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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka tries to signal the other ship to move aside or stop. Kichak’s men attack Ashoka’s ship / crew. Ashoka and his soldiers kill whosoever gets on their ship. Kichak’s men shoot arrows at them next. Two of the ships behind theirs catch fire. Ashoka is shocked to see all his army dead.

Vaid ji checks Dharma. He shares that Dharma is pregnant. Bindu is ecstatic whereas no other Rani is happy. Vaid jis advises Bindu to take very good care of Dharma. Bindu says I used to do it without any reason earlier. You have given me a very big reason today. He gives him a gold ring as a token. The Rani’s congratulate Dharma. Helana too blesses Dharma. Maurya Vansh has lost a lot but this indicates that God is not unhappy with us. Bindu agrees with her. This will give us a new hope.

I want to keep a puja on the occasion. All the ladies leave to do the preps. Bindu is anxious to send this good news to Ashoka. He thanks Dharma for giving him the chance of making up for the past. I will be with this kid all the time. I want a daughter this time. Dharma says I only wish the kid is healthy. He caresses her face.

Sushim is irked with the news of another baby. Siamak reasons that it will take time for the baby to take birth. Sushim points out that it will become another contender for the throne. Charu is angry. Our problems aren’t stopping! Helena talks about finding a solution of the problem before it can even become real.

Ashoka and his men kill all of Kichak’s soldiers. The main soldier jumps in the river. It climbs up Ashoka’s ship and kills the sailor. He mistakes Madhav to be Ashoka and pushes him in the sea. He grabs hold of Ashoka’s sword. His soldiers pour kerosene in the ship before jumping off in the sea. Ashoka finds everyone dead by the time he comes to that side. He notices a dagger there. It has the symbol of Takshshila marked on the same. Ashoka realises that they were Kichak’s mean. Arrows filled with fire come to his way. He jumps in the sea in the nick of time. Dharma wakes up shouting Ashoka’s name.

The havan is going on. Charumita holds a plate full of laddoos. She has mixed something in them because of which Dharma will lose her child. It will happen eventually in 3 days. Helena adds that it will appear natural. Charu makes a daasi keep it near the havan. Both the ladies sit down for the havan as well. Bindu brings Dharma with him, holding her hand. They both sit down together for the havan. Right then, Radha Gupta comes running there. He takes Ashoka’s name. Both Bindu and Dharma panic. Radha Gupta takes them inside the courtroom.

Amadhya Raakshas looks at the burning ship. People talk about it. Seems like no one was left alive. Amadhya Raakshas says we have to accept it as another truth of our journey. We should not lose our focus. We have to be positive to move ahead towards our goal.

A guy updates Bindu and the royal family about what all happened in the sea. Bindu holds Ashoka’s sword sadly. I shouldn’t have sent him there. I so regret my decision. I lost my son because of my mistake. I couldn’t do anything. Dharma declines. Nothing has happened to my son. I sent him to protect his motherland. Motherland only will protect him and bring him back to us safely. This is the trust of every united India’s soldier’s mother talking. Ashoka is alive.

Kaurvi notices someone (Ashoka) in the waters. She calls out for help.

Precap: Purohit ji asks everyone to pray for Ashoka’s soul. Dharma gets up. Death cannot defeat the one who has been defeating death since birth. People have pulled up Ashoka safely. They ask him his name. Ashoka takes his name but goes quiet after noticing the sword in people’s hands.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  3. blo*dy hell what r they showing… Seriously Siddharth may be d reason people will be seeing this serial…. Naagin is far better than this

  4. Too exciting to watch!

  5. Good dharma…..first time I like you as. Keep it up

  6. Bhai ye to Shahrukh Khan ki movie Ashoka ka sceabe hai… But kuchh change ke saath…. Now ashok and kauravi love story begain…

    1. kauravi unki 1st love thi…movie me galat dikhaya hai kauravi or kauravaki ko as a princess….wo ek common girl thi aur unse ashoka ko ek son tha

  7. Seeing this dharma throughout the show I am getting a doubt is she a rani?? ,for puja when all the other rani s wore jewellery and silk clothes,she came without jewellery and in a commoner dress

    1. Rani Dharma was a Brahmin’s daughter and not a royal by birth. Though she became a rani later in life, she could not change the ways she was brought up. I think that is what the director is trying to show by Rani Dharma always wearing the simple and same cloths.

    2. Only wearing heavy clothes n jewellery does not show a queen ye toh bahari dikhawa h unka shringar unka putr h or baki raniya lalchi….

  8. May b ,but at least for havan or puja the director could have showed her a bit grand I mean to say like rani at least wth minimal jewellery for she is a rani ryt and in front of praja at least she should b lyk a queen

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