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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim lifts his sword to attack an unconscious Ashoka when someone throws a dagger at his hand. Sushim looks back in surprise / anger as sword falls down from his hand. He notices a scarecrow there. He turns but someone begins to rain arrows at him and Uttar. Sushim picks his sword and runs out. Uttar hits at the scarecrow’s head from behind. He fights with the person dressed as scarecrow. He finally finds a lit torch there. Ashoka has woken up by now. He looks at the arrow and then picks his sword. He walks out.

Sushim is already on his way back. Ashoka and Sushim come face to face. They angrily take out their swords and advance towards one another.

Uttar throws the lit torch towards the foot of the scarecrow. Kaurkavi finally tears the clothes (of scarecrow) as they

were beginning to catch fire. He is shocked to see a woman. He hits her with a stick. She falls down. He says how you dare think you will defeat men! Your place is where you are at the moment. She pushes him.

Sushim and Ashoka engage in a sword fight. Sushim says there is no one here who can save him today. Ashoka adds that they should end this chapter here for forever. Their fight continues. Ashoka has an upper hand. Sushim lies about Rani Dharma. Ashoka gets distracted because of which he gets hut on the head. Nayak steps in before Sushim can hurt him anymore. He pushes Sushim. Ashoka falls down. SUshim and Nayak fight. Ashoka lifts a stick, managing to get up. He hits Sushim on his head from behind. Sushim is shaken up. When did Rajkumar Ashoka learn to attack from behind? Ashoka replies that Rajkumar Ashoka understands rules, not Chand. You have to be mean to end cruelty. He hits Sushim yet again.

Kaurvaki holds the sword with bare hands. I dint bear so many pains and troubles just to see a weak person like you killing Ashoka. She hits Uttar successfully, repeatedly and takes his sword. You come in this world because of a woman. She is someone who gives life. You will today realise what a woman is, what her tapasya, sankalp and power is! She kills him.

Ashoka pulls Sushim behind his horse with a rope as he returns towards the palace. The citizens look on in confusion. All the family members are shocked to see Sushim in this condition. Bindu demands to know the reason of bringing Sushim here like this. Ashoka says I handle internal affairs. I have a right to arrest culprits. This person standing before you is a culprit. Bindu wants him to prove it that he has used his rights rightly. If you misuse them then it wont be good for you. I want everyone to be in the courtroom right away!

In the courtroom, Bindu says it is on you to prove why you shouldn’t be considered a culprit for bringing Sushim in here like a criminal, to justify your stance. Ashoka says I am well aware of my duties. It was just to send out a message that no one is above justice. It is equal for everyone. Whoever tries to become an obstacle in the path of dharma and peace, for the dream of united India, will be punished, be it Sushim only! Charu questions him. how dare you blame my son? Ashoka says pardon me. I am not blaming your son or my brother. I am blaming the person because of whom I lost Gondna. He relates everything that happened after Nirankush escaped from prison. I have been saying it since beginning that it is impossible for Gondna to run his business smoothly till he has some internal help. This person (Sushim) is responsible for it. Siamak is relieved to realise that Ashoka has no clue about Gondna. Bindu asks Sushim if he hit Ashoka. Sushim accepts doing it. Ashoka spoke truth. We did fight. I was about to kill him when Nayak came and helped him. they both took over me then. everything is true but the reason isn’t what he is telling. Facts are same but truth is something else. He turns to Ashoka. If you are right that I am supporting Gondna then it would be that I know him. You have to prove it as well. Do you have any proof to justify it? if you have then present it. I will kill myself right away in the courtroom! Bindu thinks Sushim can say such a big thing when he is innocent. He asks for proof from Ashoka. Ashoka says he cannot get off so easily by acting emotional. Ask him why he followed me when I was trying to catch Gondna. Did he not help Gondna flee? Sushim claps. It was you who helped the biggest enemy of Magadh escape. It was you who helped him escape. I want to show some proofs and facts before you (Bindu) to explain my stance. Bindu allows him.

