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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with tantric saying it was your time till tomorrow, not it is Ashoka’s time. Time has changed now. Ashoka dint come back but it does not mean he wont come back. He will be back soon and this time, time will support him, not you! He is about to come out of that dark tunnel. He is going to light up now. These 10 years were the years of storm of his anger. It was a tie which he is going to be freed soon from. He will come back in a greater form than before. He will not just tell the long hidden truths but will also punish everyone. He has learnt to turn himself as per the situations and time. You only have little time left with you now. If you don’t do it now then you wont be able to do it ever. Your brother will become Chakravarti Samrat Ashoka afterwards, that too by

killing you! Sushim is stunned. Tantric says it is written in his fate that he will step on the dead bodies of his own loved ones and become stronger than before. It means you! Sushim looks at the mark of wound on his chest. He lets out a scream in anger.

Ashoka is walking holding Kaurvaki in his arms. He asks her since when has she become afraid of animals. She says since childhood. He shakes his head. it does not feel so while looking at you. She asks him what he feels when he looks at her. They look at each other. He says nothing. Her anklet comes off. He stops and picks it up. She is still sitting on his knee so he keeps is in the cloth wrapped around his chest. She thanks him. He lifts her again and resumes walking. He asks her if she needs anything else, calling her Rajkumari. She asks him why he called her Rajkumari. She tells him that Rajkumari is hungry. Arrange food for me. He drops her on the ground. Definitely! She shouts after him. I will also come with you. She gets up but he reminds her of the sprain. She acts. He smiles and shakes his head. He tells her to stay with Garud. I will bring food for you. She looks at him as he goes ahead. Come back soon Ashoka. It is really difficult for me to wait for you now!

Ashoka cannot see anything eatable around. It is becoming really difficult for me to go away from you after coming so close to you. I don’t know if this time is right for us to unite or not. He hears someone screaming for help. Nirankush makes his men beat Dhaniram. Ashoka looks at them. Devi? He runs in full speed towards them and stands before Nirankush and his men. Devi and Dhaniram are surprised to see him. Chand? Ashoka says my mother stopped me that day but your death has brought you here before me today. Nirankush laughs. Your mother made you flee from that place so you are alive. You ran away like a dog that day. Don’t you remember? I would have handed you to SUshim otherwise. Your mother fooled Sushim but it isn’t easy to fool me. I made them my slaves. I knew you will come here looking for them. I dint know that you will fall in my trap so easily and so soon. Ashoka thinks of the time when Nirankush had come over to his house in his absence and how Dhaniram’s perception changed. It means not just mother and Vit but Devi and Dhaniram had also risked their lives for my sake. Nirankush laughs. Ashoka says it is dharma to respect a woman. The man who cannot do it deserves to die only! I will kill you! Nirankush signals his soldiers who attack Ashoka but Ashoka beats them badly. Dhaniram and Devi look happy while Nirankush is tensed. Ashoka takes the sword of one of the soldier and kills everyone who comes in his way. Nirankush fails in fighting with him and is badly beaten up by Ashoka.

Kaurvaki is waiting for Ashoka in the jungle. Why is Ashoka taking so much time? Where is he? Garud neighs and runs from there. Kaurvaki runs after him to stop him.

Dhaniram breaks open the lock of the cage in which Devi and other women are kept. Ashoka keeps killing Nirankush’s soldiers. Dhaniram frees the other slaves hands next. Devi keeps looking at Ashoka. Dhaniram asks her to come. This is the right time to run away. She refuses to leave till CHand is safe. He reasons that he has already lost his everything for them. She says I can lose 100 more times if I have to. A soldier was about to stab Ashoka from behind but Kaurvaki kills him in time. Devi looks at them. Kaurvaki says one needs to be careful in jungle. Ashoka throws his sword at the soldier standing behind her. She smiles broadly. He tells her to be careful. Anything can happen anytime. They both fight with the soldiers. Ashoka tells her to leave. They both refuse to put each other’s lives in risk. One soldier holds Devi’s hair. She shouts in pain. Kaurvaki throws dagger at him and injures him. Ashoka tells Kaurvaki to go. They have done many favours on my family. Kaurvaki asks Dhaniram to go in a different direction. The injured soldier sends some soldiers after Dhaniram. Nirankush hits Ashoka on the head. he manages to escape from there.

