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Scene 1
voiceover says that this is not story but life of a warrior ashoka, who ruled magdh for 36 years, and was great warrior of history, his father chandra mukat morea was lion, he left the throne so bindu Saar became the king of magdh, chadra gupat married helena, t made many people enemy of magdh, enemies were own, something unique was going to happen.
A door of big hall gets opened, a priest comes in and looks at throne, lion comes there and attacks the priest… it turn out to be his dream. is lying in isolated room and is tensed. servant (radha gupt) comes and ask what happened Achari? priest Achari says i saw him as lion, Achari says to Radha that time will tell what will happened but its obvious that something is going to happen.
vindu Saar is in champagarh,

he is ready for game arranged by khurasan, his against team is his brother’s justin’s team, Bindu’s mother helena is there too, bindu Saar first wife queen charumitra and guru is there too. what will be done in disguise of this game is to be seen, Game is two teams have to run on horses and have to collect cloth from ground. first Vindu collects the cloth from ground but justin runs on horse and snatches cloth from bindu, someone is white veil comes from behind on horse and snatches cloth from justin, she is a girl (Noor), then Bindu comes forward on horse and comes near her horse, he tries to snatch cloth from her, both are riding horse high, finish line is near, all are tensed… and the cloth is snatched by bindu Saar. he passes the finish line and wines, all applauds for him, lady takes off her veil and smile too. Bindu present cloth in Helena’s feet, she says i am proud that you won else losing from a girl doesnt suite morea dynasty, queen says i am proud that you give me respect as mother bindu samraj, bindu says that i got to learn what is mother from you only, i respect you and i am proud that you are my mother. mir khurasan announces that all weapons, all my wealth is given to Bindu, he says my daughter Noor will marry Bindu Saar now, mir khurasan congratulate Noor, Noor says now i will be queen of magdh and queen of bindu’s heart, helena says to charumitra that bindu is marrying Noor not because she is pretty but she is from influential family, they are giving force to magdh, guru says she is right, charumitra you are mother of bindu’s son yuvraj sushim, you are ultimate queen of his.
the priest achari reads letter of bindu sar getting married, he says khurasan is giving his everything to his daughter in marriage, Radha says this is in magdh’s favor, he is powerful. Achari says try to understand that politics, khurasan want to control magdh by marrying his daughter to bindu sar, irani was not less that Persian came too.
helena says to guru that Bindu sar is going for hunting, take care fo him, guru says dont worry we will take care of him. Achari with his group of priests comes there, bindu says i was leaving fro hunting, you could have informed that you are coming, Achari says that everything is in danger, hunting for other things are going on too, and mission is to get throne of magdh, Bindu says i am stunned to listen that i have enemy too but this shows that i am good in magdh, dont worry, magdh is not that weak that i will get hunted, you take care, i will come after hunting, he leaves, Achari is tensed.

Scene 2
in jungle, bindu with his soldiers are searching for hunt, bindu drinks wine, he brings out his archery kit, he attacks a animal with arrow, bindu says to soldiers that my marriage is going to happen, by hunting this animal i announce preparations for marriage, suddenly some arrow hits him in his body, he is injured, some other forces attack Bindu’s soldiers, bindu’s soldiers ask bindu to run, bindu runs from there.
Bindu is by water fall side, he tries to take out arrow from his body but falls in water fall and gets killed, his enemy comes there and smirks.
some girls are trying to catch butterflies in jungle, they are shocked to see soldiers dead, one girl shouts name dupatrati. dupatrati comes there, she is shocked to see dead bodies, she says human have evil and good both side, its about controlling your anger, the one who can control is winner, to satisfy your anger is to take sword in your hand, she finds a soldier still breathing, she ask to bring water for him but he dies, she finds footmarks of people who killed the soldiers, she follows the foot marks and come to water fall side, she looks in water to find body of bindu.

