Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vaid ji looks at Acharya Devrath. This is the only way to save him. He calls out for Acharya Devrath. I want to tell you something. Kichak’s sister tells him to go home. Many patients are waiting for you. Vaid ji nods. Acharya Devrath asks him about what he wanted to say. Vaid ji leaves after telling him to take care of Ashoka. He mentally apologizes to Ashoka. I could not say the truth owing to Kichak’s fear. Why should I be scared though? Nothing is bigger than saving Ashoka’s life. Someone covers his head with a blanket just then.

Kichak tells his soldiers to keep the Vaid under tight arrest till Ashoka is dead. Amatya remarks this is what destiny does. Your poison gave life to Ashoka. Kichak is sure his sister (Vasantsena) will return with the news of Ashoka’s death.


asks Vasantsena to see if there is some change in Ashoka’s condition. She imagines Ashoka holding her neck warning her or trying to kill her. She tells Dharma to rest for a while. I will stay with Ashoka. Dharma says which mother can rest when her son. Vasantsena is confused. Your son? Dharma reasons that any mother wouldn’t be able to sleep if her son is on deathbed. Vasantsena nods. I will call you if there is some need. Dharma agrees. She says the Shiva Mantra again as she sits next to Ashoka. Vasantsena looks on uninterested. She falls asleep for a while. Dharma is missing. She is at the riverside doing puja. Vasantsena gets the perfect chance to harm Ashoka.

Dharma prays for a new boon of life for Ashoka. Vasantsena tries to suffocate Ashoka while Dharma is on her way to that place. Only a little time is left. The Maurya Vanshi who came to change the destiny of Takshshila died by a woman’s hands! Everyone will remember it! Dharma is shocked to see Vasantsena standing near Ashoka. What were you doing? Vasantsena lies that she was removing something from around Ashoka so the blood circulation is right. Something has happened to him. Dharma leans closer to Ashoka’s chest. Vasantsena points out that maybe the herbs did not react the right way. His life is in danger. Dharma shouts in shock. Acharya Devrath runs inside.

Kaurvaki thinks of Ashoka. She senses something and gets up with a start. She is sure something is wrong with Ashoka.

Vasantsena consoles Dharma. Dharma mumbles that he did not die yet. She talks to Ashoka. You cannot die now. Justice is still not done! Adharma is still very much there. Stability and peace isn’t back yet. People are waiting. You will have to live for the citizens, motherland and your parents. They have a bigger role in your life. Get up. You cannot lose out to the evil people! Get up Dharamputra!

Dharma continues to talk to Ashoka. Your promise and duty is incomplete. Your Guru’s killers are still roaming free. Will you not punish them? Your task is still to be done. You cannot lose out to death like this. I gave birth to a brave kid who can face any situation. My son cannot be a loser! Get up! Vasantsena is shocked to realise it is Rani Dharma, Ashoka’s mother. Dharma says I wont allow you to die till you pay the debt of your motherland. You will have to abide by your mother’s order. Get up! You cannot disobey me like this. She cries. You can lose but what should I do! Being your mother, my trust on you is not losing. I am your Janani. Even Yamraj cannot take away your soul without my permission. You are still fighting with death. It is proved you want to live. Get up now. You have instilled a faith in the citizens here, get up for them. No one will otherwise dare to fight against the wrong! Get up!

Ashoka sees his mother in his dream. He moves towards her but a chain binds his legs. She stands at the end of the cave with extended hands. Ashoka stumbles in his steps. The chain tries to pull him but his mother calls out for him, encourages him to try! Ashoka wakes up screaming Ma. Everyone is pleasantly surprised to see him awake. Dharma smiles through her tears. Vasantsena covers her face and so does Dharma. All the citizens gather around Ashoka. Vasantsena leaves from there silently.

Ashoka remarks that your son will fulfil her orders. You gave me a life and a direction. I will do what I have vowed to do. I vow that I will free Takshshila from evil people like Kichak! He hugs Dharma and calls her Ma. You found me. I was so incomplete without you. I was only scared if I will be able to see or meet you again or not. Keep me close to you for a while so I can feel I am alive. I will gain my strength if that is so. Dharma is about to hug him back when Acharya Devrath says she isn’t your mother. I brought you for your treatment. Don’t mistake her for your mother. Ashoka reasons that a kid understands and recognizes his mother’s voice. If you don’t trust me then ask her yourself. He asks Dharma to speak up. Tell him that I am your son and you are Samrat Bindusar’s wife, Rani Dharma. Dharma thinks of Acharya Devrath’s advice. Acharya Devrath yet again calls it an illusion. Ashoka asks Dharma to step up. Prove it that I am wrong. Remove the veil from your face. Acharya Devrath points out that she never removes the veil from her face before anyone except her husband. One mother gave you birth 15 years ago. This mother brought you to life by giving you the boon of life. Touch her feet to seek her blessings. Ashoka does so. Your presence makes me feel as if it is really my mother. Your touch, words and everything speak of my mother. Wherever she is, I promise her, I will fulfil her dream. The situation may or may not be in my favour, I will fulfil her dream.

Precap: Kichak is angry to lose out to Ashoka once again. Vasantsena says I almost killed him. Kichak says how did he not die then. Ashoka encourages his people once again to stand against Kichak!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  4. Chakravartin ashoka samrat is back with a bang.It is going to be fun to watch its episode now.It will surely become most successful show both content and trp wise

  5. dharma please tell ashoka that u r his mother. Please. Please

  6. Shantanu Thorat

    Thank you writter for written updates of each episode.Thanks a lot if i am not wrong ‘Pooja because its very easy way to stay informed about what is going on in this show even if we miss any episodes on TV. THANKS A LOT!

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  7. Ashoka will surely save Kaurvaki, his future wife, since he woke up for her …

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