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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Noor says to Khurasan that i told you Justin is not involved in this conspiracy, he has gone to mandir to pray, Khurasan says a much as i know Justin, he doesnt believe in praying and all, he cant go to Manidr, Noor says why not? cant he go to pray for his mother? why you always blame him? dont forget that he has saved me and Siamak, Khurasan says i cant trust Justin as he is from Greece, his mother always wanted to remove Bindu from way and make Justin king, before your marriage, Bindu was attacked, your brother died in that attack, we didnt know about Bindu and here Helena was ready to make Justin king, Noor says maybe Helena is involved in all this but justin is not involved, Khurasan says maybe you are saying right but he knew about it and if this is the case and Raj gets

caught then Justin will be called criminal, Noor says i love him, he has saved me and Siamak, Khursan says tell me truth if Justin knew about this conspiracy, Siamak comes and sys Justin knew about it as before attack he asked me and Noor to go from palace, he asked his soldier to take us away but soldier locked us in room there, Khurasan thinks if i tell Bindu about Jusitn saving Noor before attack then Bindu can doubt their relation, he says to siamak that dont tell this to anyone, not even Bindu, we cannot trust anyone, he curtly looks at Noor and leaves.
Bindu, Justin and Ashok comes to Mandir, Pundit says we have been told that you want to do havan for helena, he ask them to sit, Justin thinks if i sit then i wont be able to get up but i have come here to find Raj, Pundit says we need water for Pooja, Ashok says i will bring it, Justin says no, i want to do everything so that Lord gets happy with us, i will bring water, Bindu says i will come with you, Pundit says no, you have sat so you cant get up, Bindu ask Ashok to go with Justin then, Justin says no i will come back, let him be here, he leaves.

Scene 2
Raj is sitting in cave, he says dont know where are Ahenkara and Agnishika, he cries and prays for them, he says my daughter must be missing me, she used to not live without me, Aakramak comes in same cave from other side with soldiers, Raj sees him and hides, he removes his jewelry, turban and disguise as common person, soldiers come there, Raj is shocked and says i didnt do anything, soldier ask then why you are here? Raj says i was finding my goat, soldier says leave from here, they leave. otherside Justin is finding Raj too, Raj thinks i have to leave from here, justin comes there, Raj says i am farmer, Justin says you do good drama but i know who are you, he puts sword on his neck, he says listen to me carefully else i can call soldiers here, should i?
bindu ask pundit if river is away from here? Pundit says no, we dont have much time for pooja, Bindu ask Ashok to go and find Justin, Ashok says how can i leave you alone, Bindu says dont worry and leave, Ashok leaves.
Aakramak is looking for Raj, he sys to soldiers that betrayer should not escape, he finds someone running, he runs behind him and catches Raj, he is bald and wearing torn clothes, Aakramak ask who are you? he says i am farmer, aakramak says then why were you running from me? Raj sys i did robbery so i thought you were catching me, i will not steal again, let me go, Aakramak says ok, Raj is about to leave, Ashok comes and says he is lying, AShok puts sword on his neck and says he is our criminal, Aakramak says you mean Raj? he looks at him to find Raj has changed his get up, ashok ask Raj to surrender, Bindu comes and says why you are making this coward understand, Raj is shocked to see him, Bindu comes to Raj and says if you wanted to take revenge then you would have fought with me like a king, like warrior, he ask to arrest Raj, Bindu says to Ashok that today you have raise chandragupt’s sword on Magdh’s biggest enemy and have proved that you deserve it, you have respect for this sword.

PRECAP- Bindu says to Helena that Raj will get punished for sure but before that we need to find his partners in crime, Helena is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice epicode…
    plz bring together dharma and bindu…

  2. It seems Justine has already warned Raj so he won’t implicate Helena and his father as his accomplice, I wish he doesn’t accept all the blame but exposes Helena’s plan.

    1. Raj chanakya ka naam lega or Justin or Helena ho bacha lega

  3. agar hamarewish se hota to ashok n samrat kb ka mil gye hote.
    probability hai

  4. nice episode….thumbs up to ashoka

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