Scene 3
a soldier brings remaining (sword and turban) of Bindu in palace and gives to Achari, Achari brings it to queen Helena, she says i wanted his head not his turban, justin and she smirks as they planned Bindu’s death. otherside Bindu is lying at bay of lake, dupatrati sees him bleeding.
Guru says to helena that we are sorry, if we had stopped there to bring his head then anybody could have seen us, there is no chance of Bindu Saar living now, he is dead. otherside dupatrati starts treating Bindu, he is breathing and is alive. helena says to Justin that your father didnt make you samrat of magdh so Bindu had to pay for this, send this news to everyone, enemies were dying to attack magdh, now there is no samrat to save magdh, let enemies enter and let magdh burn in fire.
enemies attack magdh, all forces from different states claims that magdh is theirs, one king veer phat claims that he is king of magdh now.
Achari is in tension, his companions ask who will stop all this? who have so much power? achari comes in balcony, he finds lion and smiles, he says this uncertainty is made deliberately, whoever he is, is enemy of magdh, he want to rule magdh, but i wont let them succeed.

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Justin and Helena come to her father selucesnaketer, helena ask are you ready to win over magdh, selucesnketar says that i lost war to chandra gupt morea way back but i still remember that insult, i have prepared to win magdh in all years, helena says that justin will send forces out of magdh to clam down enemies but then you will attack magdh, morea dynasty will be removed from magdh, we will rule it, father says i am thankful to you for helping me in this, and you made your son justin prepared for it, justin says i get to learn everyday from her, father says you are future of magdh, justin says i am future of noor khurasan too.
noor’s brother who died in attack done on bindu, his funeral is going on, when Achari comes there, khurasan lets him in, Achari folds his hands and condolences for his son’ death, khurasan says you are not our well wisher, achari says i agree but its truth that maghd’s enemy and your enemy is same and we want your partnership to save magdh and also you will get to take revenge of your son’s death. khurasan ask who is he? Achari says you will know soon but i want you to contribute so that we can make Bindu sar again samrat of magdh, khurasan says come in senses, bindu is dead, achari says till i dont se his deadbody, till then he is alive for me, khurasan find bindu sar, i cant trust anyone else than you, if Bindu returns only then your daughter can have bright future so you have to find him.

Scene 4
Guru pretends in court and says that we cant even mourn oevr Bindu’s death as magdh is burning in fire, if we dont stop all this then it will be insult to morea dynasty, the only to solve all this is to make new king of magdh. Helena says bindu’s son sushim will become king, Guru says we dont need king for name only, he is just one year old, how he will rule magdh, he cant even speak, my suggestion is to make king who is strong, who knows how to handle state, who has power to stop all this riots and there is only one person like this and that is Justin, helena says no, never, i dont agree to this, Justin says i dont agree too, i am hurt with my brother’s death, i cant take his place, never, Guru says dont get emotional, think about morea, he says to charumitra that sushim can be attacked too so only justin can protect magdh, i ask ministers if i am wrong, ministers agree with Guru, one minister says that khurasan’s agreement to this decision is important, if he agrees then we are all fine.
Khurasan is ready to leave his place and says to noor that if bindu sar is alive, then i will find him, he leaves.
Guru says we dont know where khurasan is, if we wait for him then magdh will brun down, we have to take decision now, helena says if all want this then i agree to this, for morea dynasty, justin you have to accept this throne, Guru, helena and justin look at each other and smirk for their acting in court.
dupatrati is treating bindu, bindu comes to consciousness.
Guru says from today justin is new king of magdh.

PRECAP- dupatrati gets married to bindu Sar. she gives birth to son ashok. Achari says magdh wants a warrior who is decisive, do welfare, is powerful. later he meets ashok and ask his name, ashok says i am Samrat ashok. later achari says to dupatrati that ashok’s fate is magdh’s respect, magdh’s throne, dupatrati says this is not his fate but evil side in his life and i will do everything to protect him from magdh’s throne. later ashok is finding dupatrati but doesnt find. dupatrati comes in palace of magdh to see ill bindu. ashok comes to palace and says tell achari ashok have come to take his mother. achari says t dupatrati that you have magdh’s future ashok in your hands. ashok run from soldiers and comes in palace, Achari says he has come, Samrat ashok.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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