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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu says rani dharma and my son’s name is ashok.
Charu recalls saying in compeition ashok came as well and his dad supported ashok instead. Noor recalls saying to siamak ashok and in these clothes? Siamak said isn’t he looking like a prince? She says he might consider himself a prince after wearing these clothes.

shubrasi recalls asking dharma why you stay away from your son? dharma replied for his safety.
Sushim recalls when ashok said i am not here to kill you. I just came to tell you that i will break your circle. he recalls bindu saying ask ashok for pardon.

Siamak says to ashok are you my brother? Why didn’t you tell me. Now i know why i am so comfortable with you. He hugs ashok.
Sushim says ashok can’t be my brother.

His mom left you. We all know his mom is dead. Her funerals were done as well. Acharyaq says yes everyone thought that dharma had died. But the one died wasn’t dharma. She was some other woman. Sushim says how is this possible. Acharya says some things are unfolded on time. Today everything will be exposed. Charu says sushim i am dazed but there must be some reason. But you have to follow your guidelines. Acharya says you are right charu. There have been so many ups and downs in dharma and ashok’s lives. They had to stay away from samrat. Everything will be spoken today. Acharya says the man who did this is the one we called our savior. Noor says baba? Everyone is taken aback.

Siamak says my granddad can’t do this. He says my granddad can’t do this sin. he is not a traitor. He can’t even imagine to kill me maa and baba. He loves me and maa. He protected my dad. He can’t conspired this. Acharya says you are right. He wasn’t involved in killing your dad.
khalatak says on on side your are saying he was not involved in this. Acharya says if this was that easy you would have got it in a minute.
Acharya says the traitor is one whom you trusted once. You are right siama. your parents love you but blind love destroys everything. You grandad loved your mom blindly and because of the same love she did a sin. Khalatak says please tell us clearly. Acharya says samrat was attacked by khurasan’s man. Devi dharma saved his life and served him. He fell in love with her and married . then someone set the emperor on fire. He came here and was oblivion that his wife gave birth to a son. He stayed away from his wife and son for 14 years. Samrat never wanted to marry noor but khusrasan blackmailed her. So samrat married her. Mir thought noor wont get love of her husband because of dharma so on noor’s advice he went out to get dharma killed.

Khurasan says noor didn’t say anything it was my decision to kill dharma. any father would see tears in his daughter’s eyes and would know the reason. i knew noor’s pain. He says I killed dharma’s dad and then i said on your order i have to erase all things related to dharma. I burnt their houses.
Noor says who said this? Did you ever ask me what i want? You thought i would kill my husband’s wife for my happiness? I was heartbroken when Samrat told me about dharma but I didn’t know samrat was forced to marry me. Who got benefit from your decision? How did you think that samrat would forget dhrama after her death? What would have happened even if he had brought dharma here. I wasn’t the only queen here anyway. MNy son will have to pay for your sins. You have ashamed all of us and ruined everything. helena says noor you and your don’t have to pay for anything. Punish of father’s sins can’t be given to her daughter. samrat says she is right you dont have to worry about anything. Helena says to dharma why you came here after 14 years when you knew that samrat betrayed you? Is there any reason behind this come back?

Acahrya says she didn’t come here by her will. I convinced her to come here. Khalatak says you knew everything still you didn’t tell anyone about dharama and ashok? Not even samrat. Acharya says i vowed that i will never enter this place. I met ashhok and saw samrat’s ring in his hand. I was taken aback how this kid has that ring?
He recalls asking ashok whats your name? And how you have this ring? Ashok replied I will asnwer one question. My is ashok. Ashok samrat.

Acahrya says that brought me to dharma. She believed that khursasn was ordered by samrat to kill her. She wanted to protect he child. I vowed her that i will never reveal their identity. she wanted to leave this place after she came here but ashok was stuck in blames. So i savd him. Dharma impersonated as servant so no one knows who she is. I saved ashok from all the accusess. I knew dharma wont ever leave ashok. so this is why she lived here near samrat. She never wanted ashok to recover about his dad. Dharma asked ashok not to tell anyone that the servant here is his mom.

Precap-Samrat says my wife and son were never responsible for anything. They are free of all allegations. And khurasan will be punished for life time and his eyes will be take out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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