Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashok is sitting on horse, he looks at magdh from far and starts his journey.
Dharma brings Charu to Subhrasi, she ask what she did? charu says she crossed limit, she disrespected Sushim today, Dharma says he was marrying Ahenkara forcefully, Charu says think before you speak, Subhrasi says let her speak before concluding anything, Charu says you are saying that i am not telling truth? you are insulting me infront of dasi, i will make sure she get punished by Bindu, Dharma says i am sorry but i didnt mean to hurt you, Subhrasi says we can solve it, why bring Bindu in it, Charu says i came here to solve it but you doubted my truth for a dasi so now decision will be taken today, she leaves.
Ashok comes o Chanakya, he recalls how Chanakya brought them to Patliputra,

how he planned everything, Ashok says i have questions, Chanakya says i would love to answer but not here Ashok or should i say Prince Ashok, Ashok is stunned.
Charu says to Bindu that subhrasi insulted her for a dasi, Sushim always liked Ahenkara, he was miffed with her but now they wanted to patch up, they were talking when Dasi Sevika went there, she sais ill things to Subhrasi ans Subhrasi believed her not me, you love Dharma but i am queen, is it right if someone insult me? Bindu orders to bring that Dasi to her.

Scene 2
Ashok says to Chanakya why you did all this? why you kept my mother away from Bindu? when she was his love, why you didnt tell him that he has one more son, you had doubt on my mother’s loyalty? or you wanted to know if i even deserve to prince? Chanakya says when i mat your first, i knew who are you, i saw Chandragupt inb you thats why i brought you and your mother here, your mother wanted not to come as she used to think that Bindu wanted to kill you and her, i kept her here so that she believe Bindu again, but then things kept changing, a sitaution came when you thought your mother is dead, i sent bindu to you so that he jel alongwith you, if truth comes out before time them it can hurt you only, there are many enemies of your mother, your father and you, they could harm you if they knew truth, Ashok ask who are these enemies? who are they which made my mother think that my father is bad, which kept them away, are they same who are blaming my mother now? why you are not doing anything against them? Chnakya says all want this throne, be it greek, khurasani, Ashok says this means in conspiracy alongwith justin, Khurasan was also involved, he recalls how Khurasan gave statement against Dharma, how she was following Dharma to kill her, he gets angry on Khurasan, he says this time is finished, because of him my parents had to bear so much, he has to pay now by giving his life, Chanakya if killing him is solution then i would have done it long back, he is army head and if you kill him then you will be called betrayers and people will say that dharma killed him, your mother’s name will malign again, Ashok sys if i cant kill her then i can make Bindu see truth, my father will kill him and he will show truth of my mother to everyone, Chanakya says if you tell anything without proof then you will put your mother in danger, either Khurasan will kill her or else Bindu will have to give her death sentence to show justice of his, Ashok says i only want my parents to become one, they have bear alot, i want to prove them right, show me way, i will always listen to you, just bring my parents out of this trouble, chanakya says now enemies cant win, Ashok says i will bring proofs of my mother’s truth and then i will take my mother to father only.

Scene 3
Dasi comes to Dharma and sys Bindu has called you, she is stunned and starts leaving with them.
Chanakya smiles at Ashok and does his tilak, Ashok touches his feet and hugs him, chanakya says guru never the way, student have to find truth, i was taking decisions for you but now you will take your decisions, you will decide your path, i will be with you but you should remember that dont compare yourself to your father, your work is to remove enmity, keep doing it, you have to think what you want to give to future people, he blesses Ashok, Ashok folds his hand and says yes, the faith you have shown in me, i will keep up that, i will become deserving son before deserving king.
Dharma is going to Bindu, she recalls how Chanakya said that Khurasan is finding her, if she get caught then Bindu will be forced to punish her, Kasturi comes there and ask what are you doing here? other dasi says we are taking her to Bindu, Dharma says go to mandir and ask priest to pray for me and my son.
Chanakya says danger is not less, Kasturi comes to Chanakya and says Bindu has called Dharma to her, Ashok ask why? she says dont know, Ashok runs, chanakya goes behind him.
Dharma thinks i am coming infront of Bindu after 14 years but situation is changed, they eyes which waited for me many years would have hatred for me now, he would not want to see my face, who wanted to meet me, wil want to push me away now, how will i face him?

PRECAP- Noor says to Bindu that i think you should punish Sevika, she has betrayal feeling in her and can betrayal anytime, Helena says she is right, sevika comes there, bindu is shocked to see her and says Dharma?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. yasu

    Oh thanks for updates..precap is interesting…bt i think it may not darma..things are happening very it is geting more interesting.egarly wating 4the next episode.

  2. shahid

    Where is 6th August episode, I waited whole night and day but still I didn’t find

    Msg from Team: Unfortunately we missed it. Maybe our fellow readers can provide summary in comments?

