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Scene 1
Sushim says all will keep finding but no one will find proofs against me, Charu slaps him and says you are a fool to make any plan, you made plan in hurry and didnt even think about consequences of getting caught, you think Kamakshi died on her own? flashback shows Charu coming to Kamakshi and giving her snake, snake bites her and Kamakshi dies, fb ends, Charu says if i had not killed her then you would be in problem, Sushim says Ashok’s fate is very good, Charu puts Sushim’s hand on fire, he shouts and says its hurting him, Charu says you cant bear such less pain then how will you bear pain of losing throne? she leaves his hand, she says we have not lost alot till now, Bindu is leaving palace for Pooja, if everything goes nicely then Chanakya will go with

him too, i have made a plan, call Khalatak, Sushim goes.
Chanakya comes to Bindu, Bindu says this year was nice, we caught enemies, i found Dharma and Ashok so i want to do Pooja to thank all this, my father wanted you to do this Pooja for him, this pooja is not completed without you, it was my father’s last wish that you do pooja for him, Chanakya says he was like my son so i will fulfill his last wish but seeing the situation, i feel we should postpone this tour to next months, Bindu says if i postpone it then enemy will think i am afraid of them, also Aakramak is here to protect my family, Chanakya says but.. Khalatak comes and says Chanakya is right, this situation is tense, you should not leave throne, i know Bindu you are still deciding on who should be your heir but you can announce part time Samrat till you are not here, he will sit on throne, Sushim is elder and capable too, Chanakya says but Ashok have shown from his skills that he has capability to sit on throne, Khalatak says then we should have verbal competition between Ashok and Sushim, let Achrayas decide whose answers are more satisfying, that will be Samrat for sometime, Bindu says idea is good, chanakya agrees too.
Sushim says to Charu that you have made a nice plan, Ashok will be defeated, Charu says i have done my work but you have to do your work now, Khalatak says to sushim that you have put fire in this situation.

Scene 2
Sushim comes to Siamak and tells him about competition, Siamak says no, Ashok cant cheat me, he cant try to snatch throne from me, sushim says the boy who can put his mother’s life in danger to become prince, he can fake friendship too, Siamak ask why should trust you? i know you can even kill me for throne, Sushim says you are right but i dont hide anything, i am what i am, i dont fake friendship and all, you have been cheated by many, its time that you decide what you should do.
Ashok ask Bindu why you are not choosing Siamak for throne, he is very nice, Bindu says i am happy that you are taking side of your brother but Siamak is very young, he is shaken by Justin’s death, if he takes any wrong decision after sitting on throne then he will be blamed and he will be more pressurized then, Ashok says i am sorry i questioned your decision, Bindu says i am happy that you are not standing against your brother but standing for your brother, Ashok says if Sushim is only taking part in it then i am also ready to compete, Bindu says my prayers are with you, Ashok touches his feet and takes blessing, Siamak and sushim sees this from far, Sushim says to Siamak that see what your friend is doing, Siamak starts leaving from there, Ashok comes there, he calls Siamak but Siamak doesnt stop and leaves from there, Ashok thinks what happened to him?
Helena says to Noor that if we force on to include siamak in this verbal competition then Chanakya will doubt us, he can reach depth of secret that whose son Siamak is. i have to be silent but you can speak, Noor says by putting siamak in corner it means Siamak have to snatch his rights, he will do that.

Scene 3
Ashok says to Chanakya that Bindu is right, Siamak is not in situation to hande throne but i cant see Siamak sad that he is not in competition, i told him that i am not interested to get throne, chanakya says you want to serve your nation right? dont you want that when your father is not here, you make sure that your nation is secure and you work for them, cant we expect this from you? Ashok says ok then prepare me for tomorrow’s exam.
khalatak brings questions for sushim, Sushim says these are very less questions, Charu says Gurus will ask only these questions, Khalatak nods, Sushim says i will learn answer of these question by heart and Ashok will be defeated.
chanakya says to Ashok that everyone’s knowledge area is different, its impossible to teach you everything so i have decided to not teach you anything, Ashok is stunned and says you want me to take part in competition and win over Sushim, i am not educated even, Chanakya says you cannot educate anyone in a day, i can tell you what can make you win this competition, you think from heart, this your strength but heart can make you emotional too so you have control your emotions, your victory depends on how logically you think, i dont have any other thing to teach you, Ashok takes his blessing and leaves, Radha says what you did? you didnt teach him anything, you should have told him some basic learning, Sushim will learn everything, chanakya says they will try to beat Ashok, Radha says Ashok doesnt even want throne, he said it clearly, chanakya says Ashok doesnt have idea that he need to have position and designation, he need to have throne to serve people, to protect his nation, let him drown then he will realize importance of all this, Radha ask what about competition? what if Sushim wins? Chanakya says then he will become Samrat for sometime, Ashok needs opportunity to serve his land, Ashok has capability to become great Samrat even greater than Chandrgupt and he also has ability to become worst Samrat, Ashok is not in my control, the day he will come to me to ask my guidance, then i will guide but till then Ashok have to learn things on his own.

Ashok says till now chandragupt’s sword was with me, tomorrow i will fight be using words but i will not hurt anyone not my brother. Sushim says everything is fair in love and war, Ashok wins hearts of people with his words, tomorrow i will beat him in his skill only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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