Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ahenkara is doing ritual of fast, she ties thread around tree, Sushim comes there, he smiles at her, Ahenkara sees him, he hides, she thinks it was her imagination, she says dont know what heart is going through, she hides behind tree, Sushim comes out and doesnt find her, he looks for her, she comes out and points dagger on his neck, Sushim sys one side you are praying for my life and otherside you are attacking me, Ahenkara says i am praying for you and if you take it as game then you will have to lose, Sushim smiles, he drags her closer, Sushim says you showed your will by doing this fast and now my turn, when i saw you first, i started loving you, i never thought i will like someone, you have done fast for me, i promise you will get peace with me, this is promise of future

Samrat, he makes wear gold bangles but its not of her size, she opens lock and it fits her, they smile, Sushim leaves, Ahenkara kisses bangles, she says if these bangles were not in my hands then i would think its all a dream.
Subhrasi ask Agni if you are feeling hungry? Agni says no i am just waiting for Justin, Dasi comes and says Bindu and justin are coming, Dharma finds Bindu going to wives, she cries.

Scene 2
Bindu and justin comes to ladies, first Charu does aarti of Bindu, touches his feet, then Noor comes, does aarti and takes blessing, then Subhrasi comes, does his aarti and take his blessing, Dharma sees all this, Noor says to Agni that you were waiting for this moment, the time has come, will not take Justin’s blessing? Subhrasi says but she has to do aarti of him, Agni comes forward to do aarti of Justin, Diya blows off, all are stunned, Bindu says it was just coincidence, if one diya blows off, then other diya will light, we should not stop our positive thinking, bring other diya, Dharma brings Diya, she covers her face, Diya falls from her hands, she lies down to take it, she touches Bindu’s feet to take his blessing, Bindu feels something too, Dharma cries and leaves, Tum se hi plays, Bindu thinks why i felt like Dharma was here, this cant be possible.
Ashok is going to Bindu, Radha stops him, Ashok says we have to take his help, he can find chanakya, why you are stopping me, Radha says because Chanakya ordered to me do so, flashback shows Chanakya saying to Radha that if anything happens to me then it means that someone powerful is behind it, in all this if you involve Bindu then it will be dangerous for him too, Bindu is surrounded by enemies, Radha says what would i do in this situation? Chanakya says our secret agent is our army, take their help only, fb ends, Radha says i know you are tensed for Chanakya but silence is good for us, promise me that you will not tell anyone, Ashok says i promise i will not tell anyone, Radha leaves.

Scene 3
Ashok is crying and says i am realizing it late that Chanakya have always helped me, he has shown me way always and i always ignored him, he recalls how Chanakya defended him always, he says i dont know why Chanakya brought us here, who is my father, why mother is silent, i dont know why Chanakya want me to go to royal school, all questions lead to Chanakya, i have to find him at any cost, he has served magdh his whole life, as future army head its my duty to find him and i will fulfill my duty, i have no concern about my father, without Chanakya magdh will become orphan, i promise to save him, i can pay anything to find him.
Its raining, Dharma recalls how she took blessing of Bindu, her dupatta falls from her head, Dharma is liting Diya, Bindu who is passing by there, sees her, he is stunned and says Dharma? he starts approaching her, he goes in flashback of their marriage, Diya blows off, Bindu runs to save it, he is shocked to find Dharma gone.

<strongPRECAP- Bindu calls all dasies in his room, Charu ask why? Bindu is shown checking face of every Adsi to find Dharma, Dharma is in que, she is tensed. Later Bindu comes to Khurasan, he points sword on his neck and says Dharma is here in palace.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I love this show
    i am waiting for when dharma and bindu will stay together

  2. After leap Ashok’s role will be played by shaheer sheikh…

  3. Hey sanyu from whr did u get dis info??

  4. I hope precap is not dream… And there is a rumor that ashish sharma is also considered for the role of elder asoka

  5. but we luv little ashok.he is so gud.

  6. Remember dhoom 3 film , Litle aamir is here litle ashok
    he is soo hott yar 😉

  7. Its very nice episode…..

  8. wow what an episode….
    hope precape will not be dharmas imaginnation

  9. little ashoka is too good….. nice episode

  10. Ashish Sharma suit as elder Ashoka

  11. Can any1 plz tell me frm whr i can download the songs/music used in this serial? I love both the songs used in ashoka-dharma & bindu-dharma scenes.

  12. 1 mr thng, i’ll b grateful if u can tell me when is a fresh new epi telecasted?? i cnt find it,i always hv to watch the repeat telecasts.
    Plz tell me the time guys

  13. Guys any1 plz tell !!! I really wish to watch today’s epi. Finally bindu has seen dharma, i can’t wait to find out what’s gona happen next!

    1. you can try or

  14. Thnx someone, can u plz tell me when is the fresh new epi telecasted?the time plz

  15. Little Ashoka is so good so leap ke bareme sochana nahi chate hai.

  16. Rita can u plz tell the time when a new epi is telecastd?

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