    • Åärùshî

      Aug 6 Episode summary

      Chanakya enters a room where dharma s tensed. She asks chanakya regarding ashok, she expresses her fear regarding her son’s safety and worries how ll he react knowing his identity. Chanakya says i guarantee for his safety and regarding the truth of his identity you shouldn’t worry because you gave your son all the good values and he’ll never go wrong.

      On the other hand Ashok was shown lying on the grass.. He imagines his mom calling him and he finds out bindusar with her.. Bindu calls him son ashok runs to hug him and end up finding its just an illusion..
      Ashok move around that burnt down old place where he was born and imagines those incidents which he heard from bindu (how he fell in love with dharma) and the old lady (how some people came and burnt the house) he turns and finds a shiv ling.. He questions lord how can he be so heartless and give his mom so much pain, keep his parents apart who are so much in love with each other.. He also asks by staying in a stone have you also become a stone and leaves from there..

      Helena and ahenkara’s mom discuss whether bindu ll approve this marriage or not.. Helena suggests something and leaves.. Ahenkara comes there with her baby brother her mom tells her to get close to sushim.. Ahenkara refuses but her mom says that there s lot of difference between being a mom and queen.. And being a queen its her order that she should go and talk to sushim

      sushim s with his friend and he ask him regarding the marriage proposal.. He replies yeah i too heard if it happens its good only.. Instead of forgiving her and let her go from this palace I’ll marry and make her life a hell each and every minute.. Ahenkara comes there so sushim tells everyone to leave.. Sushim asks her to have the drink but she refuses and says she don’t have that habit.. Sushim gets angry and tells her that she should never say no to him.. He throws the glass and threatens her by being rude.. Ahenkara asks him how can he behave like this did he forget that they were in love with each other.. He says its all over now after she marries him she should never say no to him.. Saying this he pours another drink and asks her to drink.. Ahenkara doesn’t respond he gets more angry and tries to make her drink forcefully suddenly dharma appears on the entrance and asks what s he doing.. He can’t behave with a girl like this.. She reminds him of his father’s words and values.. Ahenkara leaves.. Sushim pushes dharma, she falls down and get hurt.. Sushim tells being a dasi how dare she insults him like this.. And as he leaves he warns dharma that she’ll pay for this..

      (thats the best i can summarize, hope it ll give you an idea of what happened in the previous episode)

  3. krithi

    Today’s episode was awesome. Especially when chanakya calls ashok prince. Waiting eagerly for episodes to come ….

  4. Z

    I think the precap is dharma’s imagination……….if not…..ashok will bring tat old soldier , coins, and the pandit….as proof….or ….ahenkara…may help….lets see. … the writer thinks…

  5. Baisali

    i guess ashoka will convince ahankara to speak the truth as dharma fought for the former’s self respect.

  6. As the mythology and history is new craze for viewer. I m looking forward towards the day when they make story on siddhraj jaisingh and ranakdevi. It has love separation. Loyalty towards husband. And greatness. More than this story. It would b a much greater hit. Than any mughal love story or any other story of king.
    People don’t know much about siddhraj jaisingh. He was a solanki dynasty ruler. Succeeded after karandev( founder of karnavati, rit now ahmedabad). He was too young when he ascended the throne. So his mother minal devi and his ministerwere his reagent. However his grgrandfather’s 1 st wife son wanted to ascend the throne after throwing down siddhraj. When siddhraj became young he removed savant from patan so that all the decision are his.
    He fell in love with Princess ranakdevi. However before he could go to marry her. The chudasma ruler kidnapped her. And forcibly married to her. When siddhraj was busy on war. When he came to know of it. He decided to rescue his one true love ranakdevi from torture of rakhengar. A 12 yr of siege on junagadh lasted. When nephews of rakhengar helped siddhraj to defeat him. Siddhraj killed him. Took ranak devi from their. But ranak devi though never accepted rakhenagar till now decided to b sati. Siddhraj supported her decision. Let his love b eternally pious. As a dedicated wife at wadhwana. He defeated king bhoj. And established a Gujarati grammar granth with he Chandra Acharya.
    He also faced many curses. He asked a lake digger jasna to b his wife. Though she didn’t accept him and died and the lake never held any water. Due to her curse. Nor king had any heir.
    He died and then kumarpal his uncle ascended the throne. And then the solanki dynasty ended with kumarpal.
    This story I think is much more interesting than Akbar Alexander and ashok.
    But they had large empire. Or a very long ruling line. So that kings would remember their ancestors. Solanki had short ruling line. That’s why till now their is no movie or serial on this great king.
    Maharana pratap is also remembered because he had a long ruling line. Present till now.

  7. If I had money I would make serial on this story rather than a story that people already know. I love India greatness originated from her.

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