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Ashoka says this is the karambhumi of Chandragupta Maurya, Guru Chanakya’s janmabhumi, which is known for justice! Why are innocent and poor getting tortured here then? Tell me why our people are getting tortured here? I will tell you! There is someone in Gondna who is still following Das tradition against your order. Soldiers are taking people there and making them Das. Bindu demands to know who it is but Ashoka suggests him not to ask his culprit son (Ashoka). You must ask your beloved son instead who manages all the internal affairs here. If Sushim knows Nirankush then he will surely know Gondna too. Sushim thinks of tantric’s words. I know nothing about Gondna. Ashoka says I expected this answer only from you. A person’s nature never changes so I brought these soldiers here.

Unfortunately Nirankush and his main ally managed to escape. Nirankush accepted his close ties with Sushim before that. Sushim agrees knowing Nirankush. I don’t know anything about Gondna though. Not I but Mahamatya keeps in touch with Gonda. Mahamatya says I don’t know anything but I will investigate. I can order for Nirankush to be here in the court if you wish. Ashoka laughs. Those who try to cover truth will try to unveil it. What’s the point of such investigation? Acharya RG seconds Ashoka. I think you must take charge of it on your own. Bindu agrees. He orders to bring Nirankush here asap. Keep these soldiers in jail. He calls Ashoka son, asking him to come in. Vit hugs his brother. I am so happy that you are beck with us now. I dint like your absence at all. Ashoka replies me too. He looks at his mother. Dharma does his aarti to welcome him home. He touches her feet. She prays that God always blesses him so he walks on the path of dharma and truth always. Dharma signals him to touch his father’s feet too. Ashoka goes inside straight. Bindu had opened his arms for him but gets sad. He looks at Ashoka. Dharma is tensed to see his reaction while Ashoka’s enemies are pleased. Bindu says he is my son. His
We will see whose arrogance wins here. Dharma prays to send someone in Ashoka’s life who can calm him down.

Kaurvaki tells Devi she cannot be this selfish. Bela was my friend. She died for me. I saw my father doing Bela’s last rites thinking it to be me. I should back out and run away for my own happiness? Devi says isn’t it selfishness to think only of your family instead of the dream of united India? You trust Ashoka can do it? Kaurvaki replies positively. It is only Ashoka in the entire world who can make it happen. I saw him in childhood making impossible possible. Devi says would it have been possible without you? What if you hadn’t reminded him of his responsibilities and made him understand the difference between right and wrong? Kaurvaki knows he gets aggressive a little too early. He is like that since childhood. He gets emotional and upset very easily. He needs someone in his life that can help him come out it and be positive. Devi says it is you only who can make it happen. I have seen Chand many times fighting for others before but it was different today. He was Rajkumar Ashoka who dint look angry or aggressive at all. I have seen it clearly. He is incomplete without you. You have to be with him to help him. Kaurvaki says he dint recognize me though. Devi reasons that he soon will. Kaurvaki asks her how she knows this much about Ashoka. Devi replies that she knows CHand. I could see Rajkumar Ashoka in Chand today. Don’t let him turn into Chand again. Kaurvaki worries for Devi’s father but Devi says I can stay away from my father for the dream of united India. They share a hug. Maybe God made me meet you so I could unite you both. Ashoka and Kaurvaki will meet now. Kaurvaki smiles.

Ashoka is inside palace. He looks at Kaurvaki’s anklet and thinks of her. He pulls Siamak out sensing his presence. He hugs Siamak forcibly shocking Siamak. Don’t worry. I wont harm you. I only want to know something from you. You Unani’s must know how to count backwards? Start it if you do. I am going to end the names of my enemies in my list one by one. I don’t know whose name will be first. Siamak is all speechless before him. He goes away. Ashoka continues walking. He finds Sushim standing in his way. Sushim walks up to Ashoka. Welcome in Patliputra but not for too long. Not just in this palace but on earth, it will be your last night tonight. I will complete the incomplete task today. Ashoka says I also assure you, you will die by my hands only. It will be your last night tonight. I will also complete the task which I left incomplete 10 years ago. They go their separate ways.

