Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Acharaya Shrist says all student did good in 2nd competition but some were extra ordinary, the 10 students going to next level will be announced, from these 10 students, one will become great Warrior of Magdh, he will get Chandragupt Maurya’s sword, he says i will announce names now, first is Sushim, he got 10 10 marks in both competitions, Siamak is 2nd, he got 19 marks in total, then Vasu, then Inder, Ashok is tensed, he says at 9th number, it is Subaho, AShok is tensed, 10th is Mahamani, Chanakya and aakramak are sad, Sushim says to Ashok that now you must know this is royal school and only royal people win here, not cheap guys like you, Shrist says one important announcement is remaining, all looks on, he says i got to know Mahamani got hurt and cant take part in

competition, so the one who is at 11th number will go further, he got 2 marks in 1st competition and 6 in 2nd competition, is is Ashok, he is 10th now, Ashok smiles and stand in line of students, he glances at Sushim, Siamak says congrats, Shrist says this is fate that Ashok got place in last competition, all hopes have raised from you seeing your performance today, Kitasaraya says dont ride high, next competition is difficult, Chanakya says to Ashok that your self confidence and hope is your strength, dont misuse it.

Scene 2
Charu, Noor and subhrasi are playing luddo, Charu says fate is saying that my son is going to get success by climbing stairs, Noor says climbing stairs doesnt always lead to success, siamak is also working hard, Charu says new people come and take positions of others, you know Agni has come in palace, she is making new palace and taking Justin away, Noor fumes, Dasi informs them that Sushim is 1st in competition, Siamak is 2nd, Charu says its not first time Sismak is losing to his brother, Noor is angry, Dharma brings drinks, Charu says why glass is half? Dharma says sorry its a mistake, Subhrasi says she is new, forgive her, Charu throws away glass, and says she will not do mistake now, Charu ask what about that common guy? dasi informs that he has gone to last round too, he is 10th in rank, Dharma gets happy listening this.
Radhagupt ask soldiers to check all stuff, worker says you are not allowed to see all stuff, he ask to not open one box, Radha says this is Patliputra, here our orders are being followed, maybe i will get what i want from this box only, worker says there are private clothes of Raj in it, Radha orders to check it, worker says you will have to answer about this insult of raj, Radhagupt opens box and checks, he doesnt find anything and allow them to go.
Helena says to Raj how Radhagupt didnt find anything? Chanakya says to Radah that there must be something in stuff but we couldnt see it, Radha says but i saw it with my own eyes, they were simple stones. workers are cutting stones, they have hidden things in stones. Chanakya gets idea listening the word stones, Radha says we should catch them, Chanakya says no, let them feel that they have won, he orders to spy on the workers, the war has begun.
Sushim comes to Ashok. Ashok says i got to next level on my own and you couldnt do anything, Sushim says luck was in your favor today, Ashok says fate blesses those who deserve it, i am at 11th position, one will be removed and i will become 1st, Ahenkara says to Sushim that this is 2nd time he proved you wrong infront of me, i dont wanna see it happening 3rd time, she leaves, Sushim gets angry on AShok, he approaches Ashok but Subaho comes infront of him, Sushim pushes him and is about to beat him when Ashok holds his hand, Sushim amgrily looks at him, Ashok ask to not become beast, Sushim says you will regret this, he grabs Ashok by neck, Ashok also grabs him from neck, Aakramak comes there so they leave each other, Aakramak ask what is happeneing her? keep this anger with you, it will be needed in competition and timing should be good in next level, all leaves, Sushim says i have to teach lesson to this Ashok, he may have gone to next level, but will not take part in competition.

Scene 3
Dharma is running behind Drupat to make him drink milk, he says first promise me that you will take me to royal school, she says i cant go, he says i will take permission from mother, he comes to Subhrasi and says can i go to school to meet Siamak and Sushim, she says i am busy, we cant go now, he says then i will go with Dasi (dharma), Charu ask Dharma to come and massage her shoulders, Dharma is shocked and massages it, Dharma thinks if i am feeling so much bad about this behavior then what Ashok must be going through, subhrasi says its good that Ashok, who has no learning , passed this competition, Agni comes and says maybe level of competition is low, Noor says now loser Ujjainies will tell us, Charu says not Ujjainies but she is would be princess of Magdh, Agni says to Charu that i dont know why Samrat Bindu enrolled a common (ashok) in royal school, Dharma says its not good to question Samrat’s decision, if he has taken decision then there must be some reason behind it and he must have seen some guts in that guy, Charu gets angry and says Dasi(dharma), how dare you talk to princess like this, Agni says you are a dasi and raising voice over me, Noor says this not raising voice but she has guts to speak her thinking, Agni tuants her that you have time to give importance to dasies, Subhrasi feeling heat of moment ask Dharma to leave and Drupat to royal school, Dharma is shocked and recalls how Chanakya asked her to not go there as it will be dangerous for her and AShok.

PRECAP- Sushim says to this friends that when Ashok will go to Vann, he will not return school, we will do our work. Drupa comes and ask Sushim what you were doing, he says i was making plan, Drupat ask what? Sushim tells him his plan. later Drupat says to Dharma that i got to know, Sushim is going to make Ashok learn lesson in Vann, Dharma is shocked and thinks that i will have to save Ashok at any cost even if i have to go behind him, she runs from there, Drupat runs behind her

Update Credit to: Atiba

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