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Scene 1
Helena looks at crown and recalls how justin didnt allow her to put on his head and said its Bindu’s crown, then how he took all the blame on himself, Noor comes and puts crown in her lap, she says what are you seeing? you have snatched your son’s happiness because of this, your son will die because of this only, i know justin is innocent but he has taken blame on himself cause of his love for person and i know i am not that person this time, all life, he has given off his happiness for you but you didnt see all that as you were busy in your fighting, you are still silent when Justin is one day away from his death, how can you see your son dying? save me, save my Justin, she cries, Helena looks at her, Noor leaves, Helena cries and says why did you do this Justin?

ask soldiers where is Bindu? soldier sys dont know, he was sad and left, Charu says who was with him? soldier says no one, Charu scolds them for allowing him to go alone, Susbhrasi comes there with Dharma, Charu tells her that Bindu has gone alone somewhere, Subhrasi says he must be broken, but Ashok should be with him, Dharma says no ashok have not gone with him, Charu ask how you know? Dharma says i met him and said that he is going to Bindu, charu ask why you seem tensed? go and try to find Bindu, Dharma leaves.
AShok is finding Bindu, dharma comes to him, Ashok says i am not finding Bindu anywhere, i promised him to be with him, what if anything happens to him, Dharma says no he is fine, AShoks says you know where is he? Dharma says when you thought i died, the place where you went, Bindu will be at same place too, Ashok says how can you be so sure? Dharma says because you are like him only, Ashok is surprised, Dharma says i mean when we are sad, we sit alone, Ashok says i will find him, he leaves, Dharma says i am unfortunate, Bindu needs me most but i am not with him.

Scene 2
Sushim is getting message, Charu comes there and says Bindu’s enemy is his brother, but you are biggest enemy for yourself, the much work you do on your body, if you do half work on your brain then you wouldnt have lost to Ashok, you are sitting here and Ashok is running to find Bindu, Sushim ask where is Bindu? Charu says this is difference between you and AShok, he uses his mind and you just keep dreaming, Ashok is using opportunity, Bindu was sad at what happened in court so left palace and you are sitting idle here, sushm says how would i know that he is not here, charu says then how Ashok knows? Sushim says Ashok is his body guard so he must be with him, Charu says he will Bindu but you keep sitting here, if Ashok reaches him first then Bindu will confide in Ashok whenever he gets sad and you will be failed, Sushim says this will not happen.
Noor is going to meet Justin, Khurasan stops her and say you cant go to him, Noor says you cant meet him, he slaps her and says it was needed, Noor says you know how much i love him, i dont know when i will see him, let me meet him, Khurasan says he is betrayer, if he loved you so much then he did all that? i wont let you do any mistake now, he locks Noor in room and ask soldiers to not allow noor to come out.
Ashok comes in jungle, Sushim is following him, Ashok sees him and says i dont want Sushim to do anything that will hurt Bindu more and if he wants to find Bindu genuinely then he has to find way himself, Ashok takes some stones and leaves from there, sushim comes out and thinks where did AShok go? Ashok comes to one side and puts stones there.
Bindu is sitting by lake side and recalls Justin’s harsh words, he says why Justin did this to me? from years, he had so much hatred for me and i couldnt see it, Ashok comes and ask which thing hurts you more? that justin cheated you or you couldnt see his hatred before? Bindu says i need to be alone, AShok says i am here not as body guard but as friend, i cant leave you alone in pain as i have learnt this from you so i will sit with you, Ashok sits with him and ask which thing hurts you more? Bindu says i dont know answer, for man its difficult to understand where he wnet wrong, i have always given love and respect to justin then why so much anger for m? Ashok says my mother says sometime we are reason for our sadness, sometime we keep our expectations so high from people that we end up hurting ourselves, justin is one but you have many people who can die for you, they all want you to end this sadness and take charge back, your nation is more confused, they are worried for you, you can take them out of all that, Bindu says nobody likes to be sad but i am so hurt today that i am not able to find way back, AShok throws stones in water and says you cant stumble on these stones, you have to find your way and i will help you, he give his hand, Bindu holds it and gets up, Bindu says dont know why i remember Dharma when i talk to you, Ashok says my talks are inspired by mother only, he ask who is Dharma? soldier comes and informs Bindu that Raj wants to meet you.
Nicator gets to know that Raj wants to meet Bindu, he thinks if Raj tells truth to Bindu then it will be problem for me and Helena.
AShok ask Bindu what Raj wants to talk now? Bindu says Chanakya is proven innocent, Raj must be trying to talk about that only, sushim comes there and ask are you fine? Bindu says i am fine, Sushim sys so much happened, Bindu says yes i was sad but now i am calm, my guard is my friend too, Sushim fumes in anger, AShok taunts sushim that will you go to palace or should i help you? they leave from there.
Soldier comes to Raj and open his cell, Raj is going to court, Nicator comes there with Ahenkara, Raj is shocked to see him.

PRECAP- Bindu says Justin will be given death sentence, Helena points sword at justin’s neck and says i will give him death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    The golden words Ashoka tells to Bindusara that the expectations from yourself and others when not fulfilled makes you sad are true to every ones life3

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