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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi smiles in relief seeing Ashoka and Kaurvaki returning to palace. Jagannath joins her on the terrace. Why do you seem happy? Treasury coming back does not mean they will be together. Ashoka will have to tell how and from where he got it back. They will then be separated even before their unison. He laughs. Devi gets tensed.

Sushim is drinking when Siamak walks in. He angrily hits at his stuff. Ashoka found the treasury. Your game is up. It is your last day today. I wont leave you today! Their swords clash. Siamak says only you knew the secret of treasury. How could you give it to Ashoka? Sushim says seems like you have lost your mind along with your fingers. Why will I steal it? Siamak asks him who stole them then. They both blame each other. Charu tells them to stop fighting

for no reason. Someone else stole treasury! My Daasi told me that it isn’t anyone else but Jagannath! He did it so he can separate Ashoka and Kaurvaki. He isn’t ready to accept it. Sushim says how it can be. He said yes before everyone. He gave Kaurvaki’s hand in Ashoka’s before everyone. Charu says he only pretended. He even hid it from his own daughter. Kaurvaki helped Ashoka in finding it. Good thing is, Ashoka will have to tell truth to Samrat. We can make use of it by making him feel he mistook Ashoka once again. We have to make him realise he cannot trust Ashoka again. Sushim smiles. Ashoka’s heart will break; he will become weak if he loses Kaurvaki. Siamak adds that such people become weak and broken. We can easily end his story then! Charu advises them to wait for the right time. We will play our move then.

Everyone is gathered in the courtroom. Ashoka walks in just then. He presents the treasury to Bindu. Nothing is missing. BIndu and Dharma look on proudly. Siamak thinks knowing truth does not mean I will forgive you for what you did to me. Bindu asks Acharya RG to shift treasury in its room. Make sure it is very well protected in future. It is the only medium to tackle any upcoming dangers. Acharya RG nods. Sushim and Siamak look unhappy. Bindu demands to know who stole the treasury. Who is that traitor? Jagannath smirks. What will you do now Ashoka? You will lose Kaurvaki if you take a name. If you don’t then you will lose your father’s trust. Sushim wonders if Ashoka got any clue against them. Bindu repeats his question. Ashoka’s silence surprises Dharma. Why isn’t he taking any name? Jagannath asks Ashoka why he isn’t telling the name of Magadh’s biggest traitor. Why does it seem that you are trying to save him? I had heard you are a great prince, with all the qualities of becoming a Samrat. Right now it looks as if you are on the culprit’s side. Ashoka replies that he cannot tell him the name. Please forgive me. Dharma asks him why he is saving a traitor.

Jagannath doubts it might be Ashoka only who is behind this. He might have planned to trap Sushim and Siamak. Sushim seconds him. Bindu asks Ashoka about the culprit. Tell us, son. I have been with you always. I would have been till my last time but I am unable to stop everyone today. your silence is making me doubt things as well. Do you know who is responsible for this crime? Ashoka answers in positive. Bindu reasons that as a Magadh Samrat, as a saviour of his citizens, he has every right to know it. You have last chance. ashoka says pardon me. I would have taken it already if I could. Siamak too raises his doubt on Ashoka. He was jealous of me. he dint want me to go to Takshshila. He plotted against me. Sushim, Charu, Mahamatya and Siamak blame Ashoka. Jagannath follows them. Family members aren’t lying. Kaurvaki is hurt.

Bindu asks Ashoka to tell the truth or he will forget their relation. Ashoka’s silence only increases his anger. Tell me the truth or fight with your father! Jagannath thinks Ashoka’s end is near. If you keep quiet then you will die by your father’s hand. If you tell truth then you will die without Kaurvaki. Ashoka says I am sorry. I can neither tell you nor fight with you. Bindu challenges him for a fight to prove he is his son. Pick up your sword if you are a Mauryavanshi. Prove that you have the same royal blood like me. Dharma tries to stop him. Don’t you trust Ashoka? Our son will not hide anything from us until he has valid reasons. He might be compelled for some reason. Charu intervenes. Ashoka is your favourite son but it does not entitle him to do wrong. He is going against Samrat’s decision before everyone. Dharma tries to reason yet again but Bindu tells her against it. He walks up to Ashoka angrily with his sword (my bad guys, I am really sorry  ). Take out your sword if you are a true Mauryavanshi. Ashoka reluctantly obliges. Jagannath smirks.

