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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashok says since now we have been fighting with swords now we will find with words. The attack of both can’t be taken back. I hope i dont hurt someone with my words specially my brother. Sushim says everything is fair in love and war.
Sushim stops ahenkara and says where are you going at this time? She say i heard ashok.. sushim says dont worry about him so much that you forget your limits. If i were in your place i would have care about my sibling than a friend. You better go and pray for my win. Once i become samrat i will make everything okay. Will you pray for me? She says yes. He shoves her and says now go to your room.
Charu says to sushim i will handle ahenkara and ashok you focus on your mission. You should focus on winning. You have to sit on

that throne.

Sushim says I will show you what my target is and how i hit it. Ashok says its not a target when you miss it. They start sword fight. Chanayaka says ashok sushim, fight is not the solution. Mind in the solution to everything.
Mahamat says teach ashok the things of royal house. He doesn’t know anything yet. Chanayaka says there is nothing royal to wisdom. Its about how wise you are. And Ashok will win all his tests. Mahamaat says says i am waiting to see all this.
Chanakya says ashok has to guide himself and that is how he will guide others.

Khurasan asks noor who tried to poison ashok? Noor says i dont care if ashok dies or lives. I care about siyamak. Bindu kept him out today. .. says you should go and meet dastaan. She says how can i. I wasn’t loyal to bindu because he never loved me. I fell in love with justin because he gave me love. Justin has just gone and its now you are asking me to.. Khurasan says we are helpless and that is why i am asking you to go to dastaan. He must not havfe forgotten what i did to him. But we need his help. You can go to him a mom if not as a woman. Cant you do this for your son?

Sushim is learning his lesson. Charu mom and mahamaat are coming in. she says i am so proud of you. The way you are working hard you will beat ashok. He says once i sit on the throne i wont get down. Mahamaat says no one should know that I gave you questions for today’s test beforehand.
Maharaj shri vinjendar will ask you questions in first round. He is wise and experienced.
Next will be krinath. He will ask you questions that will make sure that you didn’t only rote learn but you understood it too.
Akhandanand is the third and toughest one. No one knows whats going on in his mind. Sushim’s mom says once ashok loses, dharma will lose will too. I will never let her win again.

Dharma says to ashok don’t think about win and lose. All mothers are equal. Sushim is like a son to me. Ashok says when i got to know he is my brother i wanted to forget everything. I thought that his mind would change too. He doesn’t want to consider me his brother. Dharma says you should love him even if he doesn’t love you. I know you love him, you have respect in your heart for him. You are not doing this for you ego.

Dharma sees sushim threatening ahenkara about killing her sister. Charu comes and says sushim loves ahenkara. When Sushim saw ashok and ahenkara hugging he got mad. Ashhok doesn’t know manners of royals. He should know that ahenkara is his brother’s wife to be. Dharma says i have trust in the lessons i have given him. He will never cross his limits. She says i hope thats truth.
Sushim says i wont kill her easily. I need you till i become king after that i will lock you in cage.

Precap- Sushim is being asked hows should the wrongdoers be treated. Sushim says they should be punished. Once they’re punished rest will be scared. Ashok says i disagree to one point. Bindu says ashok sure wil become the king one day.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. how can u say that? I mean how u came to know about this

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