Devi and Kaurvaki hide behind a tree. Kaurvaki is still holding a sword in case someone attacks her. Devi is worried for Dhaniram but Kaurvaki assures her he will be fine. Devi wants to find him but Kaurvaki denies. We have to save ourselves first. Ashoka has tied all the wounded soldiers with a rope which is attached to Garud.

Devi thanks Kaurvaki for saving her life. You seem to be an extraordinary lady seeing your bravery. Kaurvaki says there is nothing special in her. Devi says you are equal to God for me. she notices Kaurvaki’s pain. Don’t you feel pain? Karuvaki says I don’t know any other pain than what’s in the heart. Devi looks after her. How do you know Chand? Kaurvaki replies that she does not know Chand but her Ashoka. Devi asks her if it means Chand is Ashoka. Kaurvaki says yes. Devi recalls all that had happened at her home. members of royal family stayed at our house all these years facing many hardships at every point of life. We behaved so badly with them. Kaurvaki says I too did the same. Rani Dharma rightly says that time changes. No one knows what happens when.

They see Jagannath is doing puja for his daughter’s soul. Kaurvaki is stunned. Jagnnath cries thinking of Kaurvaki. Devi asks Kaurvaki why she looks so scared. Jagnnath says why you did this Kaurvaki. You sacrificed your life for that Ashoka! Which daughter punishes her father like this? You punished me really badly. Kaurvaki says father and cries. Devi looks confused. Raja Jagannath is pouring the ashes of Rajkumari Kaurvaki in water while this lady here is calling him father. Whose ashes are they if this lady here is Rajkumari Kaurvaki? Kaurvaki thinks of Bela’s words. Devi stops her from going anywhere. You are bleeding. Kaurvaki does not care. My hands are bloodied by someone’s blood. Devi asks her about it. Kaurvaki tells her to return to her father. not everyone is as lucky as you.

Jagannath pours the ashes in river. Forgive me. Kaurvaki looks on tearfully. Devi realises everything. Chand is Rajkumar Ashoka and this is Rajkumari Kaurvaki. They have waited so much for each other. They had to leave that chance today because of me. I am indebted to them. I am not so thankless and selfish to leave them here alone today.

The wounded soldier talks of the consequences of what happened just now. Bindu wont spare us. Nirankush says I don’t care about Bindu. He will do what he has to do but if we don’t deliver something to Gondna in time then don’t know what Gondna will do.

Someone wears an anklet, a cape and sits on a seat. It’s all dark so the face is not visible.

Jagannath says I did whatever I did thinking I was right. I dint want you to be cheated the same way by Magadh like I was! I couldn’t make you understand this reason behind my being tough with you. I will live with this regret all my life that I could hug you once and apologize to you. I will yearn all my life to tell you how much I love you. He breaks down. Forgive me daughter. Kaurvaki shouts father! Jagannath looks around startled. I did your last rites yet I feel your presence around every second. I feel like you are calling me. You will come running and hug me. Kaurvaki cries seeing his condition. Kaurvaki begins to run after him as some people take him with him. A piece of his cloth has fallen behind. She picks it up and cries hugging it. Devi stops her in time. Think once about Ashoka before taking another step. Think of Bela’s sacrifice. Will you let it go waste? Kaurvaki says how can I think of my happiness seeing my father’s pain and tears.

Precap: A soldier comes to Bindu. He is seeking permission from Rani Dharma to enter in Patliputra. He is calling himself Rajkumar Ashoka. Everyone is surprised. Bindu says how he dare enter inside Patliputra without permission. Arrest him before he enters in Patliputra.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Director ki ma ki

  2. fabulus update

  3. Nice one thanks pooja di for so fast update we all love you and ur updates

  4. Nice one thanks pooja di for fast updates we all love ur updates while reading it seems that I’m watching it self

  5. what??? what is talking bindusar …
    at first he said to ashok that he must come and now WHATT???….

    devi is seem after a long time nice to see her ….

    what will happen .. show came at interesting point….

    thanks for update pooja di ….
    your update are easy to understand and fast….

  6. Bindusar is really mad..
    He himself asked Ashok to come back to Patliputra… And now he his barking like mad..
    Maybe he doesn’t believe that it is Ashok…

  7. ashoka samrat

    thanx 4 quick updates pooja. devi is sooooooooooooooo cute and beautiful. thanx 4 starting asvi scene

  8. precap…..
    How should bindu say that….

