Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Both Ashoka and Kaurvaki are on their way to the Kumbh Mela. Kaurvaki feels as if Ashoka is hearing the same tune like her under the same sky. Bela is happy to see her happy. I too feel like falling in love seeing you. I am sure your love story will inspire many generations.

Ashoka is eating. He is pouring water on his face when Kaurvaki’s cart passes by from there. They don’t see each other but Ashoka feels something. He shakes the thought aside. Kaurvaki’s cart gets stuck in something. Bela suggests playing something till it is fine. They sit down nearby the cart.

Kaurvaki tells Bela there isn’t much to think. You will definitely lose. Kaurvaki says I will win this time. Kaurvaki gets up and goes from there followed by Bela. Ashoka is passing by from there.

He notices people trying to pull out the wheel but to no avail. He looks at the game that has been left incomplete. He plays a move and then leaves. The wheel is safely pulled out by then as well. Kaurvaki and Bela come there. Who played this? Daasi shares that it was a passerby. Bela remarks that there is someone in the world who can equal you. Someone has defeated you in this game for the first time! Kaurvaki smiles.

Someone says you will finally meet the one who have been waiting to meet. There will be another Mahabharat, another war after that! Ashoka looks at the man. He says the one whose every finger has a chakra can only become Chakravartin in future. His hands can break all the mountains. But you have drowned himself in his anger at the moment. The one who can control his anger can win over the world. The time is not far when you will find the medium to calm down your anger.

Kaurvaki and Bela reach Kumbha Mela too.

The man begins to go but Ashoka blocks his way. Who are you? The man suggests him to find out himself first and then him. Ashoka says all that you told me just now prove that you know me from before. The man asks him to guess who he is then. Ashoka says magician. The man laughs heartily. Your presence here has some meaning. Have faith or else! He walks away. Ashoka looks at him puzzled.

BIndu is passing by from Charu’s room when he smells something foul. It is coming from Charu’s room? Charu is busy doing black magic. Bindu is curious to know what’s happening inside the room. He is about to open the door when Mahamatya says I have to talk to you regarding Sushim. I get scared of him at times nowadays. He has become too aggressive. Bindu isn’t surprised. I am hearing it since childhood. Mahamatya agrees. But there is a change now. He can change his mistakes and can break any limits for that. Bindu is confused. You speak contradictorily. Decide first what you want to do – praise him or complain about him? Where is he? Mahamatya loudly speaks (to alert Charu) of doing something to safeguard Sushim’s future. Bindu knows it too well. I am aware of my duties. You don’t need to remind me. He opens Charu’s room and is shocked. Impossible! There is nothing. Mahamatya heaves a sigh of relief. Bindu says I smelled something foul from here but nothing is here. Mahamatya says she left for temple long time ago. Bindu leaves.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki come to take bathe at the ghaat that is especially for Rajvanshi’s. Daasi’s surround Kaurvaki with white cloth on all the four sides to make a proper private room for her. Ashoka is still wearing the necklace that Kaurvaki made him wear 10 years ago. They both feel each other’s presence. Kaurvaki smiles hopefully. She tells Bela she felt something very different. I am aware of the fragrance in the air that is here. I have never experienced it before. Ashoka thinks he felt he got what he lost. Bela says everyone experiences it at a holy place. Kaurvaki denies. it is different. He will surely come before me today if I am right about this fragrance. Sunlight falls on the Shivlinga in Ashoka’s necklace. Kaurvaki recognizes it. She begins to go towards him when Bela stops her. Where are you going like this? Kaurvaki goes with the Daasi’s. Ashoka leaves by then.

A guy (Siamak) says Sushim left to find Ashoka. He has got news that Ashoka is near Ujjaini. A lady is standing in dark (Helena, her face is still not shown though). Helena says such info was found years ago too. He hasn’t been found till date though. You haven’t understood anything till date from all your mistakes. He is a chameleon. You cannot recognize him even if he is right before your eyes. Siamak says you said he is alive and will come to seek revenge. We cannot wait for him to come back for forever. She suggests him to lay a trap for Ashoka.

Precap: In the marketplace, Ashoka buys sweets. Bela takes Kaurvaki to where a magician is. Kaurvaki takes a step back as she is looking for something (ashoka is right behind her). Sushim comes there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. lovely episode…
    bada time lag raha h ek yaha h aur dusra bhi vahi fhir bhi badi nautanki ho rahi…

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Agreed yaar f full of foolish drama

  2. Thanks pooja. I have not seen today. Ur updates is superb..

    1. Pooja

      Thanks a ton. I am happy that you guys enjoy..

  3. Welcome back ms. Pooja and thanks for lightening quick update

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome

  4. in 4 th para it is one nt eon pooja,we mis u yestardy.

    1. Pooja

      Thanks…it is corrected now. Yeah, me too..

  5. Boring episode. Nonsense storyline.Stopped watching.Cvs bring back our old CAS.You spoilt such an amazing show.Ashok was not jst a kvk lover,he had much more work to do.Sooner u understand it is better for the show.U r making a mockery of history. First wife n mother of 2 child is other woman n 3rd wife is love of life!!!! awesome!!!

    1. How unfortunate!!!! 😛

  6. suspense love story but i’m looking forward the beginning of love story between Ashoka and Devi. ….

  7. Luv this episode

  8. Its now become boring. Will not criticize, wont come on this forum. Until and unless there is war or interesting episode. Sorry if I had hurt someone
    Good bye.