Nayak tells Acharya RG that their wait is finally over. What will happen next? Acharya RG speaks of Lord Vishnu taking Kalki avatar to bring Satyug back after ending Kalyug. Ashoka will also do anything to end the culprits of Acharya’s death. He will clean the motherland to build up the dream. The plan is set. It will set in motion tonight only. Nayak asks him what is going to happen tonight. Acharya RG replies that the Shubhaarambh of united India’s dream will happen tonight.

Sushim is worried thinking of Tantric and Ashoka’s words (about Gondna). No! I have borne a lot to gain this mayavi power. It cannot go in vain. My sacrifice cannot go waste. I will achieve for what I have toiled so hard. I will get it tonight only.

Ashoka is dressed in royal clothes. He looks at Chandragupta Maurya’s sword emotionally which is still there in room. He thinks of Helena telling him the names of Acharya Chanakya’s killers and how his mother was thrown out of Patliputra. Whenever I pick this sword I understand my responsibility, its weight on my shoulders. I also feel the blessings of my ancestors and Guru whenever I lift it. He picks the sword. Sushim will be punished for his deeds tonight. It is the easiest way to free Magadh from all the evil people.

Ashoka and Sushim are in the dangal area. Sushim remarks he too couldn’t wait. Only two brothers can think alike. Ashoka replies that only one of them will live tonight. They engage in sword fight.

Precap: Bindu comes just then and asks both his sons to stop. If either of you die while fighting then I will announce death penalty for my other son as well. Bindu talks to Dharma about sending invitation to nearby states to invite all the Kings over with their daughters. We will get our sons married.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ye first to comment. Thanks pooja for a fast update i was unable to see the episode thanks pooja. Ashoka rocks

  2. what!! a quick update…

    nice episode…

    wating when will ashok take revenge from his revengers…..

    and ashok and devi marriage…

    1. what!!! will ashok marry devi instead of his first love: Kaurwwaki.
      Please reply soon if anyone knows

      1. ashoka hai ashoka

        yes thats what happens according to history
        but ashoka still loves kaurvaki and devi knows it too. devi marries ashoka upon the promise she made to kaurvaki today, that she’ll control ashokas anger and all what kaurvaki did before. until ashok marries kaurvaki too

  3. Right eagerly waiting for ashok and devi marriage and karuvaki,chand ashok take your revenge

  4. CoolShuB

    Hi pooja . u rock dear osem

  5. Abhishek maurya

    Worst show with big budget and nothing.

  6. okay, now nice moving to forward.

  7. Sriranjani

    How cruel I wish Karwaki shd be 1st wife but wht 2 do!! Bindu and Ashoka’s life destiny is same as they get married to their lovable ones and the loved once appear to be 2nd wife. same as Bajiro mastani. 🙁 :”(

  8. S.Ravi Prakash

    Thanks for the update ?.

  9. Thanks pooja di for your update.Nice episode.Ashoka ki shadi devi se hone se pehale kvk se hojayega kya?

  10. yes ….me too want to see ashok-kvk-devi marriage… just don’t want anything negative with ashoka and family{bindu,dharma, vit,devi,kvk}

  11. Saai121


  12. Mahela Bandara Ekanayake

    le update de quick

  13. ashoka samrat s fan

    Awesome episode now it’s really interesting thanks pooja di a lot for updates I love it

  14. Im a Sri Lankan. But this drama is a part of my life. The king Ashoka is a very important person for budhists because of valuable things he had done for bhudism. Director and the team doing a really good job here. Please drag this drama until he(samrath Ashok) ends his life. Please add how he converted to a buddhist as well.

    1. ashok himself was never converted in to budhist but ya definitely done a lot for its propagation…. the first king who himself got converted into budhist was king KANISHKA in 4th budhist council that was held in kashmir ,here budhism was divided in two sects -Mahayana & hinayana & Kanishka accepted Mahayana sect of budhism….3rd council was under Ashoka in which tripitaka(holy book of budhists r made)….but yes i too want seing this serial upto Ashoka’s death…..

