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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kichak looks angrily at the statue. He holds Agnibahu’s neck. Who dared to do so? Agnibahu is clueless. Kichak questions the security. Who came here! Ashoka recalls how he made the statue of lion at night under his mother’s guidance. Anand asks Ashoka about Bhante Budheshwar (Amatya) and Kaurvaki. Ashoka has no idea about Bhante but says Kaurvaki is with him. Anand tells him that something is happening in Vishwavidyalaya. Everyone is rushing to complete Kichak’s statue by tonight only. Ashoka knows it already. Ashoka shows him his royal coin and gives his intro. I know how the kids can be saved. I need your help for that. Anand agrees. He offers Prasad to the soldiers standing guard at the place where Kichak was going to unveil his statue. The soldiers faint after eating the Prasad.

Flashback ends.

Kichak yet again demands to know who did it! Ashoka loudly calls out his name. He removes the veil from around his face. I did it! Everyone turns to look at him. I told you I have come here as your end. This statue is the sign that Samrat BIndu is still concerned about Takshshila. I restored that belief today amongst everyone present here. Look in to their eyes. You will understand it yourself. This statue indicates that the evil will end now. This is indicative of the faith that has returned in the kids here. No one can snatch their right to live freely here in Takshshila. I will show you what I say, I will fulfil it! It will be forever etched in history. Kichak asks his soldiers to bring Ashoka to him. I will kill him with my own hands and tie his head at this very statue. Today I will show the citizens what is the consequence of going against Kichak! Ashoka warns Veerayan not to come. I am coming on my own. He moves toward Kichak.

Kichak and Ashoka glare at each other. Kichak takes out his sword. There is a blast of smoke right before KIchak can hurt Ashoka. Everyone’s vision gets blurred for a while. Veerayan is shocked and angry as his vyuh was broken. Kichak sends him and the soldiers to catch Ashoka and the kids.

The kids tell Ashoka that soldiers will easily catch them here in the Vishwavidyalaya. We have no weapons to fight with them. It is impossible to stay alive here. Ashoka says with the faith, with which we have confronted Kichak makes us understand we already did something which was impossible. No one can snatch our faith from us. They can kill us today if they want. I am ready. But you all are well aware of every corner of this Vishwavidyala. We can defeat them if we stay united. The kids nod. We have faith.

Nayak notices Kichak standing alone as everyone goes to look for Ashoka. He thinks to safeguard Kichak. Ashoka diverts Kichak. He follows Ashoka. Acharya Devrath stands in Nayak’s way. We have a fight due. Shall we complete it? They begin fighting.

The kids beat Bhairav and the soldiers. Bhairav manages to run away from there. The kids beat soldiers at every corner of the Vishwavidyalaya. Agnibahu falls in a trap laid by Ashoka and other kids.

A lady asks Kaurvaki how she is. She asks for everyone. The lady says everyone has gone to Vishwavidyalaya. Kaurvaki wants to go there too. He has helped me so much. I have to go.

Veerayan and Ashoka come face to face. They engage in a sword fight.

Nayak tells Acharya Devrath that he cannot stop him from protecting the Mahanayak. Acharya Devrath says I will always protect the one who rightfully deserves the throne.

Veerayan talks about sending a gift to Bindusar. We will send your head as the gift. Your mother will die seeing how wear son she has given birth to! Ashoka kills Veerayan. I cannot let that person live who will try to harm my mother or motherland! Kichak notices Veerayan lying dead on the floor He angrily shouts Ashoka. Today will be the last day of your life. Ashoka runs from there.

On the other hand, Kaurvaki is on her way to the Vishwavidyalaya. Ashoka is surely in some problem. Ashoka notices the main door locked. Kichak angrily screams Ashoka. Nayak’s attention is diverted. Acharya Devrath pushes him and goes from there.

Kichak too reaches the same dead end. He calls out for Ashoka. Come out. Your death is written! He notices a kid hiding nearby. Using him as a bait, he asks Ashoka to come out before he counts till 5. I will kill this kid otherwise. Ashoka steps out before Kichak can harm the kid. Kichak knew he will come for sure. Ashoka drops his sword. Leave this kid. Kichak pushes the kid aside. The first sacrifice on my statue was to be yours! It is the right time now. Kichak’s sister, Bhairav, Agnibahu and Acharya Devrath reach there. Kichak holds Ashoka by his neck.

Precap: Acharya Devrath asks Ashoka to tell the citizens of Takshshila his real identity. Ashoka announces that he is Rajkumar Ashoka – the son of Samrat Bindusar and Devi Dharma. Kaurvaki is shocked to know his real identity. She aims an arrow at him. He was not my friend and can never be!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kaurvaki plz don’t hurt ashoka.

