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  1. Udan ko toh band kar dena chaise.

  2. wht cov tomarow then?ths uean drama is realy a burdn?plz show sme maha epi of asoka too.

  3. whts this yaar????and y not on tuesday?????????

    1. The CAS teledrama is helpless like Ashoka in the serial. That’s it. It is proved why the director shows ashoka as the helpless boy.

      1. Abhishek Maurya


  4. No!!!
    And by the way guys it’s Siddharth’s Birthday and he’s gonna be on
    Jalak Dikla Ja

  5. What the hell.. Ashok is on high point nw.. N u r showing udaan.. Infact u sud show maha episodes of Ashoka

  6. Directly Wednesday so no episode tomorrow as well…?

  7. What? I didn’t know this! Seriously no CAS today.
    Dear history lover
    Legend of Karuvaki 5:
    The chieftain called for a meeting. ” I have received a letter from the khandayats ( Kshatriyas) . They have asked us to create an army including taruns and also women who want to volunteer” he said in the meeting. The chieftain’s wife said” we did so much for him yet he is attacking us. I still can’t believe this.”
    Rajesvari stood up. ” I was suspicious and doubted. And see what I had thought that has happened. Is he really an Emperor? He is a traitor!”
    Let’s listen what Karuvaki has to say, a veteran said.
    ” Let’s talk of peace with him” karuvaki said. Rajesvari laughed . Karuvaki ignored her and went on” what’s the problem in trying? We will ask him to establish friendship with kalinga if he wants advantages from us. If we establish a good friendship then there will be no bloodshed.
    You are certainly right. I will send a letter back to khandayats stating the same” the chieftain said.
    ” What if he refuses this proposition?” Rajesvari asked
    Everyone looked at Karuvaki. She took a deep breath and said” in that case we fight. If somebody will threaten our peace state then we will fight. Rajan ( chieftain) please do write that i have given this proposal. Maybe his majesty ( ashoka) will accept it”
    So that happened. A messenger was sent.
    But ashoka didn’t accept. The chieftain called for a meeting again.
    ” I can’t believe he refused this” karuvaki was devastated
    So we fight right? Rajesvari asked
    Yes we will” chieftain said.” His majesty said that if he maintained friendship with kalinga then what was the guarantee that we won’t revolt against him in the future? If he conquered kalinga then he can easily suppress any revolt by us. Every men will take part in the war from our community. Women may volunteer. All teenage boys will also come with us” rajesvari said. ” And our army general will be karuvaki” she added. ” What? Karuvaki looked horrified.
    What do you mean by what? Rajesvari asked.
    ” Yes Karuvaki will lead us. End of discussion” the chieftain ordered.
    The people of kalinga prepared for the war . Everybody could feel karuvaki’s tension and remorse. ” Can’t I do nothing to suppress this war” karuvaki said to rajesvari

    1. History lover

      Thanking you so much dear Bella and eagerly waiting for the next!

    2. Hello Bella can u explain wt is bhikhuni?? U mentioned it in previous part.

  8. Well guys new show is coming Chandra Nandini. Everyone is asking who is Nandini so let me tell you she was daughter of Dhananada & princess of Magadha & she married Chandragupta Maurya as a alliance.

    There was a love hate relationship between them.

    The show’s caption is a love story marked by hatred.

    1. Whoa!! Now let us pray , Sam they won’t damage the image of great Chandragupta Maurya or the whole Mauryan dynasty will be a joke to the kids .

      1. Abhishek Maurya

        I am pretty sure this ekta kapoor will destroy the history of chandragupta maurya. Just wait and watch.After all she’s ekta kapoor,mother of saas bahu dramas.

    2. Angelk1

      Who was she? And is she bindu mom or another wife of chandra?? I saw the promo shes so cute… Cant wait to see it.

      1. As per I know Bindu’s mother’s name was Durdhara. she was the daughter of Dhama Nand. besides Durdhara the other wife of Chandragupta was Seleucus Nicator’s daughter. I’m not sure if Chandragupta had other wives or not

  9. Dear radhagupta krushna and muskaan are you still outstanding there? I wanted to share the reason why rekha vaghela stated that kalinga had a long coastline and is present day andhra Pradesh. I have nabbed it as to why she wrote this!!

    1. Please do share bella

  10. Sorry radha krushna nayak ***

  11. ban udan

  12. Udaan Jaise serial ko band kar dena chahiye…

    1. Totally agree with you, shaurya.Stupid serial .
      P. S: hello Zannat!! How are you? Not heard from you for many days

  13. S.Ravi Prakash

    It’s not at all acceptable that in CAS’ s slot of prime time 9pm, they have put Udan! All other serials’ have repeat telecast of the episodes, & CAS has none. Will they give Maha episodes of CAS? Feeling Bad ?!…….

  14. udaan ko band karo

  15. Oh but. You all are too good very true comments?

  16. Devi

    They should give a 1 hour episode of CAS to make up for it

  17. Udan is alwase disappointing Ashoka’s lovers


  19. Seriously,pls we want repeat telecast of CAS.plssss.

  20. Vanshika


  21. kishore kumar

    Udaan ko kyun chala rahe ho.. uske badle ashoka ko 1 ghante ka episode banao..to colors trp badhega

  22. Close udaan yaar! Enough. Why will they not air ashoka when u he reached such a vital point in that

  23. Udan is has turned boring. Please do not snatch Chakravatin Ashoka Samrat time slot. It is very disapppointing.

  24. Ye मनगढ्त story UDAAN k Karan humlog India’s great king I.e Ashoka ki story TV par nahi dekh paa rahe h…such a bullshit things being done by colors channel..really shit serial (UDAAN).

  25. It is very strange that the best serial ashoka has been taken off the air for two days just to show the serials which viewers don’t even like to see and generally they put off their tvs. colour tv should show the maha episode of ashoka without presenting advertisements during this serial.

  26. S.Ravi Prakash

    Yes, colors should show maha episodes of CAS, without advertisements. Rightly said by PC.Sharma.

  27. Prabhu Chaitanya joshi

    I think the colours chhennel is well aware of it that I’m out. Of town I can’t able to see in voot also, thanks what so ever have happened

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