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Scene 1
Niharika says to Helena that what if Bindu doesnt believe me? Helena says its difficult, he loves Dharma and accepting her as betrayer is difficult but with our performance we have made him weak, when doubt comes in trust then it can break anytime, i have one way through which he will believe that Dharma is behind all this, Niharika says my mission is not to punish dharma or just revenge, i want to fulfill last wish of my husband and that was right of his kids on this throne, i want Ahenkara and Sushim’s relation, Helena says whom i wanted to see on throne is not anymore but i will talk to Charu soon about this, she hugs Niharika and smirks.
Dharma comes in mandir and says why Bindu have so many problems, i cant go to him to support him, why this test? Ashok comes

there, he is tensed, she ask what happened, he sas first answer me, does true love of anyone can cheat? or betray? dharma says no, true love is pure, AShok says so Bindu’s love didnt cheat him, niharika lied, Dharma ask what she said? Ashok says she said that all this conspiracy was created by Bindu’s most close wife Dharma, Dharma is stunned and aarti plate falls from her hands, he ask what happened to you? he says i am going to Bindu, he is about to leave, Dharma says take care of him, dont let him break, Ashok nods and leaves.
Bindu comes to Dharma’s statue in room and says why did you that Dharma? why you didnt come to me when you are alive, why did you hide? whats the problem, dont you wanna meet me, you dont know how i bear all these years without you, if you were with me then today in court nobody would have dared to point you, i am helpless even when i know that you are pure and innocent, i couldnt say anything in your defense, forgive me.
Bindu comes in room, he looks at Dharma’s statue and says i am sorry, he imagines Dharma coming to him, he is stunned, Dharma smiles, they share eyelock, Dharma says for me the only important thing for me is what you think about me, if you have no doubt about my intentions then i am ok, you should not also think what people think about me, Bindu says those questions that raised in court, i have to answer them someday and i dont have any proof to prove your innocence, Dharma says trust doesnt need proofs and if if proofs then its not trust, Bindu looks down thinking, he turns to see his imagination vanished, he finds Dharma’s statue there and leaves.
Radha says to Chanakya that they were raising questions on Dharma and you remained silent, Bindu was so much hurt, we know truth then why you didnt take Dharma’s side, if you had told truth about dharma then everything would be clear, why you remained silent? Chanakya says i take all steps to protect Magdh, i had doubt on alliance of Khurasani an Greeks but the way they showed Dharma as betrayer proves that they have made alliance, i could have told truth that Dharma is alive and with me but then many questions would have raised that why did i kept her away from her husband, the answer was Ashok and if i had taken Ashok’s name then they would ask why did i hide his truth, after truth came out then Ashok would have been in danger, we need to understand the situation, Helena after killing her son has become great not only in eyes of people but also for Bindu, she has become devi,

Bindu is in his room, Helena comes there, he wipes his tears, she says you cannot hide your pain from me, its very difficult to listen bad about your own, your love didnt get less in all these for her, how can a women kill so many innocents to take revenge, your family would have died in all this, Bindu says no she cant do this, violence cant be her way, even after all these years she cant leave peace path, Helena says i know women more than you, when women’s self esteem and her thing is snatched from her then she can do anything, maybe she didnt come here to take revenge but she must have seen you happy with your wives and sons and she didnt accept it, you must not be believing me but truth is always bitter, see me, i gave birth to Justin, raised him up but couldnt understand his intentions, you and me didnt get any idea about his thoughts, thats same with Dharma, if anything happens to Magdh again because of Dharma then magdh and Maurya dynasty wont be able to forgive you, not Dharma but your dharam is important, protect your land, this is what i did and you should not ruin my sacrifice, she leaves, Bindu comes to statue angrily with sword, he recalls Helena and Niharika’s words that fulfill his duty before love, he raises his sword to break statue but stops then go closer to it and attacks with sword, his hand bleeds, he leaves, Statue breaks.
the soldier who saw Dharma is guiding artist to make her sketch, artist makes Dharma’s sketch, Khurasan comes and kills soldier, he says now Bindu will believe that Dharma doesnt want anyone to make her sketch.
Ashok comes to Bindu and sees his hand bleeding, he says how this happened? he brings first aid and cleans his wound, bandages it, Bindu says i killed that statue, i prayed to her as my dharma, i broke it, i made it with my hands and today with same hands i broke it, Ashok says if you heart says that she is innocent then dont think about anyone else, Bindu says unfortunately i am Samrat, i have to follow my duty, i have to neutral not biased, what if i couldnt fulfill my duty? what will people learn from me, nobody will aspect justice from me, dharma should come out so that i can take my answers, AShok says i can help you to find her, Bindu says no she is criminal in Magdh’s eyes so soldiers have to find her, artist comes there and says before i can complete sketch someone killed that soldier, Ashok and bindu are shocked.

PRECAP- Chanakya ask Ashok how will you find dharma as you dont know anything about her, you have not seen her, Ashok says i have got something, he shows statue’s half broken piece of face,he says i got it from Bindu’s room, they are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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