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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chanakya says in court that yes it was known that Ashok’s mother, someone got to know that Ashok and Dharma are related so he attacked Dharma and everyone including me thought that Ashok’s mother Dharma has died, Ashok was not here and i wanted to give her royal treatment so i asked Bindu to do her last ceremonies, Bindu says when Ashok used to tell me about his mother, i used to feel that Dharma is very much like his mother, Ashok says i was sad that my mother had died but Bindu supported me at that time and we got close, Chanakya says then i got to know that it was Khurasan who was behind all this, he tried to kill Dharma 14 years back, then i got to know that Dharma is alive, i hided her to keep her safe, she wanted to be close to Ashok so i brought her

in palace and appointed her as Subhrasi’s Savika, she was here from that time, Subhrasi says to Dharma that if i knew about you before then i wouldnt be ordering you as servant, you have taken care of Drupat like mother, i am sorry for not recognizing you, Dharma says i should be sorry to hide truth from you, Khalatak says its clear that Dharma and Ashok hided their identity as their lives were in danger, but how Niharika got to know about Dharma? Chanakya says Khurasan is responsible for it too, on vat savitri occasion, Bindu saw Dharma and Khurasan got to know about it, he was afraid that if his truth comes out in open that he tried to kill Dharma then he will be gone, he wanted to finish Dharma, he thought that if he kill betrayer of Magdh then he will be rewarded so he used Niharika to show Dharma as betrayer, Subhrasi says but Niharika gave proofs against Dharma, Chanakya says first proof was that Dharma’s anklet was found in flammable palace, it was because Khurasan was behind her and she was running from there, second proof against her was that Dharma killed charu’s servant but its not true as that time Dharma was with me in Vann, third proof was that Dharma is living in palace and planning against royal family, she was here but Khurasan was behind her, she was here as i thought this is safe place, Khurasan’s soldier tired many times to kill her, Siamak had seen his soldier behind her too, Siamak says yes i some khurasani servants trying to catch a lady but i saved her, Sushim says if you knew everything then why you didnt tell us all this before? Chanakya says because i didnt have proofs against Khurasan, i wanted to bring his real face infront of Bindu, Chanakya says Ashok didnt even know about truth of Dharma, he went o Champanagri and got to know about truth of himself and Dharma, he cameback and tried to tell everything to Bindu but i stopped him as we didnt have proofs to prove Dharma innocent, then we made plan to trap Khurasan in his own trap, Ashok acted like he is well wisher of Khurasan and he will make him meet Dharma, we kept Khurasan running behind Dharma, then on Bindu’s birthday, Khurasan came face to face with Dharma, he tried to kill Dharma and Ashok as he got to know about AShok’s truth too, then Bindu came there on time, Khurasan tried to kill three of them but Bindu caught him, all are stunned to listen this, Ahenkara says Niharika have cheated me, why did she do this? where is she? Bindu says i didnt want to do this but she attacked me and in order to save Ashok, i had to kill her, Ahenkara is shocked and says maa cant leave me like this, she cries, Ashok is in tears too, Charu ask servant to take Ahenkara from here, Ahenkara leave with servant, Bindu says today whatever happened and how Chanakya told everything, after that truth is clear, i have not doubt now, my son Ashok and my wife Dharma was not involved in any conspiracy, Bindu says i announce my son Ashok and my wife Dharma as innocents, they are free of all charges, Siamak smiles, Helena, Charu, Noor are tensed, Dharma smiles at Ashok, Ashok hugs her happily, Lal mere plays, both are happy, Bindu smiles seeing them, Chanakya and Radha are happy too, Helena chants that Queen Dharma and prince Ashok are great, all chant behind her,Bindu gets up from throne and comes to Dharma and Ashok, he looks at Dharma who emotionally looks at him, Bindu extend his hand, Dharma smiles and holds his hand, Tumhi toh mere they, tumhi toh mere ho plays, Bindu takes Dharma to throne and calls Ashok too, Ashok runs and hugs Bindu, Dharma hugs him too, Bindu says to Dharma that it is known fact that you are most precious wife of mine but i married Charu before you so your position will be less than her, you will be my 2nd wife, he says to Ashok that i will make you meet your brothers, he takes AShok to Sushim, Ashok tries to hug Sushim but sushim shows friction, he then looks at Bindu and hugs Ashok in anger, Ashok then comes to Drupat who happily hugs Ashok, Drupat takes Ashok to Siamak, three of them hug and smile, Bindu makes Ashok stand beside Sushim and says from today this is your position, Bindu says to Chanakya that you on my birthday you have given me new life, Chanakya says no your love for Dharma has made all this possible, Khalatak says till betrayer doesnt get punishment, Justice is not completed, khurasan is brought in court, Bindu says we have rule that betrayer of royal family or betrayer of Magdh is given death sentence, and Khurasan is betrayer of royal family so i order to hang him to dea.. Dharma stops him and says no, all look on.

PRECAP- Ashok says to Helena that i didnt know you will love me so much, Helena says you have to see much more, Ashok hugs her. Helena says to Nicator that Chanakya will try to show Bindu that how much Ashok is like him but i will show Bindu how much Ashok is unlike him, how much he differs from his personality, the Ashok who has united his parents will become reason for their split too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Very happy but tensed because of those 3 devils left. Hope soon Helena get hanged by dharma.??
    For Ashok it’s ?

  2. Saswat Panigrahi

    Av track mein ayaaaaaaa

  3. What does Precap mean Helena will show ashok different from bindusar to show him ashok is not his son and make disbelief on dharma and create rift
    What unnecessary saas bahu tadka they are showing in historical show they dragged first only so much
    If real king ashoka see this serial he may kill himself….lol ??

  4. This is indeed a sass bahu daily soap… Showing imaginary things on the name of entertainment and drama… Maybe since as per history ashok was never bindu,’s fav son they may try to bring in differences btwn ashok and bindu… However as per bhuddist texts Ashok was cruel before embracing bhuddism… Dont know how they will make it happen in the show.. BB9 coming soon I thought they will make this show end soon but looks like they have different plans

  5. Forgot to thank guys at tellyundates… Great job guys.. Kudos

  6. Correct suraj … Dont know how they will bring serial on real track the way it happened in the past… Ashok was cruel but not from his childhood. .. In his childhood he just had passion to become a great warrior thn slowly slowly he became cruel.. .

  7. Ashok became cruel because sushim killed devi dharma. That was when Ashok was 27 or 28 .

  8. Nyc epi… Finally after a long wait dharm get unite with bindusar.. N khurasaan got punished.. But when the main devil (Helena) got punished..
    Starting of this show was very good.. It was seemend that they will show the real history of Ashoka.. A I was always excieted to know the history of Ashoka so I began to watch this show.. But now producer n writer are dragging this show like saas bahu typ..
    I request the director of this show to please maintain the dignity of history.. N please don’t make the history of the great legent waste like this.. Please show some good stuff..

    Anwy enjoyed watching this show…. Please don’t make it in the same category of saas bahu serial.. Make us feel like we are watching history..

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