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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka collides with the mountain. He notices the snakes that are pretty near his feet.

Chankya asks the soldiers about the Raj Vaid. The lady who had killed the Raj Vaid overhears it. Chankya wants to know who did they see Raj Vaid last with and when. The soldiers reply that they saw Raj Vaid last time with Ulka. He was treating her. we have not seen him since then. Chankya scolds them for being so careless. You all are going to look after the King? One person disappeared right in front of you and you have no idea! The security should have been heightened well before time. What will we do in case Samrat needs Raj Vaid? The security will be really tight now. I will decide which soldier guards Samrat when. I want Raj Vaidya at any cost. Find one from anywhere or you all will be

punished. Be careful! He thinks of requesting Samrat to return to Patliputra tonight as this place is not safe. Ulka wants to get the biggest obstacle out of her path. I have to get Chankya out of my way so I can reach Bindusar.

The snakes hiss at Ashoka as a piece of rock falls on them. Ashoka starts climbing up. The rope is becoming weak from coming in contact with the stone time and again.

Sushim comes for the puja. Mahamantri tells him that their soldiers aren’t back yet. I trust them completely though. They must have killed the monks. Sushim shakes his head. Why they are so late then? Mahamantri talks about the route which is full of challenges. They might be stuck somewhere. Sushim asks about Ashoka from one of the servants. The guy has not seen Ashoka in his room since morning. Sushim asks Mahamantri to bring all the family members outside Ashoka’s room. He leaves. Mahamantri announces his wish amongst all the family members. They all leave.

The rope breaks. Ashoka falls but he manages to catch hold of a rock in time. The snakes hiss and fight with each other as Ashoka climbs up the mountain. He limps the rest of the way.

Sushim reaches the other door of Ashoka’s room. Did he come out of his room? The soldiers answer in negative. We were here only. The soldiers knock at the door on his insistence but there is no reply. Sushim thinks that Ashoka’s truth will be out before everyone if he is not found in his room. I will then decide to throw him out of the palace! He actually helped me. All the family members join him. Devi Dharma asks him the reason for calling them all here. Sushim replies that Ashoka is not opening the door. Everyone is taken aback. Rajmata reasons that he should be here in this havan. It cannot begin without him. Sushim wants Ashoka to be smart for once. He is trying to embarrass our royal family once again. I wont tolerate it if he runs out of the palace at this time. Devi Dharma asks Ashoka to open the door.

Ashoka is still on his way. He hides seeing the tight security outside the palace gates. It is impossible to enter inside my room till they are here. I will have to find a solution. I must be there before the havan begins. He notices the horses nearby. He frees one of the horses. The soldiers’ attention gets diverted. Ashoka gets inside when they the soldiers try to calm the rest of the horses.

Sushim orders that the door should be broken. Ashoka begins to climb up the wall using a rope. Sushim hopes that it will be fun if Ashoka is not in his room. The bed is empty when the soldiers break open the door. Sushim and all the family members get inside to look for Ashoka. Sushim looks at the open window. He looks out of the window. There is nothing unusual. Devi Dharma keeps calling out for Ashoka. She hears the splash of water at the same time. Ashoka steps out of the bathtub. Devi Dharma asks him if he is ok. Why were you not opening the door? Ashoka replies that he was getting ready for the havan. I did not hear any sound. He asks his brother why he looks so tensed. You thought I ran away? How can I go away when there are so many soldiers standing outside! They all watch my movements intently. Sushim lies that he was only concerned about him as he is his elder brother. Rajmata asks them all to head for the puja. They all leave. Ashoka stays back on the pretext of changing his clothes. He closes the door as soon as everyone is gone. He picks up his black clothes and hides them in the trunk. He gets ready for the puja.

All the princes do the puja together. Rajmata remarks that if Samrat Chandragupta Maurya was alive today then he would have been very happy to see all his four grandsons together, specially seeing the one who is going to make him proud I future by become the king. Ashoka says I may be praying for Pitamah today but I realise the big responsibility today that we brothers have. You (Pitamah) have given us the responsibility to keep India united. The yagya comes to an end. Ashoka feels pain as he gets up. Sushim notices it. He keenly observes Ashoka limping as they all seek the blessings of their elders. Devi Dharma asks Ashoka if he is fine. Ashoka nods. Mahamantri ji takes Sushim aside to speak on an urgent matter.

Chankaya shares his concern for Samrat Bindusar. Bindusar knows that he is worried because of Ulka. Why would she save me if she wants to harm me? Ulka brings food for them. Chankya stops Samrat from eating. He makes one soldier taste the food first. I hold responsibility for your security. The guy tastes the food. Samrat can have it. Everything is fine. He leaves. Samrat asks Acharya Chanakya to relax now. Ulka watches them. I knew it well how you (Chankya) think. My strategy is something else.

Sushim is shocked to know that one person saved all the monks alone. You all accept defeat and run away? You should have tried to find out who he was. The soldier shares that the guy introduced himself as Agradoot. But I saw a glimpse of his face when the veil came off his face. I have a doubt that it was none other than Rajkumar Ashoka. Sushim asks him if it is just a doubt or he is cent percent sure. The soldier tells him his tactic. I hurt him intentionally with my sword. If it is Rajkumar Ashoka and he has the same wound in his leg then! Sushim vows that he wont spare Ashoka if this is indeed the truth.

Precap: Sushim asks Devi Dharma about Ashoka. She has no clue about Ashoka. Sushim tells her that he wont spare Ashoka. Sushim demands to check Ashoka’s leg. Ashoka sits down to show him his wound.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Roopali AGARWAL

    Its going very slow i was watching it for history but u have made itlike any other seriel very sad i dont know ifu can shiw us samaratashik or not

  2. I agree with Roopali, it is going too slow, less of history and more like a revenge serial. Even Nigams face has strted showing the strain. He is not as fresh as before. he needs a break man. I can see only vinditive women all the time scheming. Huh lets have a break ! Even Dharma’s clothes, Charumitra and Helena and Bindusar are wearing the same attire, boring costumes that are repeated.

  3. I need Samrat Bindusara to the palace very quickly and make Rajkumar Ashoka the Yuvaraj

  4. Roopali, Leela, I don’t know from where the writer is getting all this information but I really doubt if any such events ever took place. So this serial is not worth a penny more than just any other damn boring serials.

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