Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka pours his mother’s ashes in river while Purohit ji chants mantra. Bindu, Acharya RG, VIt look on from far. Ashoka says it seems with you my good qualities are dead too. He does his prayers after the ritual. Ma, I could only understand the truth that there is only bad in this world. Dharma and love cannot be established here easily. Only your ideals dint let you succeed in life. But your son cannot be unsuccessful. All my good qualities are dead with you. I, dharma-putra, vow to end all the bad things in our motherland and build the society you had dreamt of.

Devi looks at the jewel. Ashoka says it was on mother’s dead body. How could you not see it? Devi shares that she did try to do the ritual but was stopped by Rani Charumitra. Ashoka gets thinking. She surely

did this to hide her son’s deeds. Only one person can tell me the truth.

Vaid ji says Rani Dharma was dead before I reached there. Samrat also told me she was sleeping since long so I thought she died in her sleep. Ashoka requests him to think of the entire situation once again. Did you see or find anything susupicious which could hint that mother’s death wasn’t natural? Please think. Vaid thinks about the incident. There were some marks (of nails) around her neck. It might be that someone strangled her. Ashoka hits things in anger. You are telling me this now? Do you realise its meaning? The killer escaped because of you! The killer also wanted the same so he gets a chance to escape after killing Ma. You gave him that chance. vaid apologizes to him. I dint pay heed to anyone other than Samrat. Devi stops Ashoka from taking his anger out on Vaid ji. We should inform Samrat. Ashoka tells her against it. If we say anything then it would alert the killer. Devi asks him if he doubts anyone. Ashoka nods. I only doubt those who have left from here. There is only one way to find that out. Come with me.

A man (Craftsman) looks at the jewel. I dint make anything like this for Rajkumar Sushim. Ashoka tells him to think once again. The man asks for some time to figure out where this special diamond has come from. It cannot be easily found here. Ashoka gives him one day’s time.

Bindu says even I don’t know the answer to that. How did they find out our plan? Ashoka replies that it happened because of him. I told Lasendra about it. I could punish Rajmata with her help only. I trusted her and she cheated me. Bindu asks him how he made such a big mistake. Ashoka thinks of Kaurvaki’s words. I apologize to you but we don’t have the time to regret what has already happened. we have to do damage control. Acharya RG informs that Sushim has reached Chanda’s hometown already.

Sushim, his mother and Chanda are welcomed nicely by Chanda’s parents. Chanda does not tell anything about their journey till her home. Sushim thinks if Chanda and her family continue to support me like this then I will soon attack on Patliputra and also snatch it from him, like he snatched his mother.

Ashoka says if this is true then Siamak too would have reached his destination. It will be the biggest concern for us. That is the only way for foreign army to enter inside our land. If that door breaks then everything will be finished.

Soldiers rudely shout at people to move aside. The new Prantpal (Viceroy) of Takshshila is coming. Siamak walks in with Unan troops. Siamak thinks Ashoka built his Guru’s dream of united India from here only. I will build my father, mother and Dadi’s dream here on this land now. Bhamini shouts at him to stop which angers Siamak. I am the viceroy of Takshshila. I dint receive any such message from Magadh’s Samrat. Siamak steps down from the horse. Lasendra also comes out of her palanquin. Siamak recognizes Bhamini. Ashoka appointed you on Takshshila’s throne. You are the first lady Viceroy here. Flashback of the same is shown. Siamak says after Rani Dharma’s death, there is a mourning of 13 days in Magadh. Royal deeds cannot happen. Samrat and Ashoka are mourning the loss so this is why they probably couldn’t inform you. I have the royal letter with royal stamp. Bhamini reads it but doubts it. Something is surely wrong. She notices Unani army there. If Samrat had indeed sent you here then there would have been Magadh’s soldiers with you instead of Unani. Siamak charges at her with his sword but she is well prepared. They engage in sword fight. Bhamini hurts him on his hand and he falls down. I should fight with you with my left hand. Lasendra blinds her vision with the help of a small mirror. Siamak grabs the chance to stab Bhamini. She apologizes to Ashoka for what just happened. Jai Janani! She breathes her last. Soldiers advance toward Siamak but they all are shot down. Siamak announces that those wholw ill bend down before him will get ot live. The rest of the soldiers keep their swords down. One soldier says a 14 year old kid taught us how to fight with injustice and brought justice here. We wont let this happen. He stabs himself to death.