Dharma tries to stop Samrat but he pushes her. She gets hurt on her head. Devi rushes to her side. Ashoka angrily attacks his father. Bindu says you can save yourself but not the culprit. Ashoka speaks of his promise he has made to someone. I cannot break it. He gets hurt in the process. Bindu says protecting motherland was your biggest duty. There was nothing more important to you than that. Dharma shouts at them to stop. They are shocked to see her pointing dagger at her neck. She asks Ashoka to take the name of the culprit. Who are you trying to protect over Patliputra? I cannot see my son and husband fighting with one another. Tell me the name or I will kill myself. Ashoka stops her. He throws the dagger away. Kaurvaki speaks up. Ashoka is trying to save my father! Everyone is stunned. Kaurvaki says yes, my father is the one who stole treasury. He has not just cheated me but you, Ashoka, Magadh and its people. Father and son are fighting today because of him only. Every word is true. Ashoka tries to stop but she says I cannot be this selfish. I cannot let you fall in the eyes of your father, your family to save my family. I pushed you for it but I have realised my mistake. Trust me Samrat. Like you, I too dint know my father came here with some other intention. The moment I realised it I wanted to tell everyone. I became emotional, selfish. I cannot imagine my life without him. I couldn’t see anything except him. I have lived every second of my life with this dream. I was scared that it might break so I took promise from Ashoka to keep mum. My dream would break otherwise. We wont be able to marry. Ashoka turns to his father (who looks upset). He drops down on his knees and keeps his word in his father’s feet. Forgive me. I got in a fix for the first time as it was you and Kaurvaki. I was thinking if I am taking this decision to save my love. I wouldn’t have just lost my love but Kalinga and Magadh wouldn’t have come together ever then. we could have lost the golden chance to unite these states, to fulfil my Guru’s dream. I dint want it to happen. It may be that I became selfish for the first time. Please forgive me. Dharma and Kaurvaki cry. BIndu walks out of the courtroom even when Kaurvaki requests him to stop. Please don’t punish Ashoka for the crime committed by my father.

Precap: Bindu says I have decided not to let any doubt come in anyone’s mind. Charu is happy. You have come to realise that your elder son is your deserving heir. Bindu remarks that cheaters would not know of his plan this time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks pooja for fast update. Waiting for next episode

    1. Pooja

      Anytime Samyukta 🙂 And yes, you are the first one to comment…yayy 😀

      1. Thanks for your good updates eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  2. I have a feeling bindusara refers to sushim and charumitra by cheaters….but going by how he has been projected it has to be ashoka and dharma.

  3. Astra

    This king is mad or what?? He always misunderstands ashok… But, waiting for his decision…

  4. Devi

    Thx for the update Pooja. Plz director and writer, stop all the drama. Why would father ever fight with son? Jagganath was never a theif! And Devi should be married to Ashoka before Kvk!

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome Devi. I think he is a King too so he has to be honest with his both responsibilities actually.

      And I want Ashoka to marry kaurvaki 🙁 (i know i am being mean maybe…sorry)

      1. Devi

        same but in history kvk is married after Devi

    2. Actually Ashoka serial is just an entertainment and always they have mentioned that the story is imagination and don’t link to real hisory.

      Ashoka has many wives and in that one is Kourvaki and one is Devi both married to Ashoka but by which circumstances it is not mentioned in history and serial is going on its own imagination to entertain viewers.

      But still writers are trying their best to entertain all viewers every day from Monday to Friday. If ever we don’t link the serial to history but now they should focus on Ashoka’s bravery and his brilliance. He is unnecessary blamed in court and also Bindusar as usual dont trust him and hates him. Now Ashoka is grown up so writer should use some smart scripts. On 10th August we have seen Khalatak blaming Ashoka for stealing the Rajya Kosh wherein In earlier episode they have shown Khalatak himself helping labours to steal it and helping them to take off from Rah mahal. It is so disgusting and on 10th August’s episode he is blaming Ashoka who has brought the Kosh again back to King’s court and Ashoka wont even utter single word when every one blames him. This really one cant digest.

      Now we expect some smart ways and smart tricks should be applied by Radha gupt and Ashoka to trap the culprits where in he should make their every movement miserable. I request writer to plot some smart plans where in Khalatak, Sushim, Charumitra and Siyamak should feel scared. But here they are not all scared and very confidently they blame Ashoka. Now Ashoka is grown up.

