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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka apologizes to Kaurvaki. I have hurt you a lot. You have been through too much. Forgive your Ashoka. Devi is shocked. You knew it from before that she is Kaurvaki? Yes or no? He accepts it. I was unaware of her pains, her struggles but not from her love. He makes Kaurvaki lie down. I knew she is the Kaurvaki who I love, who I have always loved. I too have waited for years to see her once. I too was equally eager / worried to catch a glimpse of her like she was. Devi asks him why he acted innocent and behaved like a stranger to Kaurvaki then. She has been yearning for you since years. Sadly, she isn’t in the condition today to hear you finally taking her name. What has she done to you? I want answer today. Don’t be quiet! What held you back from your love? What turned you

into a stone? Your Kaurvaki was yearning before you but you dint melt? Did you really into CHand? He angrily gets up. Yes, I am Chand! I am Chand for the enemies of my motherland. But I am Ashoka for the people I love. He is sympathetic and loves his people. I don’t have a right to hurt Kaurvaki but I intentionally avoided accepting it. I have no right to give her pain instead of happiness so I kept her away from me even after knowing her truth. I want every person who loves me, cares for me to go away from me, including you! You too must stay away from me. Everything would have destroyed if I had let it come near me. I have decided to stay away from any kind of boundation. She tells him against it but he insists. Everyone who supported me, has been with me has been through a lot. You too have been through a lot. You lost your house. My brother had to go away from his father and home because of me. My mother’s life was ruined. she had to be away from her husband for so many years. When she got everything back, she again had to stay away from her family for another 10 years. I know how she spent those years. So many people, who tried to help me in my journey, lost their lives. They dint even think once if I did something for them or gave something to their family. I dint give them a better state but I was busy running away. I wanted to help them but I dint do anything! Acharya Chanakya, Acharya Raghavendra and my brother Drupad have gone far from me. My life is full of obstacles. I have decided to go ahead alone in my life. I have lost enough already, not anymore. I don’t have the courage to lose anything now. I cannot push my mother away from my life. He looks at Kaurvaki. I pushed away the one I could. I just distanced Kaurvaki from me. I dint want to put her life in risk. I dint want her to pay a heavy amount for loving me. See, that only happened. Devi reasons that Kaurvaki wont be able to live without him. He reasons that he wont let anything happen to Kaurvaki till he is alive. He steps back

Kaurvaki takes Ashoka’s name in her unconscious state. Devi sits down next to her. Kaurvaki mutters that he recognized her. He said Kaurvaki. Devi nods. Kaurvaki falls unconscious again. Devi cries.

Charu comes to Bindu’s room and closes the door from inside. Bindu says it is good you are here. I was about to come to you. I am not feeling mentally well after what happened in the courtroom. Charu thinks I understand everything. You don’t get happy seeing me. Her presence doesn’t make things good for him. She massages his head. Bindu asks her to talk to Sushim. Make him understand. He should keep a control on his anger. Charu agrees to do so. You fulfilled my wish today on Vat Savitri Day. I am lucky to be with you tonight. Let us forget everything tonight. He tries to say something but she leans in romantically, keeping a hand on his lips. He pushes her hand away and gets up. Pardon me. She looks startled. He says I feel really tired and low. She says I am not a fool. I cannot understand why there is this distance. Am I only a wife for namesake? Why do you stay away from me? Why do you feel it to be a sin? I never stopped you from anything or objected to anything you did. Why then? It doesn’t mean I gave up all my hopes and desires. What do I lack that you disrespect me like this? He wipes her tears. You lack nothing. I have always looked at you as the mother of my son. we have always spoken about that matter only. We never spoke about ourselves. She asks him if it is a mother’s mistake that she speaks and worries for her son. He denies. Give me some more time. He wipes her tears. She holds his hands. She extends her hands for a hug but doesn’t get any. Ashoka knocks at the door just then calling out for his mother. Charu angrily opens the door. you and your mother are not at all peace! Go to your mother’s room if you want to find her. bindu asks Charu why Ashoka came here at this hour. Charu says he was looking for his mother. Bindu senses worry in Ashoka’s voice. I will check on her. Charu suggests him to rest as he is not feeling good. Bindu still wonders what it could be.

Ashoka comes to his mother’s room. He takes her with him to check Kaurvaki. She has lost a lot of blood.

Kaurvaki asks for water in her unconscious state. Devi gives her water. Kaurvaki takes Ashoka’s name. Ashoka and Dharma come in just then. Dharma checks her. How did it happen? Devi shares that Kaurvaki got weak because of the fast. She dint eat anything. She fell down from the stairs of temple. Dharma doubts it but Ashoka says we don’t have time for this. Dharma makes him bring some medicinal herbs from her room. Dharma tries feeding it to Kaurvaki but in vain. Devi asks Ashoka to do so. He gets teary eyed while doing so. He walks out of the room.

