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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 4th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashok says to Chanakya i cant say lie, Chanakya says in war, we have to decide if we have to use violence or lie depends upon enemy, the Magdh’s enemy is clever, to trap them, we have to lie, they will do mistake by this and we will catch them, even if we have power to attack the enemy, we should show it to enemy and if are not capable of attacking enemy then we should show them that we have capability, if we are away from enemy then we should show it as we are close to them, this is all to protect our land, you have to do this to catch Vrahmir, Ashok takes his blessing and leaves from there, Chanakya says Magdh’s future is in Ashok’s hands.
Kasturi says to Drhama that i dont know why Chanakya accepted the allegation, whats the need to accept it? Dharma

says he knows what he is doing, if he has accepted this then there must be reason behind it, i am worried what if he doesnt get proof to prove himself innocent, what will happen then?
Ahenkara is in tears and looks at food, Ashok comes there and says he shouldnt have done this, he says i know you will not like it but i have not seen father like yours, he will get punished and you will get punished too, Ahenkara says he told truth, Ashok says it was not truth, he alleged Chanakya? i know Chanakya is innocent, he was kidnapped at time of attack, i saw him, he was dying there, i know nobody would have believe me before but now all will believe me as now we know one person who can tell everything abotu conspiracy and that is Vrahmir, he will be caught and then your father’s truth will come out and you will be punished too, and the one who is at fault is your father only who is listening to enemies still and destroying your life, Ahenkara is in tears.

Scene 2
Ahenkara comes in jail, Raj sees her, tries to get up but falls, Ahenkara is apaled to see it, Raj says if i was asked my last wish then i would have said to make me see my daughter, i was dying to see you, Ahenkara says when death is near then person say truth but you are still saying lie, Raj says what lie? Ahenkara says you said so many lies that you dont even know which lie i am talking about, Raj sys i have done for your good, Ahenkara says if you cared about me then you wouldnt have done this, you have satisfied your ego by saying lie, by alleging Chanakya, you have cofirmed my death, soon Chanakya will be proved right and i will be given death too, Chanakya’s agents have got Vrahmir, Vrahmir will tell everything to Bindu, Bindu promised you that if yoi are saying truth then he will free me but now you will be proved as liar and betrayer so i will get death sentence too, Raj thinks then i have to do something that Vrahmir doesnt reach to Bindu, Raj acts like fainting, soldier goes to call doctor.
Ashok says Chanakya knows his enemies well thats why he told me this would happen.
Noor is putting kerosene on her body, she says to dasi that i cant see my son as coward, its better that i die, Siamak comes there, Noor says siamak you have to decide if you want to live as coward or to live with me, Siamak says dont do this, dont test me, Noor says if you cant come out of fear then how will you protect your land, she shows him fire and ask Siamak to come forward and save me, Justin comes there and throws away fire from Noor’s hand, Siamak faints seeing fire, Justin says to Noor that what madness is this? how can you do this with your son? Noor says i cant see my son as coward, Justin sys he is not only your son but.. he stops seeing Helena, Helena says to Noor that fearlessness is in blood and it is because he has khurasani blood, you should accept that your son is coward, it will give you less pain, dais comes there and says doctor is not present in palace, he has gone to jail as Raj is ill there.

Scene 3
Helena comes to Nicator and says Raj is ill in jail? if he is giving us some clue? doctor comes to Justin and Helena, AShok is following him, doctor says Raj was just acting so that i go there and take his message, he said to me that if i dont take his message then he will allege me that i am involved in conspiracy, he gives message to Justin, Justin reads message, it says that Vrahmir is at target of Chanakya, Helena orders her soldier to catch Vrahmir and kill him, he leaves, Ashok thinks that this soldeir must be going to find Vrahmir, he follows the soldier.
Bindu says to Khalatak that all are saying Chanakya cant be involved in all this, Helena comes and says emotions cant overtake truth, you cant do injustice, Bindu says you are right but i dont want to hurry as injustice can happen, Helena says you should not wait so much that magdh have to pay price, if everything is clear that Chanakya is involved then take action against him, bindu says truth has not come out yet, he leaves, Khalatak says if Chanakya is innocent then who is criminal?
Helena’s soldiers come to shopkeeper and ask him to give Helena’s things back, shopkeeper takes coins from them and says your thing*(Vrahmir is in godown, Ashok comes in godown and shouts for for Vrahmir, he doesnt find him then he sees someone hiding in basket, he says to Vrahmir that you dont need to hide, Vrahmir ask who are you? Helena’s soldiers come there with shopkeeper, Shopkeeper is shocked to find basket missing and Vrahmir too, soldier orders others to find Vrahmir, he must be around, they leave, shopkeeper listens some noise in godown, Ashok comes and points sword on him, he says its impossible to take Vrahmir from here? AShok says when i have blessing of my teacher then i can do anything, shopkeeper says give me reward then take this basket, Ashok says i have nothing to give, shopkeeper says that ok have street fight with my wrestler and take basket from here, Ashok accepts it.
stage is set for street fight, all bet on fight, Ashok finds wrestler and sees he is a muscular man, Ashok sys its difficult to fight with him, Ashok says before fight, i wanna take rest, Ashok applies oil on his body, he comes, fight starts, wrestler tried to attack Ashok but Ashok keeps moving here and there, wrestler jumps on Ashok, Ashok moves, wrestler falls on ground and faints, shopkeeper says you are not common kid, take your basket, Ashok opens basket to find Vrahmir already gone from there, he is stunned.

