Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Helena ask Raj to say truth, why are you silent? you think that after saying truth, you and your daughter will get death sentence? i on behalf of Bindu assure you that if you tell us truth then your daughter will be saved, no say truth, bindu always do justice, your daughter have no fault in all this so he will free your daughter Ahenkara but you have to tell truth for your daughter’s safety, Raj says Bindu has done justice to my daughter so i am ready to tell truth, Raj says to Bindu that conspirator of all this is person who wanted to take throne from you and give it to person who he thinks deserve it more, Bindu ask his name, Raj says you trust him blindly, Raj says if i tell his name then you will not trust me, bindu ask him to tell name only, Raj says he is none

other than Chanakya, all are stunned, bindu ask are you in your sense, you know alleging chanakya is like betraying magdh, Raj says i am already on death sentence, why will i lie? bindu says nobody will trust you here, Raj says i told this before that you will not trust me as you blindly trust Chanakya, Helena says if Raj has taken Chanakya’s name then how can you do injustice, you have to act same with everyone, i warned you about Chanakya before too but you didnt trust me and i had no proof so Chanakya was saved but we are getting witness against him for first time, Bindu says i agree with your talks that justice should be equal for everyone but here i know that when it was all happening, chanakya was kidnapped, this proves his innocence, Justin says but who told about kidnapping to you? chanakya himself told about it and also khurasan said that if it was kidnapping or act of kidnapping, Khurasan says i said it in anger, Justin says chanakya tried to make you doubt everyone expect him, he doubted Khurasan too, i agree Chanakya must have said that he doubt about new palace but why he didnt find about it? he has many agents and can find even small thing then how such a big conspiracy can go unnoticed, a palace was made with flammable bricks and chanaky kept sitting silent about it? this is proof of his involvement and why Raj will take his name? Ashok thinks why Chanakya is silent listening all this, bindu says i dont trust anyone and cant trust this Raj, he has lied before too and saying lie even now, Raj says if i show you proof then will you agree with me? Bindu ask him to show, Raj looks at his pendent, he gives to Bindu and says this message which chanakya gave to me, it has stamp too, i had doubt that Chanakya can cheat me so i kept it with me, Radha recalls how Chanakya’s stamp was not in room, Bindu ask chanakya if you wanna say something? chanakya says Raj is saying truth, all are stunned, Chanakya says proof is given to you, you need to investigate about it, dont think who am i, just see me as criminal, Bindu says i order to investigate about it, Prime minister khalatak and Aakramak will do it, chanakya will be in house arrest and if Chanakya is not proven innocent then he wil be announced at betrayer alongwith Raj, he ask to investigate soon.

Scene 2
In room, bindu ask chanakya how you knew that Raj would take your name? Chanakya says the enemies who were involved with Raj wanted to save themselves and also wanted to trap person who is hurdle in their way, Bindu says i feel you know about them, Chanakya says i dont have proofs against them, bindu says how will yo get it? Chanakya says enemies are in confused state now, they will do some mistake in process to clear themselves from all this and i will catch that.
aakramak says to Radha that we have to treat Chanakya like betrayer now, Radha says to Aakramak that chanakya have always served magdh and because of allegations from betrayer, we cant treat him like betrayer too, prime minister says we cant blindly trust anyone, there are proofs against chanakya, we have to work, Bindu comes and ask them to do investigation fast, prime minister says we will do our best.
Nicator says to Helena and justin that we are not safe now, Chanakya accepted the allegation, this means that he has some plan up sleeves, Helena sys till chanakya is alive, we cant do anything against magdh, he must be planning something, Nicator says chanakya should not get Vrahmir, he ask Justin to keep eye on Vrahmir.
chanakya says to Ashok that Vramir made those secret ways in new palace, he knew about conspiracy, but before i could ask him anything, he ran away and i dont know where he is but he can help us, also he is threat for enemies so they can plan to kill him, chanakya says before enemy do something, we have to find Vrahmir, Ashok says if Vrahmir is important for your and Magdh’s protection then i will find him at any cost.

PRECAP- justin says to Helena that Vrahmir is on target of Chanakya, Helena orders to find him and kill him. Vrahmir is running from Helena’s soldiers in market, they surround him, he is stuck, Ashok sees all this from far.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t think chanakya will get proof that easily. It feels like a race against time with chanakya trying to gather proof and helena trying to destroy proof.

  2. Hats off chanakya. I would have loved to be ur disciple really

  3. yeah, same here, nish.

  4. from the promo they showed, ashok brought helena to the court..lets watch tomorrow..arms crossed

    1. How can it come tomorrow?? 2morrow is saturday!!

  5. These policies were written thousands years ago…nd its extreme too such xtent dat present govt cnt follow them…such a grt saint,,profeser,,economist…i m so proud to study it nd Chanakya is my ideal…wow im overwhelmd…..
    Nd Ashok truly The Great….

  6. Its good Bindusar knew the plan and trusted charnakya else it would have been a disaster, I just pray they get caught soon.

  7. They sensationalise every possible incident! They makes us fool to believe that bindusar ‘ s intelligence agencies were soooooooo hopeless everybody could walk right over their nose. In spite of having been surrounded by idiots, fools and conspirators he ruled such a vast empire!!!!

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