ashoka hears them.

Siamak wants to go in the treasury room. Ashoka tells him he has the responsibility of internal security. No one can go inside without my or father’s permission. Siamak gives him a letter written by Bindu. Ashoka reads it but is confused as to why father allowed him inside. Siamak does not tell him anything.

Vit reminds his father of his promise. You said you will help me in choosing gift for father. bindu excuses himself. Ashoka comes to meet his father. Vit shares that father left just now. Ashoka notices his father leaving palace with his trusted allies. Something is up for sure.

Precap: Ashoka gets upset with his father for hiding truth from him. Bindu reasons that he is going to marry in two days. your tilak has happened. Ashoka replies that his Guru also did his tilak. I have to save my people. Bindu says it is my final decision. You wont go in the war.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh thank u miss pooja,hi frnds i thnk u cn remember me…thnks suraya,maxxa,Asoka samrat.many thks happen in last few weeks.I was busy with an exam.

    1. Tiyasa

      Wow u are back…….

    2. u r back. ….

    3. Devi

      ur back! Great! Hope the exam went well?

    4. ashoka samrat

      with what exams. hv u finished A/L’s

  2. Devi

    thx Pooja for the fast update. So Devi is getting married to Ashoka soon? And why can’t Ashoka go to the war? IS AHoka really going off-air?

    1. Sachin41

      you are faster than faster.. Haha..!!

  3. Thank you for the update pooja di. The kalinga war will happen soon. I am writing for that. dharma will stop the marriage and then ashoka will marry devi. Devi is the right choice for ashoka. I am eagerly waiting for the war.

  4. Sachin41

    Nice episode..!!
    Is that Devi the swamiji was telling about?? The best bride for Ashoka??

    1. Tiyasa

      yah its one and only Devi…….

  5. Another great episode….things are happening!!!!

  6. Tkz pooja …who is that vikatkura??

  7. Tiyasa

    Now time is coming for Ashoka and Devi’s marriage…….. I am very happy……………

  8. Tiyasa

    Thanks pooja Di……

  9. Oh no please don’t kill dharma so soon..

    I don’t know why but I feel the further track is like this..

    1.ashok will go to fight the war at Ujjain where sushim will try to kill him..
    2. This side he will try to kill kaurwaki n dharma Will save her but ultimately have to give her life for that or may be sushim will directly kill dharma.. kaurwaki will be attacked she will be taken back to kalinga by her family for her safety or some family member of her also will be killed in this attack n she won’t know DAT dharma has died saving her n ultimately would be forced to think ashok is responsible for her loss due to the circumstances created around her will force her to do so..
    4.dharma in her last wish would tell devi to marry ashok.
    5.loss of dharma will give a shock to bindu n ultimately he will also be in the dying bed..
    6.wn ashok will return for sometime he will think that kalinga has killed her mother n it was all kalinga plan in which kvk was also include..

    1. Vanshika

      I also feel the same first five points..

    2. Bhrata Susheem

      yes, i also feel the story will move more or less same sequence as described by you. Cheers, story is finally moving, eventhough, they unnecessary roped in kalinga king as thief, showing swayamvar events, Virat etc, which was unethical on part of director.

  10. dharma died in saving devi’s child i thk

  11. Khushiarvind

    In the original story dharma dies by sushim’s hands protecting ashok’s wife devi.

    1. No dear its not the original story..
      It was just the film story..
      No where in history its written DAT dharma dies by sushim hand while protecting devi’s kid…
      It’s just written DAT sushim killed ashok’s mother..
      So I think the serial director will so some other story of her death by sushim..
      N as in this episode it’s written DAT dharma will stop dis marriage by giving her life..
      I don’t think so soon devi will have a kid.. N while saving her kid dharma will die..

    2. But I hope as u said it happens bcz then it will take some time to show devi’s marriage n kids…I don’t want dharma’s character to end so soon..

      Don’t know why dey r rushing…
      May be in order to close the serial smoothly n showing complete story n not dragging any more..

  12. Dear Zannat,

    Hopefully watever you have written comes true and we will see the real CHAND from then………………..

    1. agree

  13. devaki ganesan

    It is a great tragedy if Dharma dies. By quirk of fate Devi marries Ashoka first before he leaves for war. It is possible Kaurwaki is kidnapped by her father to Kalinga. After a violent put down of Kaurwaki will be rescued by Ashoka. They are married. In order to rid of traitors Ashoka gets rid of Sushim, Siamak and others. Bindusara crowns Ashoka and retires. Mahamatya and Charumitra are punished.

