Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ujjain’s soldiers says are you trying to make us afraid showing sword? Ashok says this sword of changragupt maurya, the kid who have this sword must some extra ordinary guy, I am warrior of Magdh and if I have decided to talk to Niharika then nobody can stop me, it depends on you how you want me to go.
In room, Noor thinks how will we find Dharma like this, if I don’t find her then I will lose in this war, I have to find that Dharma, she turns and strikes with Dharma, she scolds her and says what if got hurt? she ask Dharma to look down, dharma looks down, Noor leaves.
soldier comes to Niharika and tells about Ashok, she ask to call him in. Ashok comes to Niharika and greets her, he says I am resident of magdh and I have something to say, she says what

if I don’t wanna listen, Ashok says then I will think that you font have guts to talk to kid, she says ok say only two things, Ashok says my first thing is that stop this war, she says impossible, Ashok says you will get nothing, innocents die in war only, she gets angry.
Helena says to Nicator and Khurasan says that I never thought I will kill my son, same way we never thought that Khurasan will be with us, our friends keep changing but our destination should not change, Niharika has denied to talk but we have to calm down bindu and ask him to work peace, we have to find Dharma and for that this war has to stop.
Ashok says to Niharika that the one who die in war, can be used to serve city,
Niharika finds wound mark in Ashok’s hands which Ahenkara had engraved in his hand.

Scene 2
Chanakya puts 2 Scorpio in bowl, they start fighting, Chanakya says both are poisonous, both want everything for themselves, both cant share then how can they become one? Radha says why you think Khurasan and Helena have joined hands? Chanakya says the way they were going against each other shows itl, nRadha says Greeks killed Khurasan’s son then how can he shake hands with them? it can happen only when they are getting same benefit, Chanakya says that I am not able to stand, they were against each other and now the way they are showing trust and faith in each other underlying, it shows something is fishy, I should talk to Bindu.
Helena says to Bindu that I should be proud seeing you ready for war but I am worried, and guilty, it is all happening because of Justin and my other son is putting his life in danger to save his people, Bindu says you should not be guilty, the way you have showed your dignity and truthfulness toward magdh is commendable, I am doing my duty, I have to protect my people, Nicator says we are not stopping you to do your duty, we are just saying that we should not leave peace path, Khurasan says even I think that we should talk to Niharika for magdh, I want to talk to her personally, Chanaky comes and says its great to listen Khurasan, but I want to know what trick you have that will pacify Niharika? Khurasan says I can try, Chanakya says if army head goes to Niharika then she can do same what she did with common soldier, who will handle that insult? Khalatak says even I think that we should not wait for talk, it can disappoint people, Bindu takes Helena’s blessing, Ashok comes and says there is no need to go to war, he says I talked to Niharika and she is ready for peace talks, Bindu says how you talked to her? flashback shows Ashok says to Niharika that for peace we need more strength then we need for war, she ask how you know Ahenkara? Ashok says we has strong will, if anyone was in her place then he would have broken but she is strong and living with respect, she has seen her father dying, what if anything happens to you in war? just do peace talk once and if you don’t agree then you always have option for war, Niharika thinks and says ok ask Bindu to send someone for peace talks, fb ends, Khalatak says how can we believe you? Ashok gives statement letters, Bindu reads it, Ashok says in this letter, Niharika has asked Bindu’s men to come and talk with her, Khalatak says you didn’t do good, you went against Bindu and made us weak infront of enemies, they would think that we sent a kid to talk with enemies, you should be punished, Ashok says to Bindu that I went against you, I can accept your punish but i cant see people dying in war, Bindu says you make me proud again and again, its like son goes ahead of his father, Subaho says he saved Vasu too, Ashok says Ujjainies made him drink water from lake which they poisoned, send message that no one should drink water from it, Chanakya says you proved that capability doesn’t depend on age, as people like you are here then future is secure, Helena thinks he did our work, Bindu ask Khurasan to go and talk with Niharika.
Noor thinks that if all dasies are here then Dharma should be here too, how should i find it, she finds Siamak and Drupat playing game, Siamak ask Drupat what is in carton? he guesses it, noor gets idea and says we should make game interesting, she calls all dasies, Subhrasi ask what are you doing? she says i am distracting kids so they don’t think about war, charu says why not? why make them think everything is fine in world? they will become weak like this, Subhrasi says i undersrtand, they understand situation but they cant do much so we should not make them tensed, its better if they are distracted, Noor says all dasies will their name, whoever from Drupat and siamak will remembers names will be winner, Subhrasi says its difficult, Noor says to make it easy i will ask dasies about their personal life so that they can recognize her easily, noor thinks if dharma is here then she will be hesitant to tell it, dharma is there and is tensed.

PRECAP- Bindu ask who is betrayer? Niharika says he is same person whom Bindu loves more than his life, Helena says tell her name, i will behead her, Niharika says Bindu will kill her with his hands and her name is Dharma, all are stunned, Helena smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wat the hell is going on in”CSA” when Helena will die ?

  2. What the hell ashok saved ahenkara n her mother is killing ashoks mom only I bet that’s y u lost ur husband when u witch niharika

  3. Damn it,such a bad precap…dont know what will happen to Ashok mom

  4. I hpe chanakya saves dharma….

  5. i’m sure chanakya and ashok together will save dharma. but i’m curious to know what will be ashok’s reaction on knowing about his father. will he hate him? its so exciting.

  6. 1. It must be some other dasi or 2. Ahenkara will help Ashok in proving dharma innocent cuz Ashok help her when she was in tat sitution. Or 3. Chanakya

  7. How Niharika knows about Dharma, Even Helena knows about Dharma recently.

  8. please write your story according to history….Dharma is not supposed to die that way or yet.YOUR STORY LOSES CREDIBILITY WHEN YOU WRITE ALONG THOSE LINES..HELENA ,NICATOR .KHURASAN AND NOOR PLOT ARE ALL CRAP!

  9. Yes, I also mean how niharika knows about Dharma. I feel Niharika has joined hands with Helena too..

  10. Yes, I also mean how niharika knows about Dharma.

  11. Khurasan meets Niharika and tells about Dharma as per the instruction of Helena

  12. Whatever this serial showing is all crap…
    There is nothing such happen. if someone us their little bit common sense they cone to know that all this is false and unreal they only showing these episodes for trp
    According to this show only ashok done everything and all others can’t do anything for their nation

  13. Bindu liked sushim and always wanted him to b his successor. Not ashok. He feared ashok power and popularity. When entire rebel cooled down without any war. When rebel came to know that ashok has came for war. Instead they hosted for party for ashok and his troops

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