Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nicator comes in Magdh’s palace, he enters court, Bindu and all smile seeing him, flower petals are sprinkled on him, Bindu says welcome, Nicator says i am thankful that you invited me to attend my grandson’s marriage, ages passed and i didnt see my grandson or daughter, Bindu says i understand thats why i called you, Nicator gifts him wine and dry fruits as gift, bindu says you still remember that i like dry fruits, Nicator says its my duty to remember your likes, Nicator says my daughter, Helena comes and hugs him, she says i was waiting for this moment for years, Nicator says i was happy listening about Justin’s marriage, he gives gift to Agni and Justin and says i pray that you both remain happy in life, Raj says welcome Nicator, we are from girl’s

side so we should gift you, Nicator says dont take me as guest, Justin says to Nicator that we are making a new palace for me and Agni, if you inaugurate it then we will take it as blessing, if Bindu ash no problem, Bindu says i have no problem, Prime minister says this day will be written in history, Chanakya says it will be seen what future changes are made because of this day, Nicator says to Chankya says i still remember everything, Chanakya says its good, you should not forger you mistakes, Nicator says dont woryr, i have not come to repeat my mistakes, Bindu says lets go for lunch.
Nicator is doing poojae for inauguration of palace making. Ahenkara says to Sushim that this palace will be great one, Ujjain people make good buildings, Sushim says Ujjain people are beautiful too (pointing Ahekara), she shyly smiles.
Dharma thinks i have to inform Chanakya that Ashok got to know that i am alive, she finds Radhagupt standing in Pooja and thinks to talk to him. After Pooja, Nicator says to Justin this palace will bring blessing in your life, Prime minister says to Chanakya that now all enemies of Magdh have become friends without blood shed then why you are tensed? Chanakya looks on, Justin loses balance and is about to fall, his head get hit with rock, blood comes out and falls on rocks from which palace will be made, Noor couldnt control and runs to check him as he ot injured, all are shocked to see her reaction, she changes her tone and ask are you find prince Justin? Helena says shedding blood is good sign, Justin does Pooja.

Scene 2
Dharma says to Chanakya that Ashok got to know i am alive, i have taken promise from him to not tell this truth to anyone but i am afraid if he tell this to Samrat Bindu, Chanakya says i will make Ashok understand, he thinks its important to calm Ashok.
Ashok is in Mandir, Chanakya comes there, Ashok greets him and says i was coming to meet you, Chanakya says i got to know everything from your mother, Ashok says i ave one problem, will you help me to solve it? chanakya nods, Ashok says because of you i got separated with my mother, i promised infront of you that i will always fulfill her promises but today she took promise from me that i cant fulfill it, she wants me to assume that she is dead even when i know that she is alive, he says i will forgive you for your mistakes, for bringing me here, i will be your servant whole life just make my mother understand that i cant fulfill her this promise, pacify her to make me live with her, please help me, he folds his hands, Chanakya says i cant help you, Ashok says if most powerful man cant help me then i take promise that i will become so powerful that people will not need your help, i will become so great that you will not be needed for me, no person will have to suffer, no son will have to assume his mother dead and all will get justice, i will become powerful, h leaves, Radha says to Chanakya this way Ashok will hate you more, Chanakya says if by hating me, he can achieve what he deserve then let it be, i want him to follow his fate and i can sacrifice anything for that, his fate is important for India, chanakya coughs.

Scene 2
Ashok comes to isolated place and recalls how Dharma took promise from him that nobody should know she is alive, Ashok says why mother why? Bindu whose caravan is passing by there stops seeing Ashok, Bindu comes to Ashok and says you here? are you fine, Ashok says yes, Bindu says as friend i can sense you are tensed, Ashok says there is no solution for problem, Bindu says tell me, Ashok says if i tell you my problem then i will expect solution from you and if you are not able to give solution then i will become sad, Bindu says if i am no able to find solution then i will make you see problem from otherside, tell me, Ashok ask Samrat Bindu that if someone who is most close to your heart ask to do something which is difficult for you then what will you do? Bindu says if you trust that person then you should not think and just do what he wants you to do, do you trust that person? Ashok recalls his moments with Dharma, how she asked him assume her dead, Ashok says no i dont trust her but i.. he stops, Bindu says i was confused once like you too when i was of your age, my father Chandragupt Maurya took me on cliff, flashback shows some soldier asking sorry to Chandragupt but Chandra gives arrow to Bindu and ask him to kill him, Bindu ask why, Chandra says dont ask reason, Bindu says i didnt know what was his sin but i trusted Chandra and killed first person in my life, Ashok says what was his sin? bindu says that soldier killed his parents, Ashok says then why Chandra didnt tell you about it? Bindu says because he wanted to test my trust on him and i passed, Ashok recalls how Dharma asked Ashok to not question and just dont tell anyone about me being alive, AShok says i lost trust on her for a second but now that trust is back, Bindu smiles and says then lets for go for lunch, Ashok thinks if i go with Bindu then i wont be able to meet Dharma before last competition.

PRECAP- Bindu says to Drupat that the one who is great warrior, great person and do justice should become king. Charu says to Sushim that you have to win this competition at any cost, Noor says to Siamak that this time you have to win and make me happy. Ashok says to Dharma that tomorrow i will take part in last competition, bless me that i win it and get Chandragupt’s sword so my self- respect and confidence is regained, Dharma smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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