  2. superb…

  3. Fantastic!

  4. Gr8…………..
    My fav show

  5. Kauvaki is in love with Ashok. The anger is only momentary.

  6. Karuvaki is so selfish. Even though ashok is her enemy, she shouldn’t have hurt him as he saved her life. Can’t she see that ashok is fighting kichak for freedom of the people of takshashila? She shouldn’t have done this. Now let’s see what happens next.

  7. Devi: In that case ashok shouldn’t have been portrayed as a prince, isn’t it? Look I know this show is not based on actual facts, but they are not supposed to change the characters at least. We wouldn’t like it if bindusar was portrayed as a beggar instead of a king, would we? Similarly they shouldn’t have portrayed karuvaki as a princess of kalinga. And if it was so necessary for the makers to portray her as a princess, then they could have shown her as an adopted princess who was a fisherman’s daughter but was adopted by the king of kalinga. At least that too could have made some sense. But they are totally doing the opposite. That’s what bothering me.

  8. dang kichak is hot

  9. Real Precap: Acharya Devrath asks Ashoka to tell his real identity and not to hide it, Kaurvaki is in the crowd smiling, Ashoka says he is the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, The son of Samrat Bindusar Maurya and the Dharma, Ashoka Maurya, Kaurvaki gets shocked and aims an arrow towards Ashoka saying an enemy can never be my friend.

    This was what actually happened in the precap?

  10. Kaurvaki don’t b angry ? and don’t hurt Ashoka . U r in luv with him.
    Thanks for update pooja . Ur update helps a lot .

  11. Superb episode.. Kauravi shouldn’t hurt ashoka. In trailer of ucoming episode as advertisement in ashoka, Kauravi was saying something but I couldn’t understand it. Does someone know about it. PLz tell
    I wrote a story at
    Hope you all read it.

    1. In the promo kaurvaki says “kaurvakika dil thumhe kabhi nahi milega”. I think it means ashoka don’t ever get her heart. Bt i don’t know exactly abaout it. Cz i am not a indian.

  12. Kaurvaki tum hot ho kal rat ko ajo andheri West me rat ko maje lenge

    1. How pathetic?!!

  13. Very nice. this is the twist

  14. Nice ashok…kaurvki samjho ashok ko usi ne he takshila ko azad kiya hai aur tum usi ko marne ka soch rahi ho.

  15. Wouldn’t it be fair enough if Guard in Charge and Asoka make a strategy to win Kichak? As he had a Mauhar to do the act. Guard in charge had man power and enemies. Rather than Asoka with some bunch of kids destroying the cruel kingdom looks a bid childish.
    Kaurvika was not a princess or not, that doesn’t matter since the kalinga kingdom was nominated just like Bajirao nominated in court of Chatrapathi.

  16. I think that Kaurvaki father would stopped her to arrow him.

  17. wellwisher (ww) zaya and ragna fan

    i knew it………….
    ashoka always wins…………..

  18. kaurwaki pls dont hurt ashoka .ashok luvs uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  19. Okay, I have no idea at all why this Kaurvaki character is here. It is evident that she kinda had a crush on him, but no way she’s gonna marry Ashok. Also, that girl’s acting is very unreal and unauthentic. Oh, and yes, romance and stuff should only start when Ashok’s a grown ass man. Not when he’s a frikkin’ little kid. Yeah, I am jealous. I am a teenager. I do have a crush on him. That’s why Kaurvaki keeps getting on my nerves. And what the f**k does she mean by ‘Kaurvaki ka dil tumhe kabhi nahi milega’?? As if the guy likes her?! How pathetic! That girl be thinking every guy she meet will fall for her. And Ashok also saved her many times. I thought at first that she’ll be some goody two shoes type of girl, judging by how she talked (and how Ashok started following her), but she turned out to be a very ungrateful little b*t*h. REMOVE KAURVAKI SHE’S A NUISANCE and idk how her story is relevant in any way to Ashok’s becoming an emperor.
    Why are they even changing history? I thought I’ll learn something from this show, but I should’ve known that people these days will twist and turn stories so hard just for TRPs. Gonna stop watching this show if they turn this even shittier.

    1. OMG SAMEE, kaurvaki is an uglya** bI*** AND I CANNOT STAND HER OMGGG

  20. You can learn something from this show. It seems you are so ignorent of history. Kaurvaki is one of Ashoka’s wives. She is the only queen of whome Ashoka had mentioned in one of his famous edicts. That is why writer of this show keeps her in a high place. AND PLEASE, PLEASE educate yourself to use decent language when you comment.

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