Scene 4
Vrahmir is running in market, he is shocked to find Helena’s soldiers, he is surrounded by them.
Helena comes to chanakya and says fate fant be changed by closing eyes, tomorrow bindu will announce his decision, are you ready? you wouldnt have thought things will take this turn, Chanakya says this is all fate and i cant go against fate, i dont use power to stop things but to create new things, Helena says we both know that you dont have any proof to prove yourself right, Chanakya says i dont have it this time but you cant say anything about future and truth cant be hidden for much time, Helena says i will make sure that it doesnt happen.
Ashok comes in market and is trying to find Vrahmir.
soldiers bring Vrahmir in godown, Vrahmir ask what will you get by killing me? this is trap of Helena, i have always done what she said, she didnt reward me instead want to kill me, these greeks are of no one, they want to use us only, what is happening with me, will happen to you too, what will you get by killing me? let me go.
Radha says to Bindu that what will happen if Chanakya doesnt get any proof of innocence, Bindu says proofs are against him, if he doesnt show anything then i will have to punish him, i just pray that black day doesnt come in magdh.
Ashok gets to know from someone that Vrahmir is in godown. soldier is about to kill Vrahmir but Ashok comes there and saves him, soldier orders others to catch AShok, Ahok runs from there, he comes in market and fights with them, he throws things at them and runs, he comes back to godown, take Vrahmir and comes in market, he hides in shop, soldier says he will go to palace with Vrahmir, will catch them there only, they leaves.

Scene 5
Nicator says to Helena that we should have not left Vrahmir alive, Helena says it was your idea, Nicator says i know gave this idea but you agreed to it, Helena says i shouldnt have listened to it, i dont know what Chanakya is thinking and now this Vrahmir, what if Vrahmir says truth to bindu? now we will be called criminal instead of Chanakya, Nicator says you are saying as if everything is finished, Helena says you finished everything the day you gave me to Chndragupt, it was me who kept trying for freedom, you are with me just to take revenge, Nicator says enough, why you keep taunting me about it, i have said sorry many times, if you dont trust me then why you keep asking my suggestion? Justin says enough, this is not time to fight, its time to be united, Justin gets message that Vrahmir has run away, Helena says no, she says he has run away but should not come here, he ask to tighten security and if anyone try to come in palace then kill him, justin says this is not right, Helena says dont act like coward, she says even if Vrahmir dies, Chanakya will take advantage of it, we should kill Chanakya too, i will kill chanakya today, Nicator and Justin are stunned.
Subhrasi says to Charu and noor that if Chanakya is proved as criminal then Bindu wont be able to trust anyone, Charu says its better to open eyes, i doubted his intention the day when he denied to make sushim the next Samrat, he gave Siamak’s name instead, noor says dont bring my son in all this, charu says Siamak is coward, he is afraid of that fire, Noor says who was not afraid of it? my son will overcome the fear, Charu says who will want a Samrat who has fear of fire? who knows that chanakya is actually involved in all this, Dharma says he is innocent, all look on shocked, Dharma says sorry but i cant listen against Chanakya, if a betrayer says he is criminal then we will doubt him? he has given everything to magdh, Noor says how dare you talk like this? you are just a dasi so be a dasi, Bindu comes there, dharma hides her face, Bindu says this Dasi is right, till chanakya is not proven criminal, he is our respectable guru, his respect is like respect to Magdh, i request my wives to keep his respect, he leaves, Dharma thinks i said truth in emotional state but what it brings danger to AShok?
shopkeeper brings Scorpio to Helena and says it is trained scorpio, it is used to kill people, Helena buys it, Justin says this is not right, Helena says we dont have other way, if you cant protect me then be silent and let me do what i want.
Vrahmir says to Ashok that i have no words to thank you, who saves a person by putting himself in danger? he is about to leave, Ashok says i am not fool, those soldiers were trying to kill you so that you dont tell truth, i saved your life so that you can say truth, you have to come to my side in conspiracy, Vrahmir says i dont know what you are talking about? i am leaving, Ashok says what you think that they will leave you alive? Chanakya have given life to whole Magdh so he can give you life too, i assure you that if you tell truth then you will be given life, now you have to decide if you want to get killed or to live by telling truth? Vrahmir thinks.
Chanakya is sitting in his room, soldier comes there, throws Scorpio and leaves, Scorpio comes and bites Chanakya’s leg, chanakya faints because of poison.

