Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashok is finding about Dharma in Champanagri, Ashok is confused what to do, he comes to Mandir and says to lord that i am doing this for love of someone, to keep faith in love for someone, i am doing this for justice, help me, priest comes and offers him parsad, Ashok says i am finding about Dharma, she married king, priest says if any girl from village marry a king then it is known for years and people gloat about it, if anything like this happened then i would have known, but i have not listened anything like this happened in this village.
Dharma says to chanakya that i cant do this, this is cheating, what if he catches me? Chanakya says he can catch you anyway and that will be much more dangerous and painful for Bindu, Dharma says if i knew that it will become danger

for my son and husband then i wouldnt have come here ever, i am tired of all this, what if i get caught doing cheating? i will stoop low in Bindu’s eyes, my respect is everything in Bindu’s eyes, what if Ashok know all this, Chanakya says you think i dont care about Ashok? he heir for me, till there are no proofs against you, nothing can happen to you, 6the court which accepted mothers like Helena who killed her own son, they made her devi, what is value of your truth in that type of court? Bindu trust you but your truth cant deny allegations which enemies have put on you, if you dont cooperate with me then i wont be able to help you and Ashok, think about him, he is finding truth and he will find it and then he will need his mother to tell him why she did all that and if you are not with him then he will be broken, i cant see him breaking, this is only way through which you and me can get what we want.

Scene 2
Ashok comes to one man and shows Dharma’s statue but man doesnt know about her, a old man says to Ashok that talk to Varshawali, he can help you, he has record of all families and their ancestors, he has every detail, he lives near border of this village but he will not speak easily, Ashok says if he has answers for my questions then i will take it at any cost, thanks and leaves, soldier comes to old man and ask about Ashok, he shows him way, soldier goes behind Ashok.
In palace, Havan starts, Dharma comes and stand behind Bindu. Charu says to Helena that Bindu will not accept Ahenkara and Sushim’s relation, Helena says he has asked to give time, we will use this time, Charu says we can lose as Noor is clever and can bring Siamak in picture, Helena says dont worry, sushim will marry Ahenkara only, Charu leaves, Noor comes and says we fooled this Charu but how will we pacify Bindu? Helena says if dharma comes in open today then his weakness will be in our hands then it wont be difficult to take yes from him.
Priest says to Bindu that by this havan, all sins are washed off, Bindu thinks i have done sin of hurting the one whom i love the most, dont know if she will forgive me or not, Dharma thinks what i am going to today wll either bring truth out or will take Bindu away from truth, Pooja starts.

Scene 3
Ashok comes to Varshawali, Varsha says if you came alone then it would be nice, Asok says i am alone, he laughs and says this is just thinking, you have to answer my 3 questions then i will answer you, Ashok says ask, Varha tell him riddle that the thing which can tell truth or false, or can hurt anyone and ask him to tell what it is? if you answer is wrong then you will have to leave, Ashok says answer is words, varsha says right, he ask 2nd riddle i am in society but no one can see me, i am powerful, what it is? Ashok says future, Varsha says last riddle all are afraid of him, he can finish anyone, he is nice but not nice too, tell me who is it?
Bindu is doing pooja, Radha sees Helena and thinks that i dont think they are upto something today else her attention would be more in pooja, Bindu puts oil in havan kund and fire intensify and Bindu’s hand get burnt, Dharma who is standing behind shouts Samrat, Khurasan sees her and is stunned, it becomes all smock, Khurasan is trying to see Dharma, Radha takes her from there, Dharma runs, Khurasan runs behind her, Dharma hides behind pillar, Khurasan sees her dupatta behind pillar.
Ashok answers varsha’s riddle that its time, he says now you have to answer me, Varsha says how you know your answer was correct? Ashok says you said you will ask only three questions, now answer me, do you know about Dharma? she used to live here, can you tell about her, Varsha search in his documents about her.
Khurasan is coming to attack Dharma, Dharma’s dupatta blows in air, she tries to catch it but Khurasan comes there, both look at each other in shock.

PRECAP- Varsha says to Ashok that Bindu came here and married a lady but her name was not Dharma, Ashok ask then what was it? he says Subhadrangi, Ashok is shocked and moves back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi guys what is the name of ashoak mom subhadaring or dharma

    1. In History both name are used. In this story her true name is subhadrangi and king bindusara used to call her as dharma.

  2. At Last asoka truth of birth is coming out.

  3. Oh….now what will happen to dhrama????ya its good atleast now ashok know about his true identity.can chanakya able to save dharma?i feel its chanakya’s plan which he tolk about to radhaguptha

  4. jafor iqubal

    what date are anounched for ashoke is bindusha son ?
    plz mansion the date

  5. Good now serial will become more interesting

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