Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aaramak comes to soldiers and says to them keep positions behind Ujjain’s soldiers, we are less in numbers but its war of do or die so muster courage and fight, soldiers go.
Ashok comes in one room and finds many ants on floor, he says there must some stale food here but this palace is new, means food was brought in this room and Chanakya must have brought too alongwith it, he finds soldiers guarding room, he hides and sys now i am sure Chanakya is here, he brings out pricks (herbs) which Vasu gave to him, he says when i will pin these pricks on soldiers’ bodies, the poison on it will make them unconscious, he hits soldiers with pricks, they faint, Ashok starts searching for Chanakya, he opens lock of another room and calls out for Chanakya, he trips, looks

down to find Chanakya lying there, unconscious and tied with ropes, he tries to wake him, he ask him to get up, i found you, he cries and ask him to open eyes, Chanakya is unconscious.
Vasu is wearing Ashok’s dress, Helena’s soldier is following him thinking he is ashok. Ashok brings Chanakya in other room. Vasu comes in ceremony and starts mingling with people, soldier following him is confused, Vasu hides, then reappears, soldier goes and sees its Ashok only, Ashok fools him and runs from there.

Scene 2
Radha says to Aakramak that Chanakya is in this palace only, aakramak says conspiracy is chalked out to kill whole Maurya family, this palace is made from flammable stones, Radha says then we have to find Chanakya at any cost, Ashok comes and says i have found Chanakya but he is not in state to tell anything, he is unconscious, Aakramak says we dont know anything about attack and when it will happen, who is behind all this.
Justin and Agni comes as bride and groom, all smile, Khurasan finds Dharma hiding her face, he doubts her, Dharma leaves from there, Khurasan follows her.
Radha says to aakramak and Ashok that Chanakya have always doubted raj and Helena, if they are present in ceremony this means they have already made plan to get safely out from here, he ask Ashok when will attack happen? Ashok says i dont know, we can only hope to find any lead, ceremony is going on when door of palace gets closed, Bindu ask why gates are getting closed? Helena says so that ceremony is done nicely, its Greece’s ritual, Ashok says to Radha that we all are stuck here now, Ashok says to Radha that we dont have much time, Radha says this means they will attack after ceremony, Aakramak ask him to go and treat Chanakya while i will handle Ujjain’s soldiers, he ask Vasu and Subaho to accompany him.

Scene 3
Marriage ceremony starts, Helena ask Agni infront of all witnesses do you accept Justin as your husband? Agni looks at Justin and says i accept, Helena ask justin to remove her veil, he removes it, Sushim takes Agni from there.
Noor says how can Justin marry even after knowing all this? did he close us in this room? how can he cheat us? Siamak ask what happened? Noor says to Siamak that i have to go in marriage, do something, send me there, she cries, Siamak knocks door, Noor cries.
Dharma is running from Khurasan, she comes in store room and hides, Khurasan comes there, he says i know you are here, come out, Dharma is hiding behind sacks, Khurasan takes out his sword, he is about to come to Dharma when she throws red chilli powder in his eyes which was in store room, she runs from there, Khurasan goes behind her. Helena makes Bindu eat sweets, sweets are distributed in all, Subhrasi congratulate Agni, Raj comes and gives sweets to her too, Agni takes Raj aside and ask where is Ahenkara? our plan is coming closer and she is not seen anywhere.
Ashok and Radha are trying to wake up chanakya by rubbing his feet and fists, Radha starts crying, Radha says to Ashok that i have tried everything but Chanakya is not responding, Ashok gets tensed.

PRECAP- Helena says to Raj that we cant wait now, we have to stick to plan, Raj says but i have to find Ahenkara, she doesnt even know that this palace is going to burn down, Ahenkara listens all this and is shocked. Dharma comes to Radha and ask where is Ashok? what if Helena sees him? Helena orders soldiers to burn the palace, nobody should remain alive.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Rajkumari Irina

    m so worried if their plan will success

  2. No she’ll fail as always dar don worry

  3. @ahenkhena,but the promo shows Helena stabbing Bindusar and setting the palace on fire while Ashoka looks on restless with Dharma,what about that?I just don’t want her plan to succeed but Bindusar learns the reality of his so called mother.

  4. No her plan fail as always the prom you saw was Helena plan but ashoka and achaara chanaka will stop the solders before the carried out the plan

  5. Thanks vivian you have no idea how happy you’ve made me with your comment,I can relax now,how could evil triumph over good?

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