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Scene 1
Helena says to Justin that you cant do this, Justin says i have done this and this is truth, Helena says this is not truth, i know you are innocent, Justin says i know you cant believe all this but let everyone know truth, let my brother know that i am fire of this house, yes Bindusar, it was me, thats why i accepted that marriage proposal, i allowed flammable stones in Patliputra, i wanted to see your family, your wives, your sons burning down, Bindu says why so much anger and hatred? i have always given you respect and love, Justin says you have always given me beg, if wanted to respect me then you would have done justice to me but no, Magdh have never done justice to Greeks, we are seen as outsiders even after many years, my mother was won by great Chandragupt, my mother

never got respect, i was contender for this throne but why i didnt get it? what incapability i had that you were chosen instead of me? i was not incapable but this chanakya played game and made me away from this throne, i would have been king but no i am just prince without any authority, i just kept running behind Bindu and what you did Bindu? you always thought your sons as your heirs but have you ever thought about me? the injustice which Chandragupt did to me, you could have rectified it by giving throne to me but you didnt do it as you didnt trust my capabilities too, Bindu says brother if you had so many questions then you could have told me before, Justin sys what you would have done then? would you give your throne to me? you would give beg to me again so that all would call your great, that young brother(bindu) left throne for his elder brother(justin), i dont want throne in beg, greek can never accept beg so i decided that whats mine, i will snatch it by my power thats why i made this conspiracy, i didnt tell anything to Helena as i knew she would inform you, thats why i didnt even tell Nicator about it, Chanakya says f you were involved in this conspiracy and you wanted to tell truth then why did you kill Vrahmir? Justin says because i didnt want my future to be decided by Vrahmir, thats not all, i tried to kill Bindu two times before too, whatever i did was right according to me and i accept it, Noor is in tears, Helena is tensed, Justin says i am sad that all are alive, Khurasan points sword at Justin, Bindu stops him and says according to justin’s statement, its clear that Chanakya is innocent, i ask forgiveness for house arresting him, because of him and Ashok, i stopped myself from doing injustice and my brother has accepted his crime, he should be arrested now only, he will be given death sentence alongwith Raj, all are shocked, Aakramak arrest him, soldier put chains around his neck, hands and feet (poor Justin, he was nice), Helena is in tears, Justin is taken from there.

Scene 2
Justin is going to jail, all soldier chants against him that he is betrayer, AShok sees this, Justin says i didnt do anything wrong, if i get chance then i will do same like this so arrest me else if i am free then it will be bad for everyone, he leaves, Helena comes there and says why did you do this Justin?
Justin is brought in jail, he is locked up in cell, Raj sees him and ask why you are here? what happened? Vrahmir told everything? what about my daughter? Justin says Vrahmir is killed by me and i will kill you too, soldier stops him, Raj says what about my daughter? i want to meet Bindu, he shouts to take me to Samrat, he cries.
Dharma comes to Ashok and ask what are you thinking? Ashok says till i didnt see this royal family, i had some other meaning for big brother, elder brother are those who protect younger one, who shows them way, who get happy in their success, brothers are best friends but here brothers are enemies, today Justin did it, dont know if Sushim do it tomorrow? what people will learn from them? dont these people set example for people, seeing this, i am happy that i dont have brother, Dharma says its not about relation but thinking, when we have power, we get anger in us and anger brings worst side to us, man starts doing wrong thing and that man doesnt even realize his mistake, he thinks he is right, this makes him go to destruction, Ashok says if position and power makes man think like then whats the need of all this? cant we have society where there is no need of power, no difference between king and people, Dharma says for that we need a person who has thinking like this, who thinks that whatever he will do, will be for mankind only, who does nothing for himself but for his people, where base of government is love, respect, where people bow to him because of respect not out of fear, that person can be one who thinks that even his body is not his but to serve people, Ashok ask where we will get person like that? Dharma says he can be anywhere, maybe you are the one? Ashok says for me, army head is enough who protects his samrat, he says i am so sad so think what Bindu must be going through? i want to be with him, Dharma blesses him, Ashok leaves, she says you are right, how will Bindu bear all this.
chanakya says to Radha that if Bindu doesnt see history then history can repeat and that will put Magdh in danger, i am sure Helena and Nicator are more involved in this conspiracy than Justin, after justin’s death, Helena will bring storm to take revenge for it.
Nicator is washing his hands, Chanakya comes to him and says washing your crimes with your grandson’s blood? you have proven infront of all that you are innocent but we know truth, Nicator says you cant give punishment to whole family for one’s deeds, i cant believe Justin did all this, i am sad about it, Chanakya says i know you had full plate of food to lessen your sadness, if it was someone else then he wouldnt be able to gulp down water, Nicator angrily leaves, Radha says i have learnt from you that we should always be calm and dont get angry but i am feeling that you are not calm, is there no way to tell truth to Bindu? Chanakya says there is one way, Helena, she is justin’s mother, the way he saved her, sameway Helena can save him by telling truth to Bindu.

PRECAP- Bindu says Justin will be given death sentence, Helena points sword at justin’s neck and says i will give him death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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