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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindu comes to his wives and says my wives must be competing to gift me best gift, lets see who wins this time. AShok comes to Bindu and wishes him birthday, Bindua says thanks friend, he says i am worst friend as i am not gifting you anything but wanna ask a thing from you, Bindu says tell me, AShok says i need your blessing to not disappoint you, Bindu says i cant bless as i have already blessed you, i am always with you, whatever you do, you will get success, i pray that whatever path you chose, your mother is proud of you, he leaves, AShok gets emotional.
Subhrasi is getting ready, she says to Dharma what if Bindu doesnt like my gift? Dharma says you have worked so hard, he will like it, Subhrasi says if he like my gift then i will reward you as you have helped

me alot, Drupat comes there and says Bindu is waiting for us, Subhrasi ask Dharma to be in room and clean it, she leaves, Dahrma says today i just wanted to see hm once but i think even thats not possible.
Bindu comes in court, Subhrasi and Nihariks wishes him birthday, he thanks them, Helena says not its my turn to bless you, he touches her feet and says your blessing is always needed, Sushim and Siamak comes there and wishes him, Helena gifts him sketch with his sons, she says this is future of Magdh, she says i am sorry, i didnt know about Dharma and her son when i made this sketch, i never wanted to hurt you, i am sorry, he says dont embarrass me by saying sorry, Charu says to Bindu that i know you love flowers so i have made flower perfume for you, it will be with you forever, Noor gives him archery kit and says you like to hunt so it will be with you now, he thanks Noor and Charu, Subhrasi gives him hand made jewelry, he says i dont know you can make it, she says to be honest Sevika has helped me to make it, Ashok thinks that my mother’s gift is liked by Bindu and he wore it too, Niharika gifts him too, Sushim gifts him too, Siamak comes with fruits and says i got to know that you like this fruit so i planted its tree and its first fruit is this which i am giving you, Bindu says it was most sweetest gift, Drupat says how can you say it? you didnt see my gift, he gifts him laddos, Bindu ask you made it? he says no Sevika made it, i helped her and i didnt eat even one of them, Bindu then its most precious gift for me, he eats laddos and says they are very tasty. something is placed there, Bindu sees this and removes cloth from it, its handmade bangle, Bindu looks at it, Helena ask from where it came? Subhrasi says i dont know who brought it here, when i came here, no one was here, Khurasan comes in and says this gift is from my side, Ashok angrily looks at him, Khurasan says i have ordered to make it, Bindu says great, i didnt know you have so much talent, take this to my room, Ashok thinks that this is last stage of ending this war, its time to give respect back to my mother.

Scene 2
Ashok comes in corridor and gets angry, Khurasan comes to him and ask what happened? Ashok says nothing, Khurasan ask you wanna tell me something? Ashok says you know what i was hiding, you listened to my talks with Ahenkara, i told you to not follow me, if i had to deceive you then i would have gone to Bindu but i didnt do it, even then you dont believe me then lets to go to Bindu, you tell him that i deceived you, he will punish me, Khurasan says i trust you as you are honest kid, i was taking your test, it takes time to believe anyone but now i trust you completely, whenever you know anything about Dharma and her son then tell me, AShok says i know they will do something in birthday function but they will contact me as they need my help but if you keep following me then.. khurasan says i will not follow you but if you know anything then.. Ashok says then i will tell you first, Khurasan leaves.
Radha comes to meet AShok and says i know what Chanakya wants but i cant use my mother to bring khurasan’s truth out as it will put my mother in danger, isnt there any other way, i wanna talk to Chanakya, Radha says Chanakya keep getting worried for you and your mother, if her had any other way then he would have suggested, if you can do this then this means you dont have courage to get respect, Ashok says what you are saying, i am not able to see my mother in pain, she deserve respect, Khurasan is enjoying everything, he is being respected and my mother is called criminal when she is innocent, Radha says you need to trust Chanakya, when Khurasan comes face to face with Dharma then Bindu should be there too, Ashok ask how? Radha says Chanakya will make sure that Bindu is there, Ashok says when i need Chanakya most, he is not with me, RAdha says you cant doubt your Guru if he is not present then there must be reason behind it, he is with you everytime, we know what you are doing is not easy but sometime you have to walk alone, if you believe in yourself then nobody can stop you from getting what you want, AShok touches Radha’s feet and says bless me to make this impossible into possible, Radha blesses him, Ashok leaves.

PRECAP- Khurasan have sword fight with Ashok, Ashok hits him, Khurasan falls in Bindu’s feet, Ashok comes there, Bindu looks on confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Bindusara announces Sushim and Ahankara’s marriage. Later, Ashoka meets Dharma and tells her to meet him after an important function gets over as he has some vital information.

    A play begins in which Ashoka enacts the character of Kartikeya. Later, Ashoka and Mir wait at the corridor for Dharma. Mir waits for the right time to kill Ashoka.

    Mir and Ashoka fight intensely against each other. Mir eventually pushes Ashoka down the tower and thinks that Ashoka has died. When Dharma asks Mir about Ashoka, he says that he killed Ashoka.

    Mir reveals how he had planned to kill Dharma. He then says that he had joined forces with Niharika for this purpose.

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