Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kichak is angry to lose out to Ashoka once again. He is a kid. You (Vasantsena) could not do it even when you were with him. Vasantsena says I almost killed him. Kichak says how did he not die then. She shares that his mother brought him back to life. I had a doubt on her initially only but Acharya Devrath tried to hide it. But today, when he was almost about to die, she got emotional and called out to Ashoka. Kichak is irked. Every time when we try to hurt him someone saves him. Amatya says Ashoka’s mother came as Ashoka’s power. How can we defeat him now? We will have to find a way to break him. Kichak asks about Kaurvaki.

Kasha talks to Kaurvaki. I enjoyed readying you. I never helped a princess become a Nagarvadhu. Kaurvaki sits down in her feet. Would you have done

the same to me if I was your daughter? Kashi says all my daughters are already here on their job. Stop this drama. There are no relations here. Agnibahu adds that the same will happen with Kaurvaki’s daughters in future. Nayak speaks against it. Kashi says the younger she is, the longer she will serve the society. Tell Maharaj Kaurvaki is ready. She asks Nayak if he ever smiles. Agnibahu jokes on him. Everyone leaves from there except Kaurvaki and Nayak.

Ashoka gets ready with difficulty. Dharma helps him. He misses his mother as she used to help him in past. Acharya Devrath asks Ashoak to come. Ashoka, Acharya and Dharma stand at the balcony. The citizens of Takshshila are gathered downstairs. My Guru Acharya Chanakya had taught me that we should always remember that truth and love always win. There have been many troublemakers but they had to lose. Similarly, Kichak’s downfall is certain. We should fill ourselves with hope and bravery. The war is still not over. The enemy can be strong but can lose. the biggest example is I who has come back to life A Dharamputra is back to end the enemies of the motherland. Dharma smiles thinking of Acharya Chanakya’s words. You always used to say that Ashoka’s destiny is this. Today I have realised how right you were. Acharya Devrath says the cheer should be so loud that it reaches their enemies’ ears. Ashoka loudly says Jai Janani. People cheer after him. Everyone in the court hears it. Kichak is angry. Dharma thinks Bindu would have been so proud of him today. You won over the hearts of people before the enemy!

Bindu thinks of Ashoka. Rajmata Helena comes there. She advies him to think at times as a father too. The king should win when there is a situation where the king and father’s ideologies clash. If we don’t follow the rituals on time then it loses its meaning. Ram ji did something similar. He gave up on his wife when it came to taking a decision. You will have to forget a few things and move on in life. You hold responsibility towards your kids and citizens too. Bindu agrees. A father should forget about Ashoka. He should announce Sushim as his successor. Helena prays he takes the right decision. You will have to fulfil the expectations of the citizens at any cost.

Ashoka addresses Dharma as Mata. I am hungry. Wind blows. Dharma adjusts her veil. Ashoka misses seeing her face. She leaves to bring something for him. Ashoka is a bit sad.

Siamak asks Rajmata Helena why she is making Sushim the successor. He reasons it is more important for him to become a Samrat. Your enemies should be out of your way first. He is confused. she explains that it will be difficult to remove Ashoka from the throne as citizens love him. Both the brothers will clash with each other for the throne. Once Ashoka is out of our way, we will throw out Sushim too with my father’s help. Bindu will be left with no option but you then!

Acharya says he could not get more for Ashoka. Dharma says Ashoka spent 14 years of his life in jungle. He has grown up eating it all and they are his favourite. He says sorry to her for hiding her identity from Ashoka. I applaud you holding yourself back. She replies that a mother who has a son like Ashoka can never fall weak. She goes to make preps for food. The thread comes off her hand which Ashoka had tied on her hand.

Ashoka wants to find out what Kichak had been up to in all these days. Acharya Devrath asks him about his health. Ashoka says he is better than before. Kichak sat quietly all these days? Acharya suggests him to eat first. It is important for you to recover. Wash your hands then we will talk. He misses seeing the thread.

Arjun’s mother cries thinking of Arjun. He loves laddoos. She is making them only. Dharma goes to her. The lady says my son Arjun loved laddoos. These people killed him. He was such an innocent kid. How can someone kill a kid like him? Dharma is shocked. She comforts her. She wishes Ashoka brings stability and peace soon here. No mother should be separated from her son again.

Ashoka pours water on himself. He thinks of Kaurvaki and what all she had to bear because help him. he breaks the pot of water. You broke my trust just like this. It cannot be mended the same way ever again.

Dharma hopes Ashoka likes the food. She realises that the thread from her hand is missing. She looks around but cannot find it. Arjun’s mother checks in the kitchen while Dharma goes outside to look for it. Ashoka is coming from the opposite direction. Ashoka’s attention is diverted to the statue made by him. Dharma spots the thread and picks it up. Ashoka notices her just when she is tying the thread on her hand.

Precap: Ashoka talks to Dharma. You know you cannot hide the truth from me for long. Dharma nods. we did try to hide truth from you. Kaurvaki angrily asks Nayak to leave from there. She hurts him by mistake and tends to his wound. Kichak gives something to Nayak to give to Kaurvaki. Nayak throws it away. Kichak orders the soldiers to arrest Nayak. Bring Kaurvaki here!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Plz don’t show the thinks which are not happened in history.In begining I was really excited to watch this but then it become an imagination drama not the story of ashoka .Try to make dramas nearer to reality

  3. Sushim was the governor of taxila during the revolt then ashok succeeded him

  4. Its getting worse day by day… They made this a saas bahu serial

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  7. Guys come on u all need to cheer up dont u realize it is hard to defeat kihak and they have to show that what do u all want ashok to easily wing and then go to bindu and become king amd marry kaurvaki u all need to be patient life is not easy and perfect


      agree dear……..

  8. Nice one Sarah….agree with u

  9. yes sarah you r right. I also think same. If everything will be right then how they show the greatness of king ASHOKA

  10. Ashoka serial is going well but kaurvaki was not princess of kaling instead she was a fishermens daughter …

    1. she was the princess of kalinga


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