    1. well, director should kill bindu and sushim soon before the conspiration appears

  9. What is the timing to see previous episode (10 th june) of CAS on colors . as I’m unable to see it today ….reply if anyone know

  10. What is the timing to see previous episode of CAS (10 june) on colors…. I’m unable to see it today…… If anyone know reply

    1. 13 june 11.30 am.
      6.30 am

  11. happy 2 see Devi again.she makes CAS fresh. i think Kvk’ll choose Jagannat over Ashok. same precap and wht happend 2 tht stupid Bindusar.when he saw ashok after 10 yrs he said ashok to come to Pataliputra bt nw he is going to arrest him?. this Bindusar is the most dumbest king i hv ever seen.

  12. Ah finally some content! Any bets on who Ashok will we’d first? I think it will be a package deal, both at the same time… Wait I take that back. Stupid kvk never learns and will go back to being captive under her father. So it will be Devi but the liberties the director takes with history , who knows….maybe even a bramachari

  13. S.Ravi Prakash

    As usual the updates are excellent & only after reading this I am ? correctly understanding the dialogs. Thanks to you ? pooja di.

  14. Rishu – u r so right. Bindu is dumb, KVK is dumb, very often Dharma is dumb….. I am beginning to think Sushim and gang are perhaps the most practical. Btw, this Siamak isn’t revealing much, is he? As for the ageless wonders, Dharma is growing younger, Helena will live to 150 years – does Charu have a white streak of hair or is it my imagination?

    1. correct. some characters are so confusing. they are out of logical theories. ashok married Devi at 18 bt ashok is 25 nw. bt he still struggling for the throne. kaurvaki always makes troubles to her own people like bella and her father. she is a princess and doesn’t she has any other work ? dharma is still young and kvk looks elder than dharma.i think dharma is not a vampire.

    2. Abhishek maurya

      Yes bro,you are very true.Sushim only deserves the throne as all others are stupids and dumb.Because an intellectual enemy is much fit for the kingdom to rule rather than a dumb.Bindusara is the greatest a**hole(according to this fictious serial), no doubt in it.Very often dharma also becomes too irritating.She is so shameless.Chanakya, kasturi and many others died protecting her yet she has no
      sense of gratitude towards them.She
      introduced a treaty in front of magadh’s
      enemies that if they harm her and her son vit she will lay the whole truth in front of
      bindusara.If she is so confident that
      whatever she will tell to samrat he will
      blindly agree with her then why she
      hesitating to tell it.If she was a great devotee of chanakya then she could have directly laid the truth of chanakya’s murder in front of samrat without caring about the safety of herself and her son vit but she didn’t.She used the incident of chanakya’s murder only for the sake of herself and her son vit.This was my view about dharma’s decision.
      But I may be wrong.Because dharma’s maternal love for her son vit could be the reason that she is not telling the truth.

      1. if dharma will say anything to bindu right now then it would be the same mistake that ashoka had done long ago….but if something happeNed to vit then it would be clear sogn that whatever her mother (dharma,who cares him 10 yrs safely) says would be true & bindu too will believe….she uses this & she was right…i think…. without proof she herself would loose respect in her husband’s house no matter how much he loves & this is true not only in this regard but practically too… takes life to get a special place in husband’s heart & one deed can destroy everything….. aur us samay to bindu ki 9 wife aur thi(in reality 18 queens)

  15. Bindusar is just acting like this i think he will welcome him instead….these r stunts of director….remember the slap of Bindusar to ashok just before his yuvraj coronation☺

  16. Now what’s wrong with this bindusar? He himself asked Ashok to return to pataliputra then why is he behaving like a mad person? Screw Screw dheela hai kya? I don’t understand why director is hell bent on proving bindu a dumb king. I guess he has some personal enmity with king bindusar in his past life 😛 . He must have been that king Jagannath in his past life and so taking revenge by portraying bindu as a weak king lol 😛

  17. devi-kvk scenes r just awsome…. Ashoka is lucky than his father having such sweet & caring wives….devi doesn’t feel bad after knowing about kvk & this is what is true love…..i really liked this devi-kvk bond & enjoyed today’s episode….came here just for reading and writing comment….

