Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khurasan is shocked to see Dharma, Chanakya and Radha are seeing this from far, Khurasan is about to hit Dharma but Aakramak comes there, Chanakya have flashback, he says to Aakramak that this is all weird that Niharika coming here and cooking story, Khurasan says is just a warrior not politician, and cant talk properly then how made Niharika agree for peace? if Khurasan was so clever then how enemies entered Magdh in his security? aakramak says i will keep an eye on him now, fb ends. Dharma comes on balcony and jumps from it, sacks are placed on ground so she doesnt get hurt, she hides and some other lady takes her place and leaves on horse, Khurasan thinks she is Dharma and runs behind her, aakramak also runs behind that lady, they leave palace, Dharma comes out from hiding

and sees them.
Varsha says to Ashok that there is no one named Dharma, Ashok says she used to live here only, Varsha ask can you tell me more about her? ASok says she got married to king, she was pregnant when she was attacked so she left from her, Varsha says if anyone named Dharma used to live here then i would have her details.

Scene 2
aakramak and Khurasan sees lady leaving palace, aakramak says to khurasan that dont know who was she, her ring dropped, he shows him ring and says this is of Bindu and only he can give it to anyone, Khurasan looks at ring and is sure that it was Dharma.
Ashok thinks now how will i find Dharma? how will Bindu’s pain end, Varsha ask who was king that married her? is it Samrat Bindu? its true Bindu came here, married a lady here, Ashok then she maybe dharma, check again, Varsha checks statement, Khurasan’s soldier is about to attack Ashok but Chanakya’s soldier angraj stops him, they both have sowrd fight, Khurasan’s soldier injuries Angraj, and leaves, Anraj takes out dagger and throws at soldier, it hits his back and he dies, Angraj dies too.
Varsha says i told you Bindu came here and married a girl but her name was not dharma, Ashok ask then what was her name? he says it was Subhadrangi, Ashok is shocked and moves back, he says this is not true, Varsha says this is right, this is truth, Ashok says how? she is my mother, Varsha says maybe there are two ladies of same name, let me see, he checks document and says Subhadrangi was Brahmin’s daughter, Bindu returned after marrying her, she was pregnant when someone killed her father and sameday her house caught fire, people say someone attacked her, after this no one saw her, some say she is dead but some say she left from here, no one knows if she gave birth to her child, Ashok recalls how Chanakya said to Dharma that when people will know about Ashok’s reality then they will also know about his father, he says to Varsha that she gave birth to son and his name is Ashok, Varsha is stunned, Ashok is in tears, Varsha ask how you know? was your mother and Dharma same lady? and you are Bindu’s son? Chandragupt’s grandson, he folds his hands and says you are prince Ashok, Ashok angrily looks at him and says i am only Ashok not a prince, he in tears leaves from there, Varsha says you can run away from truth but truth will remain truth.

Scene 3
Ashok is going from jungle, its heavily raining, he recalls Varsha’s words, he recalls how Dharma said that she took all decisions to protect him, he recalls how Bindu was always close to him, how Niharika alleged Dharma, he shouts and cries, he faints.
Dharma worries for Ashok, Kasturi comes there, Dharma sys where is Chanakya? Kasturi sys our plan worked, Khurasan is sure that you are not in palace, you are safe, Dharma says i dont care about myself, Chanakya is busy, he asked me to take you Subhrasi’s room as her dasi, Dharma says i will not leave without talking to Chanakya.
Radha ask Chanakya if Aakramak knows everything? Chanakya sys aakramak knows that i doubt Khurasan but he doesnt know whom i want to protect, one side Helena is playing so many tricks, i want to answer in her language thats why i had put doubt in aakramak’s heart so that he can follow Khurasan, Bindu doesnt trust Khurasan so i chose Aakramak, Bindu will believe him, Radha says our plan got successful but i dont understand why did you give that ring to dasi? chanakya says seeing that ring, Khurasan will assume that whatever he saw was truth, now he will not find Dharma in palace but will find her outside, our secret agent will divert his attention from champanagri so Ashok will be safe too, Radha sas what will happen to bindu when he will see that ring, Chanakya gets tensed.
Bindu looks at Dharma’s ring and recalls hoe he gifted her, how he called her Dharma first time, aakramak says to Bindu that Khurasan was following a lady, this ring is of her, Khurasan says she was dharma, Helena says now its clear she wants to run away from you, if she is innocent then why running away? Bindu ask aakramak to send forces to find dharma, i want to see her alive this time to get my answers, Chanakya thinks i know you are impatient, in pain but to protect you i had to this cheating but i promise i will prove innocent soon.

PRECAP- Dharma says to subhrasi that Sushim was forcefully marrying Ahenkara, Charu says how dare you allege my son, i will ask Bindu to punish this dasi, Dharma is stunned. Ashok says to lord that how can you stay silent seeing my parents being separated, you have become stoned while residing in stone for many years and i dont need stone like you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice episode……… thank god the truth comes out…….
    waiting for the scene of ashoka and bindusar

    1. I read this and i like it.

      1. thanks.

  2. Finally… The truth must come out sooner or later…
    But sad for him to find out this way ?

  3. Now it com on track.!!

  4. Finally av ashoka dekhne mein bohot maza aayege

  5. Common yaar abhi toh mila do dono ko…?

  6. What happened in today’s episode? ??? Did aahok reach safely back??, poor angraj died n wht happened with dhara coz today no written update so can any1 tell what was todays episode? ???

    1. Ashok gets to know about his parents past
      Sushim n ahenkara r getting ready for marriage ?. Chandragupta maurya the lion is giving some more things about the past to Ashok

  7. Plzz atibaji will u update todays I mean 6th August episode really plzz . :@

  8. Tysm singhu 🙂 🙂

  9. King bindusar work just like a patient too much dumb character in whole serial.. He olways seat as a king… Has he not need any duty about dharma truth,..

  10. It’s next to see that king bindusara, will discover that sevika is dharma, and they will come infront of together.

  11. Yesterday updates?????there is no 6th updates.why?didnt it telecasat yesterday??

  12. Guys plz upload yesterday episode.. Jst dying to knw wt happened..

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