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Scene 1
Ashok comes to the old lady, she says you have come here to kill me. You have sword too. Ashok says maai i have but.. She says you call me maai but want to kill me. Ashok says what are you saying? i am ashok. I took you to meet your daughter. Kalu sent you the cart. She says kaly will rot in hell. She caresses his face. Ashok gives her the stone and says you gave me this. she says ashok but you came to kill me. She says i have sword but i didn’t come to kill you. SHe says how can you, you are a nice soul. He asks did dharma live here? She says i have heard that name but i dont remember who she was. He says please try. She says did you eat something? Lets go and eat. Ashok sneezes, old lady says you must have walked through the bushes. Your mom would have hugged you

if she was alive. Ashok says my mom is alive.

Dharma recalls what chanakya said. She overhears Bindu saying tp charu what are you saying? that sushim used to loved ahenkara but she is betraying to him now. Charu says when there will be marriage love will be there. Sushim is emotional and gets mad but he calms. He will forgive ahenkara. He says we will have to see if she will accept him or not. Charu says have you forgotten your first love? how can they then? Halena says i know what you are going through. Helena says to Bindu that if Ujjain’s daughter becomes our daughter in law then they will become in laws rather than enemies, Charu says what about the threat on us now. This is the clear solution. Dharma comes in.

The old lady touches the idol and says its the same, dharma, she was so beautiful. She was married to king. He says yes samrat and he has been looking for her. she says no save her dont let him find her. She starts screaming. She says there is fire in her camp. Ashok says i will save her but for that i should know who wants to kill her.
Dharma says there is pooja tomorrow. Charu says samrat is busy right now go from here. Charu says samrat think about it once. Sushim can do anything, i am sure after marriage everything will be normal. helena says trust your mom. He says i trust you but not niharika. I will take this decision after talking to Chanyka. he leaves, Charu and Helena are disappointed.
Radha says to Chanakya that Khurasan’s men are finding Dharma and Dharma is not ready to go from here, what will we do now? Chanakya gives example of a traveler who came in dessert but he found it water lake there, he was running behind it but when he reaches the point, there was nothing there, he came to know that the lake he was running behind was not actually there but his imagination, he lost his way and couldnt realize his way back to home, we have to make Khurasan lose his way, he will see Dharma, he shows Dharma’s ring gifted by Bindu, he says this ring will take Dharma out from here, soldier comes and says Angraj has died, we cannot locate Ashok, Chanakya says his safety is first, find him, he thinks everything is getting blurred, he finds lion there and says for good future, past should come in open with proofs.
Ashok says to blind lady that i am warrior, i wont let anything happen to dharma, tell me about her, lady says years back soldiers came to Dharma’s house when she was pregnant, she ran inside her home to be safe, they put her house on fire and thought she is dead but she was alive and gave birth to her son in middle of fire, Ashok says where is that son now? Where is their son? She says that.. ashok says tell me, she falls on him. Ashok says mai get up but she doesn’t.Ashok hears me coming and runs from there. The men come in, one says someone was here but he has ran. Theyu leave, ashok comes out and checks the old lady. He says how? This is not possible. I cant find answers. Whever i try to figure truth something happens. He looks at the golden coin. Ashok picks up and says same people, what has my mom to do with dharma?

next morning, the pooja starts. Subhrasi asks pandit ji anythin more? He says no. Dharma goes out and bindu comes in. Pandit welcomes him. Khurasan says to Helena that today all dasies are present here, if Dharma is one of them then she will be caught, if you love someone then you cant see him in pain, today Bindu will get hurt and Dharma will scream, Nicator says we can get caught if you try to hit Bindu, and the lady who didnt come out in open till now, she will not come now too, Helena says we can try, if he4r love kept her away from Bindu then her love can bring her open too, Noor says i would love to see Bindu in pain but how will you do it? Khurasan says i have added toxic chemical in havan kund so when Bindu will lit fire and put oil in it, it will intensify and hurt him only, if any dasi screams for him then i will be sure that she is Dharma, i have appointed my soldiers here too in common clothes.

PRECAP- Bindu puts oil in havan kund and fire intensify and Bindu’s hand get burnt, Dharma who is standing behind shouts Samrat, Khurasan sees her and is stunned. Old man says to Ashok that see Varshawali, he has record of every family and their ancestors. Ashok comes to meet him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Ye saas bahu wala tadka en historical me acha nhe lgta…. Concentrate on reality.. ..n write true story not likr saas bahu type serial

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