      1. hello neha. I would like to introduce some important thing to you. ashoka motivates his life as Buddhist. he became a Buddhist. he change his name as dharmashoka. he did lot of thing for pure Buddhism. further he spread Buddhism. he follow Lord Buddha’s path. but u told he didn’t convert as Buddhist. that’s insane. don’t keep wrong ideas about history. plz don’t put those wrong thing to internet. thank you

      2. indeed yes .i also agree with pieris. so neha don’t put those fake things to internet. ashoka became chandashoka. after that I found a right path. that is pure Buddhism. he became as Buddhist king. he follow Lord Buddha’s precious dhamma . after that he became as dharmashoka. that’s the truth

      3. Neha dont change history. Ashoka became a buddhist empire. He follow buddhism. He change his name as dharmashoka. He converted buddhism to his life. So neha i want to tell you dont add those lies things to net

      4. Neha u told ashoka didn’t convert his life for Buddhism. Then why did he propagates Buddhism? If you don’t know about true history don’t add those nonsense things. Ashoka became dhammasoka because his motivated and convert Buddhism. He became a Buddhist king. His son and daughter get rahath power. He sacrifice his life for buddhism

    2. yes please. i too agree with that…

      1. sorry to say but u people really don’t know anything about history may be u know only Wikipedia details or movies of ashoka…….as far as i have told above is truely correct & im a history professor & a native of patna(patlipitra ) too…..plz read my comment again …….king Ashoka had done a lot , followed the path of budhism too but never got converted into budhist ……king Kanishka was first who himself got converted into budhist……& for ur knowledge this is one of the IAS que too whose ans is Kanishka given by UPSC which is highest honourable exam of India……kanishka was also regarded as second ashoka of India due to some of his similarities with ashoka…..thank u & plz read ncert plus higher books for detail and minute knowledge

      2. neha is right ….ashoka himself never converted into budhist ….yes he send his children thats true… far as dharma ashoka is considered this is just becz he stopped expansion of his Empire and focusses on prosperity of people…….after winNing Kalinga ..after a lot of massacre …ashoka didn’t give Kalinga his independence back but added it in his empire only…..actually Ashoka was great Emperor so a lot of things have been written by budhist and jain writers to show their affect …for example it is written that ashoka had killed his 99 brothers …spared one just to show his cruelty…. becz this is not possible Bindusar can not have 101 sons……..& search about king kanishka and 4 th budhist council than everything will be clear for u all

    3. ashoka samrat

      so I am. want till ashokas death

  15. Dharma’s prayers will come true and ashok will changes his life with DEVI. bt seems it not’ll be easy bcz Bindu is now seeking a royal bride for him.

    1. why don’t ashok marry kaurwaak first. why will he marry devi first

      1. B’coz this what the history says ashok’s 1st wife was Devi n they have shown kvk 1st but actually Devi met him 1st…still just enjoy the show we have to take interest in ashok Devi, ashok kvk,n his other wives too

  16. thanks very much, gbu

  17. Ashoka will marry both Devi and Kaurvaki. I feel bad for the girl who will get married to Sushim. I have a question. in this show, isn’t Sushim already married to Ahenkara? (I know she’s fictional and I’m saying she’ll return or not) . I remember before Taxila Ashoka visited Ahenkara and was leaving her room. When Sushim caught him and What were you doing in my wife’s chambers.

    1. yes what about ahankara. didn’t bindusara know about the marrige of ahankara and sushim.

      Waiting for quick replies from anyone

      1. Ahenakara She Was Nt Maridd Or Engage With Sushima Only Propose To Sushima.Asoka First Mary Devi Who Gave Birth To 2 Children Sangamitha And Mahinda When He Was In Thakshila After Exhile Bt When Ashoka Cal Back To Pataliputra She Never Come To Pp She Stay In Thakshila.2nd Wife Is Kauvaki When He Went Magadha He Mary Her She Gave Birth To Child Tivara Later Who Apoint As Viceror Of Thakshila.3rd Ashoka Mary Padmavathi Who Gave Birth To Kunala.Al 3 Mariages Were Done B4 He Become Samrat And All Abve Ladies Are Nt Frm Royal Linage Bt Devi Has A Relatinshp With Sakayan Clan.Then After He Become Samrat He Mary Asanandrimitra Who Was Ashokas Chief Queen She Nt Have Any Children.Kunal Was Adapted By Asanadamithra Becuz Padmavathi Died So Early.After Death Of Asanandamithra Ashoka Fel Love With Asandamitharas Chief Servant Tishyaraksha