Ashoka wipes his tears in the corridor. You will be fine soon kaurvaki. Nothing will happen to you. The one who got you in this condition will be punished such that he will never recover in life. Ashoka asks Dharma if she (Kaurvaki) will get fine. Dharma says I did every possible thing. She needs a friend. You should be with her. She goes to get more herbs.

Devi repeats it to Ashoka. Kaki said Kaurvaki needs a friend. You are her friend. Ashoka denies. I cannot do this. I wont be able to do this. She blocks his way. Why? He tells her to look at Kaurvaki. she is going through so much already just being near me. I am a curse. Devi reasons that every mother would want a son like him if he is a curse. every father would want a son like him. Motherland would also want a son like you. You are not a curse but a great guy. You did so much to protect her. You don’t realise that her life is in you. She cannot live without you. God has joined her life with you. You will look after her, not me. You can decide after that. She needs you right now. I will wait outside. Ashoka looks at Kaurvaki.

Precap: Kaurvaki takes Ashoka’s name. Ashoka is holding her close. I am here with you. Next morning, Ashoka thanks Devi. No one should know that I was here all night with Kaurvaki. They both see Dharma at the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. You are great Pooja! Always on time and your updates are easy to understand!

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    Tanhks for fast reply like bullet pooja.

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  5. thanks for uploding..

  6. nice episode…but they are still dragging it too much..nd ashoka is nowhere close to being chakravartin ashoka samrat. y do they make him look so weak ? 🙁 waiting for some changes

  7. Tiyasa

    asvi scenes are fabbb…

  8. Tiyasa

    Thanks Pooja di ……………
    U have done 1 mistake Pooja di, in the 1st para u have written kaurvai, it will be kaurvaki……… but its OK it can happen………

  9. Thanks pooja ji nice episode

  10. Oh What Hapen To U Pooja Ur Bit Late Today.Oh Nw Unconsious Drama Of Kauvaki Is Drganing! Wht A Hell Is This?Kauvaki Ur Acting Is Brilint & U 2 Mohit Raina & Devi Also.Plz Bring Helenas True Face Infrnt Of Bindu Quickly.

  11. Thank U Mis Pooja Wheter Ur Late

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    Thank you ms.pooja. Nice episode… ?
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  14. S. Ravi prakash

    Thanks Pooja di, only after reading ur updates do I understand ? the story clearly. Today’s episode was very good and absorbing & less of drag. Hope the gondna & the swayamvar affairs are finished soon.

  15. Vanshika

    Pooja di nice update,.. Nice episode,.. Loved all scenes except charumitra

  16. Thanks pooja di for the update. Nice episode. Devi is perfect for ashoka more than kvk. Their chemistry is very nice.

  17. Nice kourvaki ashoka scenes

  18. What’s the relation between ashok and devi in this serial?? I thought she was his 1st love and wife too.. It seems they recreated history…

  19. This seriel should be retitled as Ashok aur Kaurvaki ki prem kahani.
    Seriously guys. Where’s the struggle for throne. Ashoka was a great ruler. This seriel is making fun of a great king. And also pleas stop that love triangle between Charu, Bindu and Dharma. Bindusar never had a favorite wife. And lastly stop dragging please

    1. Yeah!! They hv re-written history as per their choice! It’s boring boring boring. Go to hell u writer.

  20. boring and very long gondna episode and kauraki episods. Almost lost interest in this serial

  21. Writer did a good job by making KvK unconscious, atleast she was quiet and did not bore.

  22. please show some incidence that really had happened….not the fake story like saas bahu serials. Now i am loosing my patience to spend my half an hour to watch this fake historical serial.

  23. puri history ka choudyapa kar ke rakh diya hai

  24. KvK was fasting whole day, then empty stomach, she went to save ashok. somehow last moment she managed to hire a scarecrow dress, fighting, and then jumping when it caught fire… felt unconsciuos. Wonder who brought her back to the palace…??? WHEN WILL THIS SWAYAMVAR END….?? such long swayamvar, never knew that tough tasks would be given… What is bindu as a king doing, only sitting in courtroom or romancing with Dharma.. he has no other work, foolish king. Believes anyone… even Gondna matter and dismissed the case so casually…

  25. The serial is getting stretched un-necessary for perhaps TRP. without caring history or viewers remarks. Please focus on Chakravarti Ashoka rather then on various love stories. Bindu has been shown in a bad light. Indecisive, immature, naive. Nothing concrete comes out after seeing serials. It starts with love story ends with love story. In short disappointing to see Ashoka Serial.

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