      Same thing has happened in his childhood period when he was trying to hide Ahankara when she attacked on Sushim that time also same situation was there and Ashoka was put in jail and very smartly Chankaya made rid of Ashoka.

      Though Chanakya is not there. Now we expect Ashoka should use the tricks as now he is grown up and now he is well known to court laws wherein he can easily trap Khalatak and his supporters and he is more brilliant than Khalatak.

      Mahamatya Khalatak is one of the best designated person in court how he can behave in such a wrong way and also he is so confident for his wrong concepts still he is supported by Samrat Bindusar.

      Now really we are fed up with foolish decisions of Samrat and also wrong judgement, We want writer to increase the weight age of Samrat. He is Samrat of Magadh and also the father but now he should also be more smarter as now he should be able to judge who is wrong and who is right and should start using his brain to answer the blames which are every time against Ashoka.

      Now again Raj Kosh has been steal by Khalatak and his supporters why they are not doubted. Now we have Legendra also who is really doing good job.

      It is an humble request to writer write smartly and we can enjoy it. Same thing is repeating from last 10 years and is not acceptable by viewers.

  5. I feel bindusara refers sushim and charumitra by cheaters in precap….however seeing the way he has been projected it could very well be ashok and dharma. What do you all think?

  6. I think they have decided that they dont want to show the real story…… how can they change history the way they want……. i think the writers were not able to create a character so they simple picked a historical character to make their own story………uffff………

  7. requesting all readers,
    This is not pure historic serial, it’s history based fictional serial, the story writer can turn the story anyway around, Just in fictional way but not according to history..

    This is because writer wants to give audience more excitement, suspense, twists (sometimes its too boring)..
    So we should understand this fact and should compare this with history..

    And please no more comments regarding comparison between serial and history.. Please

    1. Tej

      U r true sachin. But a small correction. We should not compare with history. As the serial is not even near to history.
      Bahuth drama chal raha hei.

    2. Yeah Sachin we already know that cos no actually knows what happened in real life hence why writers are keep changinf their minds

    3. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      i think u r the writer/director, so defending the serial. All r looking for you to smash your face, including me

      1. ha ha ha

    4. Hello,
      this serial far better than all other serials (irritating serials, family dramas, saans-bahu serials)..
      Anyway we all know history, what happens to Ashoka how he become Samrat..
      So writer showing known story instead he is trying something new, adding masala, twists, and suspenses..
      what is the point in watching known story??

      1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        if we know the history, they could give it any other name and not CAS, and could have made the serial like Hatim Tai or Ajooba with fictitious characters. The sole purpose of serial is defeated. If they are showing suryaputra karn or Hanuman or Ramayana, they cant change the entire plot. These historic serials are for education and entertainment, and not to show bullshit

    5. Sachin41

      Sorry for typos, I hope you will get the meaning

  8. Yipee think first to comment!!!!

  9. I feel bindusara refers sushim and charumitra by cheaters in precap….however seeing the way he has been projected it could very well be ashok and dharma. What do you think?

  10. Thanks pooja dear .i wish no father do something like what bindusar did.feeling bad for dharma and ashok.bindu proved that he is a total failure as a husband and as a father.totally the episode was irritating.please show something based on real history

  11. God please give bindsar some brain… so sad to see the great king ashoka falling down??

  12. Ohh god now wat this bindu is going to do!!

  13. Always Ashoka is the loser.Only Director knows when Ashoka will come with flying colours.

  14. Thanks pooja,,wht meaning of sory for my bad guys,,,wht hapen u dhananjaya??ur nt cmenting frm last few weeks

  15. Now bindusar will plot against ashok and dharma along with sushim and charumitra.poor ashok.he always have to suffer.

  16. Thanks Pooja for fast and fantastic Update.And what is that in bracket,I didn’t get it-“my bad guys I am really sorry”

  17. Thanks Pooja for the fast and fantastic Update.And what is that in bracket,I didn’t get it-“my bad guys I am really sorry”

  18. S.Ravi Prakash

    Some how I am ? hooked on to the CAS & I eagerly await the TV serials, & Pooja di ‘s updates. Some times I feel it’s dragging & some other times I feel the story writer / director are doing a good job. How come there was no action on the proclaimed offender/culprit Jagannath ? The precap was not forthcoming clearly on the next version.

