Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Here’s summary thanks to our visitor ‘Åärùshî’

Chanakya enters a room where dharma s tensed. She asks chanakya regarding ashok, she expresses her fear regarding her son’s safety and worries how ll he react knowing his identity. Chanakya says i guarantee for his safety and regarding the truth of his identity you shouldn’t worry because you gave your son all the good values and he’ll never go wrong.

On the other hand Ashok was shown lying on the grass.. He imagines his mom calling him and he finds out bindusar with her.. Bindu calls him son ashok runs to hug him and end up finding its just an illusion..
Ashok move around that burnt down old place where he was born and imagines those incidents

which he heard from bindu (how he fell in love with dharma) and the old lady (how some people came and burnt the house) he turns and finds a shiv ling.. He questions lord how can he be so heartless and give his mom so much pain, keep his parents apart who are so much in love with each other.. He also asks by staying in a stone have you also become a stone and leaves from there..

Helena and ahenkara’s mom discuss whether bindu ll approve this marriage or not.. Helena suggests something and leaves.. Ahenkara comes there with her baby brother her mom tells her to get close to sushim.. Ahenkara refuses but her mom says that there s lot of difference between being a mom and queen.. And being a queen its her order that she should go and talk to sushim

sushim s with his friend and he ask him regarding the marriage proposal.. He replies yeah i too heard if it happens its good only.. Instead of forgiving her and let her go from this palace I’ll marry and make her life a hell each and every minute.. Ahenkara comes there so sushim tells everyone to leave.. Sushim asks her to have the drink but she refuses and says she don’t have that habit.. Sushim gets angry and tells her that she should never say no to him.. He throws the glass and threatens her by being rude.. Ahenkara asks him how can he behave like this did he forget that they were in love with each other.. He says its all over now after she marries him she should never say no to him.. Saying this he pours another drink and asks her to drink.. Ahenkara doesn’t respond he gets more angry and tries to make her drink forcefully suddenly dharma appears on the entrance and asks what s he doing.. He can’t behave with a girl like this.. She reminds him of his father’s words and values.. Ahenkara leaves.. Sushim pushes dharma, she falls down and get hurt.. Sushim tells being a dasi how dare she insults him like this.. And as he leaves he warns dharma that she’ll pay for this..

(thats the best i can summarize, hope it ll give you an idea of what happened in the episode)

Update Credit to: Åärùshî

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