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Scene 1
Helena recalls her time when she gave birth to Justin, she said to doctor that even if die but nothing should happen to my kid, she gives birth to Justin, doctor says congrats for being mother of Samrat’s first kid, Helena gets happy, she says he will be heir of Chandragupt and you will be queen, Helena takes Justin in her hands and smile, one lady tells Helena that your son will die saving his mother, Helena kills her, flashback ends. Helena comes in jail to meet Justin, Helena says how can i even ask forgiveness from you? i always said that you are not useful but what you did now? i cant bear it, to save me you are sacrificing so much, Justin says i am not doing this for you but for my son Siamak, Helena is stunned.
Bindu says to Chanakya that i want to know truth,

i feel i am close to truth but dont know it, he ask Chanakya what you think that Nicator and Helena are involved in this conspiracy with Justin? Chanakya says i dont have proofs against them, Bindu says i am talking about your doubt, Chanakya says doubt is there, Justin always listen to Helena and if has made this conspiracy then he must have told to Helena little bit about it.
Justin says to Helena that when you taunted Siamak about his blood, i wanted to tell you that he has my blood, your blood, i feel Siamak has got fear thing from me only, i was never able to fight for my right and never able to fight for my love, i was always afraid of truth coming out, i was never fascinated my throne, nor i wanted to king, Justin says i was ready to be your servant or right hand but i dont want same to happen with my son, what i didnt get, my son should get it, what happened with me, my son should never bear it, i understand Chanakya, he will never make Siamak king, like i was always assumed to be Greek when i was half Maurya, same way Siamak will be seen as Khurasani, what was less in me? what is less in my son? he is clever, he is warrior, he just need way to be shown which you will show him, you will make him king, your and my dream will be fulfilled when Siamak will become king, Helena says but how can i see you dying? Justin says i will remain alive in form of Siamak.

Scene 2
Bindu says we dont have proofs against Helena, Chanakya says you are right we dont have proofs that Helena was involved in this conspiracy but Helena is mother of Justin and emotions can always take over you, before Justin’s death, we can use those emotions and bring out truth from her, the one who did all this to make her son king, she cant let her son die like this.
Helena says to Justin that your son will get what he deserve but i wont let you die, i will tell everything to Bindu that you are innocent, Justin says no, she leaves from there.
Ahenkara is looking at sky, she says to Ashok that i had bird in my palace in Ujjain, she used to sing for me, she was really beautiful, one day her cage was open, she flied away, then i realized that she was waiting to get freed, she used to sing for her freedom, i am sure that Bindu will take care of me but truth is that i will never go back to my palace, the palace where i lived my childhood, where i played, where i ran in gardens, i will never meet my friends, i will be away from my mother too, i dont know how she is living there, she lost her husband and will never meet her daughter, i know you understand all this thats why i am saying it, Ashok says what we are seeing is because of present only, maybe in future you are able to meet your mother, Sushim comes there and says this will not happen, he says truth is that you will in this palace on our charity, you were dreaming of becoming a queen of here and now you are living here as dasi and betrayer, Ahenkara says your father has promised me to give me good life and he is not like you, Ashok says you like to play with people’s emotions, someday you used to make fun of me and see the lesson you got, i am respected here and you should see how days changes, Sushim says to Ahenkara i was right about your character, i left you so you are in Ashok’s arms? AShok says only you can think this much cheap, thats why you dont have friends, he and Ahenkara leaves.
Khurasan pushes Noor and says why did you go to meet Justin? i dont understand what you see in that Justin? i dont want your mistakes to hurt Siamak, i want to make Khurasani a king, Siamak has khurasani blood, i want to make him king, Noor says Siamak have greek blood too, Khurasan is stunned and says what Siamak is not a muary but greek? he is Justin’s son?
Helena is going to Bindu, Nicator stops her and ask where are you going? Helena says because of our mistake, i cant let my son bear it, i have to tell truth to Bindu, Nicator says i have made Raj stop to tell truth with much difficulty, why you are doing it now? helena says i am mother, what is the need of my living? i have only one son, i have lived my life, i cant see my son dying, i will take blame on myself, Nicator says its too late, we will be caught, Helena says i will save my son and my father both, i will take blame on my only, Nicator says they are investigating, they have doubt on us already, Chanakya will investigate it, they will get to know everything, we three will be caught, we all will die, what you think that Bindu will leave Justin? Helena says i have raised Bindu, he respect me alot, he will listen to me, Nicator says i wont let you do it, its my order to not tell anything, helena says years back when you lost the war, you sacrifice me, but i wont let my son sacrifice for you now, she leaves, Nicator says everything is going to finish.

PRECAP- Bindu says Justin will be given death sentence, Helena points sword at justinโ€™s neck and says i will give him death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  11. If it surrounds life of ashok then it will b too long if thy stretch like this

  12. Bindu wanted sushim on throne. But his work as a regent always lead to revolts. Plus his arrogancy. So radhagupt helped ashok even after sushim had ascended throne

  13. One can rather say ashok was not his dad’s fav son. Because his mother was a worker at palace and not some queen

  14. Ashok was too good at torture games. Build a place to torture war prisoners. Called him as chand ashok

  15. It might interest u that ashok ordered his youngest wife to b killed. Will disclose DAT reason later.

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  20. His last wife had done cheating and changed a sisign in ashoks letter written to his eldest son of other wife. The changed letter meant an order ro blinden or put knife n blind ursekf my son. So the son did as written In father’s letter. She did so as she was vry young and had asked eldest son to have an illegitimate affair wd her but he refused. When ashok cme to know this he ordered his youngest wife to get beheaded. @dannybell ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Yup. It is said DAT tishyraksha was was even smaller then ashoks youngest son and came wid aim to impress kunal. A maid to his pattrani. Kunal supposed to b heir asked his son samprati to b declared king to which ashok agreed

  22. But ashok was nothing like he is shown in serial. He was cruel, powerful. Crushed anyone who came in their way. When he ordered killing of his brother he also killed all their wives and their son. Whoever one of the pregnant wife of his brother escaped. Whose son renounced world at 17 yrs . on meeting ashok, ashok asked him does he have hatred for him. He replied he has attained utmost peace. And don’t need revenge. Then ashok used to undertake pilgrim with vitashok. And return only when he would b needed. L

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