The soldiers and citizens of Takshshila decide to do the same with Siamak and UNani that they did with Takshak. We wont let them get hold of any resources.

Siamak happily caresses the throne. Lasendra offers liquor to Siamak. The commander informs them that their King and army will be here soon. It does not matter if the citizens cut off our resources. We will get help really soon. Lasendra thinks it is going as per her plan. Now Ashoka will have to come here to fight with Unan King. He will kill him thereby fulfilling my revenge. Siamak too speaks of taking revenge for his late parents and for his Dadi. He notices an old man standing there with a tray. He makes the soldiers take him away.

Unan soldiers kill and abuse citizens of Takshshila. They also put the their flag in place of Magadh’s flag. Ashoka reads the letter sent by Siamak. By the time you will receive this message, Takshshila will be under me, run by me under my rules. Bindu is shocked. I can understand he can go to any extent to get throne. I cannot understand how he joined hands with Unan. How can my blood go against me? Ashoka recalls the truth told by Rajmata and recalls his promise to his mother. What’s the point of keeping the promise when Ma is no more? Bindu asks him about it. Ashoka shares he does not know one truth. You wont be able to bear it though. Bindu replies that if he can bear Dharma’s death then he can bear anything. Death wont come near me till I know entire truth. Ashoka ends up telling him Siamak isn’t his son. He is your brother, Prince Justin’s son. Bindu falls down on the floor holding his chest.

Precap: The Craftsman shows a jewellery design to Ashoka. The jewel fits perfectly. Ashoka says it is from Unan. Tell me the name. The guy takes Siamak’s name all scared. Ashoka gets angry. Count your last breaths now Siamak. This time there wont be Chand Ashoka before you but your Kaal (death)!

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. ADMON

    wow..great bhamini…we r a good fighter but u couldn’t stay alert so lost ur life…u should have kicked siamak on his face when he was crawling on the floor..anyway big surprise..10 years ago it Ashok had to fight with hundreds of thousands of soldiers in takshasila to win over keechak n now siamak did it with so much ease…only 9-10 soldiers were there, no commander, no ministers..where is Nayak’s descendant..where r the ministers, one with 10-15 soldiers bhamini is ruling taxila or what…amazing directors…

  2. Jabra fan

    What a stupid vaid…..wanna kill him😠. Can’t understand this lasendra. Anyway its growing interesting. Waiting for Siamak’s end. And will bindusara die??????

  3. S.Ravi Prakash

    For those who are accustomed to seeing the English Action movies like me, the CAS is really dragging! Repeat of the Precap doesn’t do any good, feel bored to see the same thing. I feel CAS episodes, the story telling should improve, so as to create more interest among the viewers. Maha episodes, without the advertisements, once a week will help improve the trp. Thanks pooja di for the updates.

  4. Chathuranga

    Here the fights in teledrama is primary in quality. When compared with previous episodes at Thaxila this a tragedy. There should be good fights and more people than this at least with graphics. This is so boring to see an army of 10-15 in a large space.Horrible..At least increase the number of people.

  5. snigdha

    i think now bindusar will die but before dying he will ask ashoka to fulfill his dream of united India and become Magadhs samrat and to take the responsibility of a samrat i think bindusar will ask this from ashok as his last wish

  6. snigdha

    by the way sushim and siamak was killed by ashoka what about charumitra and mahamadhya i mean how did they die

  7. ananya

    it isnt coming so interesting but it is ok and that udaan should be closed band karo us gande se serial nobody is interested in it uske maha episode ki vajah se ham ashoka nahi dekh paa rahe

  8. danny

    I think ashok will go to fight with siamak. And sushim will take the magadh throne and kill bindusar by then by Chanda’s father’s help. He will brag how he killed dharma to ashok and has also killed bindudar. Ashok after killing siamak will come back to kill sushim

  9. Malla

    By mistake today morning they uploaded the next episode in boot app but new they have removed it .in that actually ashok has not told the truth to bindu and shuim came to takshala and ashok has came to know that the dimond is belong to siyamak and at last ashok is ready to make war on them.

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