Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Score board of competition is set up in school, Sushim is no.1 as he won 1st competition then Siamak is 2nd, Ashok is last in list. Sushim says the one who is last roam around in school like he is first in list, Ashok says you are being 1st and so much obsessed with the person who is last? is this your insecurity? and mind you till competition is on, nobody is last or first, Ashok leaves from there. Sushim looks on.
Agni and Justin are in balcony of their room, Agni says to Justin that i am waiting for our marriage, i didnt know importance of this day but now when i know it then every minute is difficult to pass, Noor is seeing them from her room’s balcony. Agni touches justin’s hand but he moves away, she says you dont like me? he says nothing like that

but things are happening fast, he holds her hand, Noor fumes. Siamak comes to Noor and says you know what Ashok did today, Noor says i told you to not go close to him (looking at justin and Agni) but you dont take me seriously, you like seeing me hurt? Khurasan comes and says he wants to see you happy thats why he is working hard for competition, he ask siamak to go, Siamak leaves, Khurasan says to Noor that the fire in which you are burning is lit by you only (having affair with Justin) but dont hurt Siamak in all this, he leaves.
Acharaya Shirst says to students that from 21 students, 15 students are going to next level of competition, in next competition, your mind and heart’s coordination will be checked, your quickness, your intelligence will be tested, after this task, 10 students will go to next level and then in last competition, the one who will win will get Maurya’s sword, Sushim says i will win this sword again, Siamak says this time i will prove that i am stronger than Sushim by winning this sword, i will prove to Bindu that i maybe younger than Sushim but is ready to become next Samrat, Ashok says if this sword can bring back my self respect, can show people that i can serve my nation then i will win this swod at any cost. Aakramak says now the next competition will be “andh yudd” (blind war), it will be tomorrow.

Scene 2
Siamak tells Ashok that Chandragupt Maurya was in life danger when this blind war happened, some enemies attacked him and had put dust in his eyes so he got blind for time being but because of his listening sense only he fought with them and killed them, tomorrow in competition, all students eyes will blinded by putting blindfold on eyes, everyone will attack each other but you have to listen the moves others and save yourself, everyone’s weapon will have music in it so you can sense your enemies presence around you and can defend yourself, Ashok says this is difficult but not impossible, i will practice for it.
students are practicing for blind war, on student has blind fold on his eyes, he is about to fall on pricks but Ashok saves him and says be careful, he leaves, student says the much Sushim says, AShok is not that bad but he is kind hearted.
Chanakya says to Dharma that nothing is impposbile and AShok has spark to win the competition, think if that day Ashok or Bindu had recognized you then what would have happened, Kasturi says i am sorry for taking dharma there, Chanakya says to Dharma that you are strength of Ashok if you come infront of anyone this time now then your life will be in danger, you have to protect yourself, head cook finds Kasturi and Dharma talking to Chanakya and leaves.
head cook says to Khurasan that one cook(dharma) is seen talking with chanakya in private, i am sure is secret agent of him, Khurasan think and says curtly chanakya.
Sushim says to his students that when Acharaya said this is about our intelligence, AShok’s face got pale, tomorrow he will be beaten up, Ashok and Siamak comes there, Sushim says in first competition Ashok was about to get rusticated, first my father did favor on him by enrolling him in school and now i did favor on him by saving him from rustication, Ashok says the favor is not worth it when you brag about it and you didnt do favor on him but you lost fight to him and as per conditions you had to say truth, Sushim says dont talk inbetween, Wasu (the guy saved by Ashok) comes and says Ashok came last in first competition as you cheated with him, maybe he would have won if you didn cheat, Sushim gets angry on him and is about to hit Wasu but Ashok stops him and says the one who attack weak people are called beast and you know about beast every well, remember once a beast came in patliputra? Sushim says i will not leave you today, he grabs Ashok by neck, Ashok also holds him from neck, they both enter in scuffle, Aakramak comes there and ask what is happening here? Ashok and sushim leave each other, he ask them to practice competition.
AShok has put blind fold on eyes and tries to hit target but cant, Aakramak comes there and ask him to concentrate and then hit, Ashok says how can i concentrate when it is written that Sushim will win competition, when all are under him, when all think that i am cheap guy, when nobody respect me, Aakramak ask him to just look at your target, Ashok says i doing that only, let me concentrate on target, he starts hitting target again, Aakramak thinks how this guy will understand.
Khurasan’s soldiers come in kitchen and ask where is that new cook, one cook points in direction of dharma, Dharma hides and looks on, Khurasan ask to catch her, Dharma is shocked, Kasturi ask her to run, Dharma runs away, Khurasan’s soldiers run behind her to catch her.
Nirjara’s sister become secret agent of Chanakya, he says i hope you serve like your sister, soldier informs Chanakya that workers to make palace are coming from ujjain to Patliputra, Chanakya ask to keep eye on them, Kasturi comes there and informs that Khursan men came in search of Dharma in kitchen, she ran away but they are behind her, Chanakya says we have to protect her, he thinks if anything happens to Dharma then it will not be good.

PRECAP- Drupat is standing on top of pillar is about to fall but Dharma catches him, Khursan’s soldiers come there and ask Dharma didyou see some lady running from here? Subhrasi comes there and ask what is happening here? she ask Dharma who are you? Dharma is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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