Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nicator says to Raj that i know you are worried for you daughter, i will keep her safe, i promise and if anything happens to me then my goons will fulfill their promise, Raj says to Ahenkara that trust you father, i wont let anything happen to you.
Raj is brought in court, Bindu ask what you wanna say? Raj says every person has list even if he betrayer, Bindu ask what you want? Raj says my daughter is innocent, she didnt know about this conspiracy at all, i want you to pardon her, Bindu says you lost your last wish because i never decided to punish her, i know she is innocent and says i will keep her safe, your deeds will never haunt her, i wont let anything bad happen to her, she will stay here with our family, this will be message to people who are seeing dream of snatching

throne from me, Ahenkara will spend life here and i accept responsibility of raising her up and giving her everything, Raj says i have no words to thank you enough, Bindu ask you wanna say something more? Raj is tensed, wants to say something but denies, Bindu ask soldiers to take him away, Raj is taken back to jail.
Noor comes in her room and is crying, her dasi sitara comes and says be calm, i understand your pain but you have handle yourself, noor says i want your dress, soldiers will not recognize me in your dress, Sitara says if anyone recognize you then nothing will happen to you but your father will kill me, Noor says if you dont agree to me then i will kill you before him.

Scene 2
Noor changes her clothes with sitara, she hides her face and knocks door, soldiers open it and let her go out of room,
Subhrasi says to Charu that Siamak is most affected in all this, he was already afraid of fire incident and not justin’s matter, he is not eating anything, Charu says kids go on their mothers only, Noor have made him weak, see Sushim, he has taken responsibility on himself, he is sad but have gone to find Bindu, Subhrasi says bus Siamak is very small, he needs guidance and even noor needs help, Charu says we cant make them walk by holding their hands, yes we can appoint dasi who can handle Siamak, Dharma breaks vase by mistake, charu scolds Dharma and says where was your attention? Ashok comes there and sees all this, Charu says you must be listening to our talks, dont know mad people are appointed her, you always do some mistake, i dont know how Subhrasi bear you, if you were my dasi then i would have thrown you out, Ashok tries to intervene but Dharma stops him saying no with eyes, Subhrasi says leave it Charu, dont get angry on small things, they leave, AShok says why did you stop me? she was saying so much, you told me to not listen insult of anyone, Dharma says i told you stand up but that doesnt mean you have to fight with them, you insult them, charu is elder to you and Bindu’s wife, you should never cross limits, Ashok says ok but i wont let you do this work, dharma says no work is small, people who do work like these are most important part of country, Ashok says what kind of person are you? you are smiling after listening all that? i will become something and you will be respected then.

Scene 3
Noor comes in jail and blows off fire lanterns hitting them with arrow, soldiers goes to see it, Noor comes to Justin’s cell, he says you shouldnt have come here, noor says it was important, i wanted to know why you are punishing me and your son? why you are ending our life? the justin i know cant do all this, you told me that you are not involved in all this, Justin says i lied to you, i did all this, Noor says you wanted me and Siamak to burn down in that palace? tell me, why did you ask us to leave from there then? Justin says i wanted to save you both from that fire, Noor says why you are doing all this for that women? the women who never respected you? who never understood our relation? who is ready to see her son dying? justin stops her and says if you love me then you have to be silent, Noor says when i was trying to burn myself that day, you got so much afraid, you cant bear a scratch on my body and you are expecting me to see you dying? Justin says you have to do this for me and Siamak, she says Siamak takes you as guider, the time he got to know that you wanted to kill him, he is in pain but i will tell him that you are not wrong, you are innocent, Justin says if you love me then agree to me, i have never aasked anything from me, before dying i am asking last thing from you, this is good for you and Siamak, Noor says you are not in your senses, i will tell everyone that you are innocent, i will tell Bindu too, justin says when he will ask how you are so sure then what will you tell to him? will you be able to tell our relation to him? Noor says yes, if needed then i will tell Bindu about it, justin says nothing good will happen by saying truth, Siamak will be in danger, what people will call him? will people accept him as king? you have to silent for our son, promise me that you wont do anything to save me, this is my last wish, fulfill it so that i die peacefully, promise me, noor cries and says i promise you, she leaves, Justin says i am sorry Noor, i promised you to be with you always, i cannot fulfill it, what i have done is for you and my son, i dont want my son to live life like me, i dont want my son to not fulfill his mother’s wishes like me.
Charu says to Sushim that i am making poison for you, its better to die than listening that you always lose to Ashok, Sushim says what can i do if reached to Bindu before me, Charu says justin’s death is a big thing, if you had mind you would have taken advantage of situation, i would have done that but i dont want to be involved all that as everyone is being doubted now, Sushim says this means where you dont want to be involved, you want me to do that? Charu says you are kid, you can do anything, khalatak comes there and says i have thought what sushim will do, we will do something that Sushim will have edge over Chanakya too, sushim ask what? he says make brahmins(priests) on your side, we can influence Bindu’s decision by that, he says many brahmins think that Chanakya is not on right path of religion, other sees him as Bindu’s assistant and respect him, now i will take advantage of these two different school of thoughts, i will raise topic of heir announcement, Sushim sys Brahmins will force Bindu to announce my name, Khalatak says you will not accept Bindu’s proposal, sushim ask why? he says bindu have serious doubts on people who want throne at this time so sushim will say that he doesnt need throne but Bindu’s love at the moment, he has to earn Bindu’s love first, Charu says good, you are thinking like Chanakya, Khalatak gets happy listening it.

>PRECAP- Bindu says Justin will be given death sentence, Helena points sword at justin’s neck and says i will give him death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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