  18. Sheila kaschner

    Who can make ashoka calm down is it just his beloved wiman Kvk

  19. Sheila kaschner

    Who can make ashoka i calm down,it is just his beloved woman kvk,yes he will marry devi because she was lot halp and he got information kvk is die

  20. thks Pooja….

  21. thks Pooja….waiting for ur todays script

  22. Sheila kaschner

    After ashoka meet a gain kvk and marry her,than he is realy calm dow

  23. phele to devi se he hona chayie sadi! Vhi uski 1st wife he ha ye 2nd me ho sakta he kvk se aur nhi bhi kyoki ahenkara se bhi sadi karega ashoka.

    1. kvk was ashoka’s fav wife this was predicted from the fact that she was the only queen to be mentioned on a rock eddit by ashoka himself….devi was also imp in ashokas life …who is 1 or 2 is not clear director can show anyone……& plz don’t assume or think anything just becz of show or the actors becz this is our great history & not just kvk achi hai ya devi(both was great )……ahehnkara was a fictitious character….other wives r padmini,asandhimitra….asandhimitra may be his third wife but she was made head queen(maharani) by ashoka…..devi’s children- mahendra& sanghamitra… kvks son-tivala( only son of asjoka tobe mentioned on rock addit…was seen as yuvraaj but died early,before ashoka)….padmini son- kunala (rani padmini died while giving birth to him so was taken up by asandhimitra & have very good qualities of warrior so seen as yuvraj)…..asandhimitra didn’t have her own children but she looked after every child of ashoka as her own…….kul mila k asjoka was lucky than his father bindu as all his wives loves him and all his childrens were good ….

  24. i just want to see ashok with his struggle of uniting india, not the useless love scenes

    1. Abhishek Maurya

      Same here.

  25. please director sir ashoka aur devi ke sath sadi hone digiye history ko change mat kigiye please…

  26. devi he ashoka ki 1st wife he na ki kvk.

  27. madhavi upalakshi jayarathne

    thnkz to update quickly!!!!…

  28. Ur Doing Wel Mr.Director.U Also Good Mohit When Compared To Beging.Bt Try To Imprve More.Devi Is A Real Statue Of Love!

  29. It is said that Bhagwan Buddha was non vegetarian and Ahinsa was followed by Jains Ashoka Grand Father was Jain. Thanks for update POOJA
    Lion and Chakra are Jain Symboles

  30. oh yeah baby party is going to begins. I’m so excited about this राजा के राजा आशान

  31. jisko aaglog ashandimitre kha rhe he vo aur koi nhi ahenkara he maine ashoka the great wikipidiya pe dekha he uska nam agramhaisi bhi he…

  32. agramhisi bhi usika nam he ashoka ne usse mitrata ki thi na bhapan me sayed isliye use ashandhimitra khate ho!!

  33. Sorry pooja di mene aapka replay nehi deka tha and thank you for welcoming me in your group.Actually I’m a MALAYALI.

  34. now I am worried that they will stretch the marriage preparations for 50 episodes like another Takshila Adhyay …lol

  35. devaki ganesan

    Thanks to Poojaji. My two cents worth on Ashoka. He married Devi who was not from a royal family. She was peace-loving and mother of Sanghamitra [daughter] and Mahindra [son]. These two were peace lovers and travelled to parts outside Bharath to spread ahinsa teachings of Budhism. Rani Padmavathi from a royal family was chief Queen. He also married a princess or native of Kalinga Kaurwaki. Ashoka had a son Kunala who was very similar to Ashoka in many respects. He was blinded and became poet and musician.Rani Devi took her two children and raised them away from the palace. I will conduct research regarding Ashoka’s heir/successor and include it in my next writing. I am from Oklahoma City, OK, USA.

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