Scene 6
Everyone gathers in court to listen the decision of bindu in Chanakya’s matter. one soldier comes to aakramak and tell him something, Aakramak runs from there, Helena thinks Aakramak got to know about Chanakya’s death. Bindu comes in court with Ashok, he sit on throne, Bindu ask where is chanakya? Helena says its weird, Chanakya always give importance to time and he is wasting it today? maybe he is afraid to get punished, bindu says why you are saying this? Helena sys this delay is not good on his part, Chanakya comes there with Radha and says you are right, its not good to come late but when its about magdh then i can come from death bed too, everyone looks on, Chanakya says i got biten by scorpio so i got late, Bindu ask are you fine? Chanakya says nothing happened to me but i am not sure if the one who sent scorpio to my room is fine? he says its weird that scorpio came all the way to kill me, there is someone who wanted that scorpio to kill me but they dont know that my body have so much poison that scorpio’s little poison cant hurt me, all know that i used to give poison to Chandragupt to make him used to it but i used to taste it before him so my body have so much poison in it that foreign scorpio cant hurt me, now i will make that scorpio my pet, Helena ask then name of person who sent it, Chanakya says i can tell name easliy but i dont have proof so i have to have witness who can not only tell names of enemies but the witness who was actually involved in this conspiracy, i want that kind of witness and i have that witness, bindu ask who is the one? chanakya says he is here, he says Ashok, Helena says he is witness? all know he is your student, his statement is not enough, Chanakya says i didnt tell he is witness but to present witness, Ashok is needed, he ask Ashok to bring witness, Ashok goes and cuts one end of some rope, rope falls and bag tied to it falls in court, everyone looks on, Ashok opens bag, Vrahmir comes out of it, Helena, justin, are shocked, Bindu ask who is he? Chanakya says he is Vrahmir, he is same architect who made architecture of new palace for Raj and made secret ways in it, when enemies were afraid of him, they tried to kill Vrahmir and because he felt ditched by those enemies, Vrahmir decided to tell truth to you, Bindu says to Vrahmir that you will be given protection, tell their names, Vrahmir looks at Helena, he says in this conspiracy, alongwith Raj, Magdh’s old enemies, Greeks w3ere involved in it, all looks on, Bindu ask names, justin recalls how Helena said to him that justin is of no use, Vrahmir is about to point his finger to Helena but he is attacked by dagger, Justin throws dagger in his neck, Vrahmir dies at spot, all are shocked, Justin comes forward and says betrayer like this shouldnt be alive, i would have killed him before only, why did i keep him alive, he says to bindu that yes it was me, the real snake in home, all look on stunned, Justin says i wanted to burn everything, i wanted to kill everything, i made this conspiracy, Helena listens all this shocked,

PRECAP- voice over says that time has come when Ashok will come to know about secret of his life. Bindu shows Dharma’s statue to AShok and says she is love of my life, Ashok is stunned to see it and says Maa?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wahh super episode lovely poor justin he was not bad but scarrified his oife for his mom what a son hats off its difficult ro accept others mistake as own n bear the punishment. Ashok pkz don be angry on ur dad he was trapped by that khurasan plzz dear. Marvellous episode of Saturday. ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  2. Poison pa just loved it he did it for chandra gupts gud n see his body too become poison resistant. Lov chankya . Respect u like a best teacher. Lov chravartin ashoj smarat series.

  3. Nice one. Love it

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