A few soldiers come in. Sushim questions them about Nirankush escaping from the jail after getting a letter. Who was it from? The soldier says it was sent by Acharya RG. We recovered it after Nirankush escaped. Bindu checks the proofs. Sushim points out that NIrankush was the only medium to reach Gondna. His security was of greatest importance. It couldn’t happen without internal help. The writing is that of my brother. Nirankush dint escape. He was made to flee. Ashoka had full support from Acharya RG. He wants to see Ashoka on the throne after you. Ashoka says I did it as per the plan. We know Nirankush will directly go to Gondna and we planned to catch him then itself. Sushim says ok. Why dint you tell Samrat then? Ashoka dint want to take any risk, knowing well that Gondna’s supporter is in here. Acharya RG adds that he informed Samrat when Ashoka left for jungle. Sushim corrects him. you did so when you came to know I went after Ashoka. You took Samrat in your confidence as you know Samrat will believe Ashoka if he fails in his mission. Mahamatya seconds Sushim. Ashoka dint trust Magadh’s Samrat. Ashoka insists that it wasn’t his wish. I have a right to take decision as I am responsible for internal security. Sushim adds fuel to the fire. Siamak also supports SUshim. Ashoka was scared that NIrankush will tell us his truth. Ashoka is involved with Gondna. Bindu asks Ashoka if he has answer to any of these questions. The fact is same but you seem to be culprit now! DO you have any other proof or logic with which you can prove yourself innocent? Ashoka stands quietly.

Precap: Bindu is about to announce a decision when Uttar asks him to stop. He says I am Gondna and drinks something poisonous. He breathes his last before everyone in the courtroom.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. yo!!! puja you are faster than bullets very fast update thank you…….god bless you…..

    1. Pooja

      Bullets? 😛 Thanks Rahul 🙂 God bless you too.

  2. Thx Pooja for the fast update! U r amazing!

    1. Pooja

      You’re more than welcome Devi. Thanks a ton 🙂

  3. Sushim,rajmata aren’t real enemies of Ashow. It’s the writers who are the real enemies.If it is a show based on the greatness of ashok,then show his greatness.They are showing him as useless fellow.Colors has already reached new peaks of they want to take it beyond that level.

    1. well said

    2. Exactly. Colours shows Ashoka the Great as Ashoka the fool. It’s heart pain. The serial is as dragging as any other one and totally waste of time.

      1. exactly,total bull shit.

  4. A childish drama

  5. devaki ganesan

    Very good update.

    1. Pooja

      I am glad you like it Devaki…thank you 🙂

  6. S. Ravi prakash

    The story writers want to drag on, with the gondna affaire, too much of Cris cross and very less of Ashoka the Great! Anyway thanks to Pooja di, as usual the update ? is excellent.

    1. Pooja

      Thank you so much Ravi 🙂

  7. Pooja

    Where did Samyukta go today? :O Missed your yayy today..

  8. Useless episode, cud be covered in 15 min and more storey cud be shown

  9. Time wasting all fake story i would like to request to Indian gov. To take action again color tv to insulting of great ashok samrat thanks

    1. I agree, all fake tracks recently. In our days we studied different Ashoka in text books, I am wondering what new generation will learn about him through such faking episodes

    2. agree, full of imaginary story, bindu is shown as a complete fool who believes anyone except ashok.

  10. Thanks dear pu.

  11. what the hell…again fool bindusar will punish ashoka…same story is repeating again…great work by nayak..n writers r making ashoka a fool..hopeless serial

  12. Such a boring and lame storyline. I wonder if King Ashoka was so dumb to find himself in useless situations again and again.
    Mr. writer a very lose track, this needs to end

  13. I would request the director of this serial not to drag it too much. already the viewers are started to getting bored

  14. It’s seem like we have silly samrat, ????? Sushim attacks ashok can be justified that it’s WRONG …….. what’s the reason Sushim did that ??????? the answer will bring Sushim became culprit without seeing the next story …… it’s stupid scenario !!!!

  15. hahahahahahah

    what a joke writers…..

    keep making fool of Ashoka….

    i guess u want to prove that Sushim was the greatest…

    so change the name of the series…

    Chakravarty Sushim………..

  16. Bindu wins the prize for the worst King ever… Such a brutal insult to the glorious Gupta legacy and the golden age of India..if Sushim is accused, Ashok has to prove it. If Ashok is accused, again Ashok has to prove his innocence. The women go on about a wife’s duty and fasts and crap ??

