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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim paces angrily. Maharani Charumita tells him to be calm but Sushim says it is the biggest mistake to stay quiet in such situations. I will have to do something. He tells one of his soldiers to keep an eye on Ashoka. He is not allowed to leave the palace. This order must be followed at any cost. Mahamantri is more concerned about the face that what if all three of them go back and join the rest of their group to revolt. If they reach the treasury that we have kept aside for war then the consequences will be drastic. Maharani Charumita wants her son to focus on what Mahamantri just said. You might lose focus otherwise. Sushim wants to catch the revolutionary. We will have to divert the attention of our citizens to something else till then. We will organize a grand havan on Pitr-Paksh

so no one gets a chance to think about what else is happening in the state. I have an idea to divert the attention of Magadh’s citizens too. I have heard that some other state is responsible behind the attacks. Possibly Kalinga? The attention of the citizens will be diverted. We will find a good chance to catch them then. Make preps for ending their story. Mahamantri leaves. Maharani Charumita is proud of her son’s intelligence. You are fit to become a Maharaj. Your time is not far.

Devi Sharma tends to Ashoka’s wounds. Ashoka is emotional as he thinks about the pain of the poor kids. How do I tell you that I am much more pained by their pain? They are mistreated using the name of Samrat. I want to help them but I don’t know what to do and how.

A few soldiers watch the monks praying. They decide to kill them as mercilessly as they can. No one should be spared. Ashoka’s accomplices notice them. we have to stop them. They don’t appear to be from Magadh. One of them holds a piece of cloth saying we know who can help us.

Ashoka tells his mother to let it be. It is just a small wound. Devi Dharma says the body at times needs external help to fulfil bigger tasks. This medicine will do the needful. Take some rest now. Sushim has kept Pitr-Paksh puja tomorrow morning. You have to come. She leaves from there. Ashoka wants to take care of the pain of other people. I will go every now and then. He notices the red cloth outside his window. He remembers the signal that he had told his friends about. He looks out of the window. The situation is very grim.

Ashoka takes out his clothes from the trunk. My friends are in some trouble. I should go to help them. Ma wants me to be here for the puja. I will have to be back in the palace before morning. I will help other as the Doot and will be there in the puja too. He covers his face and then jumps out of his window.

Mahamantri updates Sushim. The soldiers have reached their destination. The soldiers attack the monks. Ashoka reaches there just then. He fights with all those soldiers. Ashoka’s cover comes off. The main soldier has a doubt that it is none other than Rajkumar Ashoka. Who are you? Ashokha covers his face once again. He fights with all those soldiers singlehandedly. The main guy asks for forgiveness. Please spare my life. Ashoka is about to kill him but the monk holds his sword. Don’t kill him. All the soldiers run away from there. The monks thank him for saving them. Ashoka wants to know why they dint let him kill the soldier. One of the monks says that person would not have got a chance to change if you had killed him. Ashoka talks about punishment. They wanted to kill you. Such people should not be spared. The monk reasons that only love can end hatred. Our Guru says that one day you will understand it all Ashoka. Ashoka is surprised. How did they know who I am? My face is still covered. How did they know it’s me? Who is Ashoka? I am Agradweep. The monk agrees. You are right. You are still not that Ashoka who will change the outlook of this land one day. You will become that one day. These are Tathagat’s words. Ashoka asks them about Tathagat. One monk says he is the Guru of us monks. You will meet him at the right time. Let us take care of your wounds. Ashoka does not want it but they give him special medicinal herbs. Ashoka thanks them. But now I have to reach Patliputra before sunrise. They reason that it is difficult to reach there in such short span of time. They show him one way through which he can reach Patliputra in time. The route is tough but will help you reach on time. Ashoka leaves.

Ashoka has taken the short cut. His foot is paining. The sun rises. It is time for puja. Everyone must be looking for me. I have to reach there before my brother’s doubt on me gets confirmed. He walks as fast as he can but the pain is too much. I cannot walk anymore. How will I reach palace this way? He hears a horse’s sound. He manages to limp toward the horse and mounts on it.

Sushim gets ready for the puja. He is waiting eagerly for his soldiers to return with the good news. Mahamantri joins him. They aren’t back yet. Maharani Charumita wonders why they are so late. Is there some problem? We have already taken such a big risk. We threw them out of our land and got hold of all their money. I am scared what if someone finds out. Sushim asks her not to worry. No one will think about us once those monks are dead. Mahamantri too hopes for the same. I will let you know as soon as the soldiers are back. He excuses himself. Maharani Charumita only wants to see her son become the next king. I don’t want any carelessness in the process of sending Ashoka and his mother out of the palace. We should be all the more careful. Even a small mistake can cost us dearly. Sushim assures her that her dream will come true. You gave birth to a to-be king. No one can change this fate. A daasi comes to tell them about the priest’s arrival. Sushim compliments the idea of keeping Ashoka inside the palace. My soldiers are after him now. He cannot get out of his room even for a second without my permission.

Ashoka is on his way. He reaches a point where there a big river. The bridge is broken. Ashoka recalls the words of the monks. The route is tough, full of troubles but it will make you reach your destination asap. Ashoka does not want to lose any time. I have to be in my room before people start looking for me. He notices the ropes kept nearby. He joins the other end of rope at a big stone kept on the other side of the mountain. He begins to cross across the river using the rope.

Rajmata Helena comes to meet Mir Khorasan in his cell. They talk about Noor. Would she have reached Dastan? Mir says Noor knows that Dastan is our last hope. Dastan only can help Siamak is sitting on the throne. Noor is Khurasani. She will fight till the last drop of her blood. She knows that this fight is for her son. She has not only to fight this but also win. Rajmata Helena does not want Siamak’s father’s sacrifice to go in waste. I am also Unani. We came here after shedding so much blood. We dream of making this entire India ours. We can kill me and others as well to fulfil this dream. Mir wonders why Bindusar is still alive. Rajmata reasons that Chankya is the obstacle in the path. I have ordered my men to make sure Bindusar does not return from there alive!

Ashoka is only halfway. The rope breaks loose from a point. Ashoka holds one point and is about to collide with the mountain.

Precap: The rope is becoming weak from coming in contact with the stone time and again. Sushim asks Mahamantri to bring all the family members outside Ashoka’s room. Devi Dharma and Sushim look inside Ashoka’s room. The rope breaks. Ashoka falls.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Really don’t like today episode….

  2. Oh no…if ashok is not found in his room then he’s gone for sure. Dharma will be another idiot to blame ashok. She’s not fit to be a queen. A queen should be good but clever also. A queen must no what’s right and wrong for the kingdom. But dharma is as always giving lectures to ashok. She’s far from reality. She doesn’t understand that sometimes one needs to be violent to give the people their rights. I hope this time she doesn’t misunderstand her own son.

    1. Such an A$$h0le director

  3. ariya des utami

    Oh my God! This show make me so much pains. How can Ashok always has problem with shusim? Is there any other situation to save ashok? When ashok feel happy for a moment?

  4. Bravo Director …..
    Ashoka reached to save priests in no time and then it is taking day to come back from the same place
    Let us know when Bindu will be back from vacation. It seems bindu is living in another planet where days are much longer but in Patliputra it has been ages. Ashoka was caught with stupid ahankra, then ashoka kidnapping,and then all this drama….but bindu is enjoying his rasleela….

    Have you ever went to school ?

    1. completely agreed with your point that he reached in no time and to return from their ,he needs a day!!! ridiculous

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