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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dharma says to Subhrasi and Charu that Ashok and Sushim are already at loggerheads and this competition will pull them apart more, charu thinks Khalatak should do his work.
One Acharaya says Ashok have thinking like Chandragupt, other Acharaya says Sushim’s answers are more accurate, they are near what is written and what has been followed, he knows all the rules, Khalatak comes and says we need vice Samrat who know everything and can take decisions easily, one Acharaya says Ashok has great thinking but revolutionizing, if he sit on throne then he will change all the rules being followed otherside Sushim knows all the rules but has no thinking to decide anything by himself, one is ready to rule but have no thinking capability(Sushim), other has great thinking

but not ready to sit on throne(Ashok), they are confused, all Acharayas leave, one is remaining, Kahalatak thinks i have to do something, he says to Acharaya that if Ashok becomes Samrat then he will take all the luxuries from you too, he has that type of thinking, he will rule everyone according to himself.
Bindu comes in court, Ashok and everyone is present there, Bindu says i know decision is very difficult, it was a difficult competition, he thanks Khalatak for giving him idea of educational competition between Sushim and Ashok, host says that two bags are placed here, one is of Sushim and other is of Ashok, voting will happen and the one who will get more coins will win competition and will become temporary Samrat, first An Acharaya comes forward and says my vote is for the one who has exceptional thinking, he votes for Ashok and puts coin in his bag as vote, other Acharaya comes forward and says its very difficult to chose between them but i will give my vote to the one who is ready to sit on throne right now, he votes for Sushim, voting continues, Sushim is winning it, An Acharaya comes forward and says if i vote for Ashok then both votes will be equal and i will have to call someone to break tie, he says before competition, i thought to vote for Sushim only but after competition, i am impressed with Ashok’s thoughts, i respect him alot but problem is not with his thinking but problem is with us, the thinking which you have, we dont have capability to implement that in our society, he votes for Sushim, Khalatak says no doubt sushim is temporary Samrat now, all chants for Sushim, Ashok extends his hand to congratulate Ashok but Sushim ignores him, Bindu smiles and calls Sushim, he hugs Sushim and says great performance, Sushim comes to Khalatak and hugs him, Bindu calls Ashok too, he hugs him, Ashok comes to Chanakya and says i am sorry, i tried but.. Chanakya says person learn from failure more than his success, dont become sad with your defeat, your destination, your mission is much more bigger than this and nobody can snatch that from you, Ashok leaves from there, Bindu leaves too.
Dasi informs Charu that Sushim has won, charu cant believe it, Subhrasi says to charu that i am very happy for you, i knew sushim will win, he had worked hard alot, Dharma is happy too, Ahenkara says to herself that no this cant happen, Ashok cant lose, Helena says to charu i ma happy for you, i am sure he will be a good Samrat, Dharma congratulates Charu, Charu says i didnt expect your son to perform well too, Dharma says i will help you to prepare for welcome of Sushim, Subhrasi says no you are not needed, Charu says you dont know about royal welcomes so its useless to come with us, they leave, Helena says to Dharma that you must be sad that your son got defeated but Siamak needs me, he is very sad, i request you to ask Ashok to be away from Siamak for sometime, Siamak thinks hi friend has deceived him, i will try to pacify him, she leaves.
Sushim and Ashok comes in palace, Bindu says to Charu that congrats your son has won, judges chose him as temporary Samrat, Charu says he is your shadow so he would win, Charu does Sushim’s aarti, Sushim says i have reached till here because of you only, charu says no you have worked hard and this consequences of that, Sushim touches Helena’s feet, she says in these few days do work as great Samrat that it should not be forgotten for years, he touches Susbhrasi’s feet, he comes to dharma and looks at Bindu looking at him, he touches her feet too, he comes to ahenkara, she congratulates him, sushim says i do what i say, Bindu says i will leave palace with Chanakya tonight only and Sushim will take charge from tonight only.
Radha ask Chanakya did you know this is going to happen? Chanakya i knew Sushim would win but i am stunned to see how Acharayas are being impressed by Ashok’s thinking, they are ready to think and ready to see change so when time will come to have change in this society, i may not be in this world but i am sure Ashok will win everyone by his extraordinary thinking and way of seeing things, Chanakya says Ashok will not only become great Samrat of Mauryaa but he will called great Samrat all of the time, the one who respects humanity become loving like devtas(Lords).

PRECAP- Acharaya ask Bindu to give place to Sushim on throne, Bindu makes Sushim wear crown, Sushim sits with Bindu on throne. Helena says to Ashok that there is some danger around throne. Radha talks to Ashok and says if this danger is related to sushim sitting on throne? Ashok says maybe danger around throne means Bindu is in problem.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think ashok should win….plz update fast

    1. Sushim will win because Chanakya wants to make Bindu realise that Sushim is not capable of being a successful ruler.

  2. Wat..sushim won..shit

  3. due to chankaya….sushima won but chanakya has a good plan…eagertly waiting for the plan to unfold….

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  4. Ab update bhi kr do.. Itni der to ho gai..

  5. Kumar Pranshu

    i m very happy that sushim will become smarat.

  6. no chankya just want to convince indirectly ashoka to be a smarat after being tourchered by susim

  7. meer rana magar

    no no sushim can’t win

  8. I’m very shocked at shubrasi’s behaviour towards dharma and ashok. Dharma was her daasi, the latter knows her very well, then why is she behaving like this? I thought shubrasi is like dharma, but today her jealousy proved that shes getting into charumitra’s skin. Why is she acting so indifferent? As if bindusar would have loved her equally if dharma would not have existed. I hope shubrasi doesn’t become like charumitra. And i’m very curious to know what lies ahead in ashok’s fate. Now that sushim is prahari raja, i’m sure he’ll make everyone’s life hell, especially dharma, ashok and ahankara. Don’t know when will bindusar realize what is in ahankara’s heart.

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