    1. right, bindu is only seen in courtroom giving judgement or just romancing with dharma. He is never seen in any adventure, and believes in anything told to him, except Ashok. Complete mockery of bindu and ashok. and suddenly, kvk, wonder how come she became so aggressive.. pl stop the nonsense.

  17. This is ridiculous and just Bollywoodisation of a great kings story

  18. The story is really boring now pooja di thanks for fast updates your as fast as lightning

  19. What’s nonsense? Every time the clock stops with the lie of sushim, and ashoka as culprit. The viewers are fade up of your too much efforts to create sensation which is nonsense.
    Big mistake going on….. irreparable

  20. thank you miss pooja for quick updates.

  21. least pooja provide one of the great don’t blame her.encourage her for this job except blaming her.

  22. Good job.thanks for updates.

  23. Please show greatness of Ashoka else stop the serial dont drag episodes

  24. Just want to see ashoka and kaurawaki being married.

  25. ashoka samrat

    director, we all are requesting u not to make this serial stupid. do u know this is a serial of a great SAMRAT???????????????? By reading the comments even cant u understand that anyone doesn’t like to dishonor the great king ashok?????????????
    I agree with u Vicky, this stupid serial must be named as CHAKRAVARTIN SUSHIM SAMRAT. Every day the serial stops by leaving ashok in a big difficulty and keeping sushim in dignity. What the hell stupid director. PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS STOP ANNOYING THE GREAT SAMRAT ASHOK. no one is expecting this type of a stupid drama.
    Is this serial made to debase kind ashok?????????????????
    What will the new generation think abt this great king? keep in mind that he isn’t foolish.
    As I am a srilankan and a Buddhist I don’t like to see the person who send Buddhism to SL being dishonored. It is a shame to see that Indians are not respecting their greatest king.( I mean not all.)

    1. Exactly. We the Indian feel ashamed of the serial. The director doesn’t seem to be responsible.

  26. ashoka samrat

    anyway. thanx pooja 4 ur quick updates. u are doing a great job.
    and where did dhananjaya do today? we miss ur comments? have u being enough of watching this drama

    1. Idiotic director dragging the serial
      Please have PIL to stop the serial and distorting the history !!

  27. pratibha nandecha


  28. Thank you pooja di.Ur the best..bindu always believes sushim and punishes ashoka.plz end thos gondna drama.

  29. ur so fast pooja.ct i am unable to read it yesterdy becuz our al exm is on cming mnth,so i stuck with it.ur brilnt mis.pooja.director plz dnt drag the episode.plz bring helenas true face

  30. You are all dumb who are just writing anything without knowing the reasons behind all this. The director is preparing to justify the transformation of Ashok into full blown Chand. Read history, Ashoka was one of the most cruel king in Indian History. He has death chambers for prisnoners. he was a kind of fanatic and used to kill at will. He killed all his brothers to claim throne. And, Sushim was always better than him. He killed sushim by deciet.

    So, Colours is presenting distorted history so that it can be justified that why Ashoka became so cruel. Nothing else.

    1. So right now the mistakes and crimes that Sushim is doing in this serial is pardonable? Only Ashoka is wrong

    2. I don’t think u watch serial properly Many of Sushim’s crimes are hidden

  31. My dear Neha you are again not understading the thing. Sushhima is being portrayed as evil though he was not. And the tribualtions and problems of ashoka are being highlighted. So that people start undersatding that why Ashoka became so cruel and inhuman. His circumastances led him to be animal.

  32. ashoka samrat

    if devi the first wife. how come kvk is already almost married now.

  33. Thnx alot pooja di fr the superb update…
    N this show should b changed names…
    I’m suggesting some sooo show maker change the names
    1.ashoka moorkh samrat
    2. Sushim chakravarty
    3. Ashoka banam (vs) Sushim
    4. Kaun banega samrat
    5. Kaun banega Bindu Ki ankhiyon ka Tara

  34. Its too much dragging …….beacause of its initial good responce………the director.. is cashing on its popularity and showing bollywood kind serial and making Ashok seriously stupid…and Sushim always Hero…….
    Time waste watching

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