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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindu says to doctor that we have brought sacred water for Helena, doctor makes her drink it, Helena becomes conscious, Chanakya suspects, Justin says this is miracle, helena ask bindu are you fine? what about your wives and sons? all are safe? that fire was very dangerous, it was like hell, Bindu says all are fine, dont worry, Helena ask who did that? Bindu says Raj, Helena says what? we gave him so much respect and he did that? its my fault, i accepted his proposal, i wanna kill him, he tries to kill my family, he has no right to live, Bindu says Raj will get punished for sure but before that in court, i will ask him about his partners in crime, Helena says you doubt that someone else was involved with him? all are family members? who will do it, Chanakya says whoever it

is, is very clever and tomorrow name will come out, Helena says i hope that Raj will get severe punishment, Bindu says sure, he ask her to rest, Chanakya thinks how Helena is so calm knowing about Raj being caught by Bindu?
Ashok informs Ahenkara that your father has been arrested, you will not be given death sentence now, Ahenkara is in tears, she holds Ashok’s hand and says i wanna meet him, i wanan talk to him, Ashok says this is not possible, Ahenkara says i will not live with tag that my father is betrayer, i will remain guilty all my life, i want to meet him, she is in tears, soldier ask Ashok to leave, Ahenkara puts his hand on her head and ask him to promise that he will make her meet his father once, Ashok is tensed, she cries, Ashok stares her.

Scene 2
Sushim says to bindu that we should kill Raj in such a way that all our enemies get afraid and never think of doing anything wrong, i request you to take Raj in market and burn him infront of all, because of him many people died in that burning palace and he should feel same pain, Bindu says i know you are angry but there is should be line between anger and punishment, Ashok comes and says i have some request, let Ahenkara meet Raj once, Sushim says dont you know bindu ordered that no one can meet Raj, Bindu ask why you want her to meet him? Ashok says i understand her pain, she will lose her father, i know how it feels to lose your father, she will lose him, she just want tohave last glimpse of him, sushim says i cant understand you are showing concern for daughter of betrayer, show concern for kids who died in incident, for parents who lost their kids, Ashok says why daughter of betrayer is given punishment? whats her fault? we are taking her father away from her, thats enough, Sushim says i dont agree, its like disrespecting those who died because of Raj, we dont know if Ahenkara is innocent or not? what if she meets him and make another conspiracy, Bindu says seeing situation, i cant accept this request Ashok, for Magdh i have taken decision that no one will meet Raj, Ashok gets sad, he looks at sushim and leaves from there.

Scene 3
Ashok comes to dharma, she says anyone can see us, Ashok sys i am in big problem, i feel like doing something, i have promised someone but what if fulfill promise and in process hurt someone else whom i dont want to hurt, Dharma says its not good to break promise, if you dont want to hurt anyone then you have to find some way through which you fulfill your promise and not hurt anyone, AShok sys i got my answer, he hugs her and leaves.
Its morning, Ashok comes Ahenkara’s room, he distracts soldiers that he found some noise and ask them to go and see, they leave, Ashok comes to Ahenkara and says your father is been taken to court, you can see him, come with me, they leaves.
Raj is going to court from jail, he finds Ahenkara standing far, she is in tears, Raj is sad to see her, soldier takes him from there, Ahenkara cries.
soldiers come in Ahenkara’s room and finds Ashok and Ahenkara there, Ashok leaves from there.
In court, Bindu says to Raj that you wanted to kill us and now you are standing like criminal infront of us, this is justice of God and if you have little fear of God then tell truth about conspiracy, if you tell truth then you will not be given death sentence but i assure you that your life will much more worst than death, bindu says to Raj that its clear you were not alone in this conspiracy as it was very big plan, who are the others with you? the bigger enemy than you is the one who is with us in this court now, Raj tell his name, tell who is that coward, who left you in problem, who tried to attack Magdh’s powerful family? Raj recalls how he met Justin, Justin says to him that what you think that if you surrender then they will leave Ahenkara? you have attacked royal family of Magdh, when conspiracy is big then punishment is big too, enemy’s family is killed so that there is no problem in future, only i can save Ahenkara, Raj says you have cheated me, you still think that i will believe you? Justin says you have no other way, if you run then your daughter will die too, i am showing you way through which you can save your daughter, i know you dont have reason to trust us but you dont have any other option too, Raj says even if Ahenkara remains alive even then her life will be miserable, she will life worst than Dasies, i want my daughter to be sent away from magdh only then i will remain silent infront of Bindu, flashback ends, Bindu ask Raj to tell truth.

PRECAP- Raj says to Bindu that conspirator of all this is person who wanted to take throne from you and give it to person who he thinks deserve it more, Bindu ask his name, Raj says you trust him blindly and he is Acharaya Chanakya, all are stunned, chanakya says Raj is saying truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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