    1. Same. I was really happy seeing this Devi – kvk bond. I really hoped there would be no jealousy.

      1. ya…they both truely love Ashoka…according to history too….& there is no jealousy in true love…..i think director will not spoil their bonding

  18. Sriranjani

    beautiful epi and precap………………..

  19. 1.00am or 1.30am=repeat telecast timing
    I don’t remember d exact timing but any one of these two timings @sb,ayush
    BTW NYC episode

  20. Thnks Pooja For Quick Updates.Director Plz Show Us A Maha Epi.I Tnk Bindu Doing Act He Wil Suprised Ashoka By Aresting & That Solder Wil Kneel Down And Say Sry And Dnt Punish Me For My Misunderstanding.Few Variatn Within These Few Dys Excelent!Wht Hapen To Balsali & Priyanka War??We Mis U Both

  21. Is bindusar mad.yus ne aapne aap ashok ko bulaya ab mana kar raha hain

  22. Director according to sources Bindusara doesnt love any of his wife but was a good administrator. Otherwise, how could he retain all of his father’s property?
    Dont show him as a foolish king.
    Mohit Raina you did good action, but while doing action, whatever you talk hardly can be understand. But again action director you must understand his physique do the action more and more powerful.
    Gondna is none other Siamak.
    Again in a promo, I saw there is a fight between Sushim and Asoka, and Bindusara ordered him to fight for the marriage proposal and Kaurvaki appears.
    I think that Devi’s father would die and he will promise Asoka to get married with Devi.
    Devi is a fine actor, was finest queen. Devi without make up is so beaitiful than Kaurvaki :-* :-*
    Kaurvaki when you run, make sure about your hands dont tremble as you are an warrior. VFX her neck, its look like granny neck! 😀

    1. @ghost How you know that Gondna is Siamak !!!

      1. My imagination since Siamak character looks dull

    2. Can u describe the promo plz???where did u see the promo???

      1. Yup. I show it in 9XM music. Asoka and Sushim fight with each other in the courtroom. Bindu says that you are not fighting for Magadh now I order you to fight for the marriage proposal and suddenly Kaurvaki appears. Bindu says He will be the king whoever will win

      2. so now they will fight for a marriage proposal then whoever wins will go Kalinga & there definitely some other fights with other kingdom rajkumars …..then finally Ashoka will get kvk…..& this will be interesting but will stretch for 1 month or 2….i think

  23. Abhishek maurya

    Director sahab please direct some good action sequences.Please make a note that fighting sequences are the soul of the show as ashoka was not just a town guy he was a warrior. Mohit raina,in today’s episode initially you fought good but afterwards you started to play dandiya with the sword.No doubt that you are best in acting and you have the potential to portray the great ashoka.But along with acting you should also do a throbbing and enthusiastic fight sequences.Earlier, wrestling fights of mohit raina were fabulous but what happened today.
    After watching today’s fight scene i really missed siddharth nigam’s gymnastic skills which he used to do in action sequences.I agree that its not possible for everyone to do gymnastics but one can fight passionately even though he/she doesn’t know gymnastics.
    Ashish sharma of chandragupta maurya fame has done a praiseworthy job in it.He not only acted good but gave his 100* in fighting sequences.
    Anyways,I have a deep belief that mohit raina will surely do justice to the role of Ashoka.All the best, Mohit raina.One thing i would like to tell that Mohit’s acting is really astonishing.

  24. thanks for update Pooja as many times we are unable to see it as no repeat telecast. I am unable to understand how all can reach PATLIPUTR,Orrisa and Ujjain in few hours

  25. syafina bajeri

    Feel like throwing both hands up and scream no more! No more! Enough! Enough! Stop writing those lousy scripts!

  26. syafina bajeri

    Stop writing those awkward scripts?

  27. I loved the interaction between Devi and Kaurvaki. They’ll get along well in future. I think Bindusar ko shor term memory loss hai. Apni hi boli hui baat bhu jata hai vo. Please remove those Greek characters they’re useless.

  28. krishna swatch

    How can u do this Bindusar?

  29. Thanks pooja

  30. Sraavani

    Ab yeh show interesting hai

  31. Hey pooja I really want to say thank you. Because of you I update the story nowadays,I loved the show more. So keep doing updates and with image please

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome Harini 🙂

  32. OMG!!!! what happened to binduO:)

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