  19. Devakig1940

    I agree with Sachinji . It is not total replication of the known historical aspects.Over the years even historical facts get distorted. A novelist dramatizes his hero’s personality and traits. Even though it is embalished it has interesting twists and turns. I am enjoying the serial. Actors have done a creditable job. Look at it as a period drama. Like many versions of Ramayana and Mahabharatha this story has also been dramatized. Thanks Poojaji for your prompt and thorough write up.


    1. Yea there are many versions of Ramayan and mahabarath but basic stuff should be maintained… You cant just show King of kalinga as a thief… Will it be ok to show Karn as a back stabbing lier or hanuman ji as a womenizer??? You should never try to defame characters you wish just on the name of dramatization… Writer should understand that he is hurting the sentiments of a particular state/its history

      1. buddhi ranaweera

        I m a srilankan who s very interested in the drama I have no idea about Indian history can u kindly tell which is closer to reality ,is it the film or this drama I could not fi d much data in the Internet

      2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        well said, and good examples given.. un-necessary dragging by showing false things

      3. agree

    2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      eventhough historical facts get distorted, just google and one can get the entire story.. Wonded did director do any research by going to Odisha or Bihar to explore actual story Not distort according to imagination of director and writer

    3. Sachin41

      Here the question arises whenever you compare the serial with history..
      See it in different way.. it’s not historical serial as Ramayana, Mahabharata were..
      It’s complete fictional serial based on history..
      writer is not not showing pure history, he is adding masala to it as it’s becoming fictional serial rather than historical one..
      So we should understand this and should not compare with history, enjoy the serial (it’s far better than saans-bahu serials)

      1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        They way the writer is showing Kalinga King as thief who stole gold from Magadh, I hope you wont mind if they show Jaggu as a Chand who attacks magadh and is victorious, or Ashok and KVK get married and stay happily.. Comeon historic serial, bit of masala is ok for viewers, but changing entire plot is not ok.

      2. ya its not saas bahu drama….
        but has become sasur- jamai drama….
        congrats director for becoming the 1st one in india’s telivision history to show sasur- jamai drama…..

        oh wow what a change…..

  20. In my openion radhaputra has told the reality to Bindusar.As because he knows the fact.Bindusar should have must confirmed with Jagannath.He will punish Sushim and Shyamak not Ashok.He has some planning in his mind.

  21. So much of curiosity in going in my mind. Dunno what does bindusar mean by cheaters. But one thing is for sure, sushim won’t get caught so soon. I mean if he gets caught then what’s the point of showing further? Sushim is supposed to be punished by Ashok. Bindu might punish Ashok, may be he’ll send Ashok to Ujjain hopefully, and I guess he might crown sushim the crown prince of magadh. But I hate this bindu. He failed as a king, a father, and a husband too. He don’t even respect his wife. He didn’t even apologise to dharma. Was he so cruel in real? Anyways, let’s see what happens in tomorrow’s episode.

  22. Nice Episode……looking forward to the next one…

  23. Maharani advaita

    They r making history a menace. U all no that akbar came after babar they r showing babar came aftr akbar i.e devi came aftr kvki????☺

  24. Maharani advaita

    Curosity in mind

  25. i hope so narendra ur thoughts comes true

  26. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    what happened to Jaggu, will he be captured for stealing gold or will be released by stupidness of Bindu. Dont understand if they all r royal family or daasi family. Wonder how come Ashok put his love above the kingdom. If jaggu and Kvk do some mischief, what they did, I hope Ashok should have been bold enough to sacrifice his love for his country. Ladies like Dharma, Devi and KvK are just manipulating the minds of Ashok, Bindu, and they are just acting like puppets. Jaggu is a thief, but still he is easily standing in courtroom, smiling. First of all they have screwed up the entire history, and then what they are showing is also practically impossible. This is just another stupid family drama.

  27. I hope Bindusar ia talking about Sushim not Ashok . but you never know that man always take wrong decision. waiting for the day when Bindusar will die. after that the real struggle for throne will start

  28. why there is no video.

  29. Abhishek Maurya

    I find no difference between bindusara and a bull.

  30. I think Bindu was talking about Jaggu and Kvk as cheater,wait and watch.

  31. When does CAS closing down and replaced by serial Shani as told and declared earlier

  32. Sarbeswar Bag

    The story of ashoka in serial is not correct it is showing kalinga samrat a thief which is an insult to Odisha.Odisha people should not watch this serial

  33. where can i get the new song of ashoka and kaurvaki (piya re)?

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