    1. Pooja

      Aww…it’s okay. Criticism makes you stronger so it is a good thing actually. Just be a little easy on the words and people and no one will mind it 🙂

  9. ashoka samrat

    Thanx a lot pooja. I am a srilankan Buddhist (15 yrs). So I can’t understand hindi much. Thankyou for helping me.

    1. Pooja

      Anytime 🙂

  10. Stop concentrating on the love story bcoz its not the true love…. kvk loves ashok nd he loves her back too 😉 but he loves devi and his other wives too 😛 is that you wanna portray showing his love story that man can love and be with as many girls as he wants and its still termed as true love ??

  11. ashoka samrat

    Even though srilankan’s ,we are ashoka fans 4ever. Miss u sidd. But now mohit had improved a bit. Try more.
    Pls change susim’s background music. It is so ugly.
    I love kaurwaki. She is beautiful.

    1. Oh Ur Welcome,ashoka Samrat,ur Ar Also Sri Lankan,i Thnk U Watchng Drama Through Derana Tv Also,

      1. ashoka samrat

        thax dhananjaya, for welcoming me. yhea, I also watch derana tv.

  12. Chalo Bindusar ki Charu pe shak to hua. Aur Syamak ko dekh kar mujhe uska leap ke baad ka intro yaad aagaya
    Charitra mera rakt hai
    Rakt mera greek hai
    Director sahab Syamak fully greek nai hai. Apne khud ke characters ki back story bhul gaye.

  13. miss u devi …….& thanx for written update

  14. mujhe nhi lgta ashok aur devi ki love story dikhyi jayegi …..inn dono ki shadi bhi waise hi dikhayi jayegi jaise ashoka movie me hua tha ……….ya phir dharma ashoka pr devi se shadi krne ko khegi

  15. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Thnx a ton miss pooja u hlps me alot as I m unable to see the show from many days ur updates help me alot n I feel d epi in front of me… Beautifully written…u r excellent
    N epi, was okay ? bt dragging… Can’t Dey move fast xpose Charu and her fellows n Devi luv story should b seen now. Instd of kvk dramas..

    Sorry if I hurt ny1

  16. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Is Helena bhishm pitamah she nvr dies or hs she gt an immortality boon? Stp hr.. Kill hr at lest now… Will she never die ????

    1. Bhishma pitamaha!!! LOL! ? but true! She was already so old pre-leap! Still she is alive??

  17. So disappointed with SAUMYA today…
    She is 1of my favourite but I will suggest she should go n learn acting from Reem sheikh.. Reem was so expressive but SAUMYA today was so blank.. She was delivering dialogues as if someone has forced her to do si..

    When she saw ASHOK’s locket.. She should be happy excited n also surprised at the same time but her expression were totally blank…
    So disappointed..
    Kvk ke character ko majak banake rakhdia hai….

  18. Pooja I also want to work with your team…
    Can you say how can I do this?
    Please please..

  19. This new Ashoka is so s*xy its just too much???????

  20. Great job Ms Puja. Even if you miss the serial, you are always there to tell the story on the next day. Hearty compliments.

    Many Thanks.

  21. Looks nicely presented by you we even joy your episode in CANADA.

  22. Correction: Even if one misses the serial.

  23. Nice update.?

  24. The new Ashoka really needs to work on his dialogue delivery and actinG skills.Young Siddharth Nigam was flawless.Its really taking a lot of time for me to accept the new Ashoka .Funnily I no longer look forward to the serial.And the new Ashoka looks older than what Ashoka would have looked in a ten years time leap.Really sorry Mohit Suri but you looked wonderful in Mahadev.But Ashoka needed someone more agile and energetic n little younger.The makers should have taken someone else for the lead character and not someone from a previous mythological serial where people already has a set mindset on the actor.

  25. new fight and stands very bad

  26. sorry I want to tell that the old ashok action is good then new one….

    when there is no light or any other problem I can’ watch it so plzz tell na repeat telecast timeeeee….

  27. Hi
    I need second hand television for seeing ashoka someone can help me in gurgaon delhi

  28. Pooja

    hey guys…epi will be a little late tonight. sorry 🙁

    1. No need to say sorry mam. We respect your responsibilities.
      Mam while reading your updates it seems as if we are watching the episode. Your updates are marvellously awesome.
      Hands off to your writing skills.

      1. Pooja

        Aww…thank you so much. You guys are so understanding, I must say. Well, it’s posted now. Enjoy 🙂

  29. How long will the same precap continue?
    What the hell has happened to the director? Must give precap of what is exactly going to happen. Just for making suspense don’t fool people.

  30. koi bat nhi puja di.

    1. Pooja

      Posted now 🙂 And thank you for understanding 🙂

  31. Please update todays episode!

    1. Pooja

      Done 🙂

  32. It’s OK Pooja.. N thanku for mentioning that update will be late otherwise I have to refresh the site again n again until the update.. 😉

    1. Pooja

      Anytime. Thank you for being patient 🙂

  33. In todays epi, ashok and kvk pray at shivji temple but donot see each other. Ashok selects a jewellery from a thela wala at the mela. Meanwhile kvk is eagerly searching for ashok in the mela and reaches at the place where ashok is looking at a jewelery. Kvk is standing behind ashok. Ashok just holds the jewelery in hand when he notices eyes of a woman (kvk) in a mirror. Sushim is shown entering the mela ruthlessly riding on his horse. He is about to hurt a child by riding over the child when ashok saves the child just on time. Nirankush with his man come to ashoks house and enquire abt chand frm dharma.

  34. WE MISSED U POOJA DI YESTERDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Colors people are dump. Haatim serial hero is better than this new ashoka. This new ashoka looks like a oldman. Really disappointed.

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