Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindu comes in kitchen where Butter machine is being placed, he tries to make butter from milk but dont know how to use machine, he ask everyone to leave, all leaves, Ashok comes there and laughs, Bindu ask why you are laughing? you do this and then you will understand how difficult it is, Ashok says i have seen my mother doing it swo i know how difficult it is, i know someone who can help you, Bindu ask who? Ashok says a dasi, Bindu says no if any queen gets to know it then it will be problem for me, Ashok says this will be our secret, Bindu says then why you are here, bring her?
Ashok comes to Dharma and says come with me, Bindu wants your help, Dharma says how can i go to him? Ashok says i know you are afraid that he may recognize you as the one whom he punished,

he puts veil on her face and takes her.
Ashok brings Dharma in kitchen, she comes infront of Bindu and has veil on her face, she runs machine, Tum hi to mere ho plays, he takes ropes from her and tries but cant do it, she takes rope back from him and shows him again how to use it, Tum se hi jeevan hai plays, both work together on machine and it works, Bindu gets happy as its working, Ashok sees all this and has tears in his eyes, Dharma starts leaving, Bindu looks at her, Ashok comes infront of Bindu, Bindu thanks him and looks at butter, he ask Ashok to come and taste it as it got possible because of you, he makes Ashok eat butter with his own hands, dharma sees this from far and is in tears, Bindu ask is it nice? Ashok says nothing is more tasty than this, Ashok makes eat too with his hands, Dharma have tears of happiness and thanks lord, she says you are great, you can fulfill wish of everyone, my son got love of his father, she cries in happiness, Bindu says to Ashok that the time you have come in my life, you have helped me in all problems, thanks, Ashok says i never did anything because of any intention, my mother has always supported me, Bindu says your mother must be great to give this upbringing, your father is unlucky, he blesses Ashok and leaves, Ashok collects butter which Bindu made, he says all wives pots will be hanged sameway this pot whose butter is made by my mother and father together should be hanged with other pots, its my mother’s right and i will fulfill it, he takes pot from there, Khurasan sees him going and ask his soldier to o behind him.

Scene 2
Chanakya is teaching his students, Chanakya says people cross their limits in problem and lose right thing but the good person never cross his limits, we are having these secret classes to make you all ready to protect Magdh, Helena sees Chanakya from far and keep eye on him, she finds Ashok coming there with pot, she stops him and ask what you are doing here? Chanakya says i have called him here as i wanted to tell him that start working on Janmashtmi in palace, let him come in, i should ask you what you are doing here? Helena says do you talk like this to guest? Chanakya says its way of Chanakya, Helena says i was going to buy gift for Bindu, i listened to your preaching, it felt good so i stopped to listen it, Chanakya gives lesson to his students that be away from people who backstab you, they are sugary but have poison in their minds, Helena ask what Ashok is doing here? why he is not working in palace? Ashok nods to Chanakya that he wants to talk, Chanakya tells one more lesson, Ashok understand and leaves, Helena leaves too, Chanakya tells student lesson that you should not tell anyone your heart thing, you should go to right place to tell it.

PRECAP- wives come and finds one pot already being hanged, Subhrasi ask how this fourth pot came here? Charu ask why we are thinking much? we should take it off, Ashok looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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