    This is a combination of my memory of what I have read and my embellishment!!

    1. Devaki bindusar wanted sushim to be his successor..
      I think its bcz after dharma will die ashok will be complete chand n bindussar will not want to handover magadh to him as he will fear DAT if ashok becomes future samrat den he will kill his whole family after his death..

      1. But in history bindusar died 1st n den dharma…

        Don’t know what the serial is gonna so further…
        Its totally confusing..

      2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        actually, Ashoks loved his mother a lot. Only after his monther’s death, he will become very angry and will revenge all traitors and will become a chand. Dont know what twist will lead to kvK going back to kalinga

  14. devaki ganesan

    I want to correct my comment above. I mean Ashoka will have a fierce and blo*dy battle with Kalinga. He rescues Kaurwaki from her father. He does not accept her as Chief Queen to satisfy Magadhans.


  15. Angelk1

    I saw the promo before ashok leap started. It showed ashoke as chand. And kaurwaki. Came up to him while he was fighting calling his name, making him stop killing and calming him. So the guy says this girl will calm him and give him peace, which I guess is Devi. But after he marries her, I think it also go along with the promo I had saw, where ashok is chand and he becomes a killer. At that time and point Devi won’t be able to save him then, it will end up being kaurwaki. Even dharma words usually don’t last long on ashok, and Devi is just like dharma, but that’s not good enough to stop ashok anger even if he love them. Besides, I think when ashok married Devi it will ruin the friendship she has with kaurwaki, and sushim will see her as ashok weakness, and will try to kill her.

    I just hope they don’t drag the love thing like they did kaurwaki, because that will give us another two years before he becomes ruthless. Also they need to stop making it seem like kaurwaki cause ashok to be ruthless, when I’m sure he will turn ruthless when his mom dies. Lastly, I seriously want to see ashok fight kaurwaki in a battle and kaurwaki ruling in her home, not love sick. I prefer her strong and sharp then a love sick girl.

    1. Agree..
      Also in Wikipedia its written devi inspite of trying hard couldn’t convert ashok while kvk did it…

      1. Can you please explain me how kvk was able to convert him dear? B’coz I’m confused isn’t it like ashoka after the fierce battle with kalinga got himself converted as he wasn’t able to bear the fact that he’s responsible for the death of so many innocent people…?

  16. Bhrata Susheem

    good to see the story finally moving, after couple of months. Swayamvar, Ashwaki love story were waste of time

  17. is story me to devi or dharma hi vilan ka kaam kar rhe h

  18. Astra

    Thanks for the update pooja….
    But what happened to dharma..??

  19. Oh! I cannot watch Dharma’death !

  20. who ia actually devi in this..why she is living ashoka’s house?

  21. devaki ganesan

    Devi is a merchant caste [vaishya] girl from Ujjain. Devi was soft, religious, intelligent and mentally strong. She believed in Ahimsa. Change in Ashoka is caused by by Devi and the extreme violence and death of warriors. Most of the dead were Kalinga soldiers. Royal family was routed completely. Kaurwaki fought on behalf of Kalinga-motherland. I do not know if there was a historical character by the name Kaurwaki. But there was a Padmavathi cited in history. Devi had two children Sanghamitra and Mahindra. These two went all over Asia spreading Budhidist teachings. Another son by Padmavathi was Kunal [a talented poet and artist] . He and his progeny ruled Magadh subsequently. None of them came any where close to Ashoka or Chandragupta in fame and accomplishments.. It is hard to assess Bindusara. He seems intelectual, impulsive and gullible. Thanks for your attention.

  22. Hello colors tv! I love this teledrama. It’s very famous In our country . As we foreign countries we always appreciate and respect India because India is the land of the Buddha. I learn about Buddhism. It’s a wonderful & truthful Vision.only Buddhism can challenge science . Buddha is a great teacher. Other thing is I learn about emperor ashoka since I was in school. He is a great and merciful ruler who raise always against injustice . You’re so lucky India to have such great teachers and mighty emperor like this. All my compliments with you. This teledrama is so grate. I wish colours network to countinue this teledrama successfully . Thank you. God bless!

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