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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ahenkara and Sushim comes to Ashok, ahenkara says dont know how Helena invited this common cheap guy in royal marriage, dont know how you impress people, you do alot of buttering, Ashok sys i am same, dont know if they got impressed by my buttering or by my dedication and goodness, Sushim says to Ashok dont think that you are royal person, Helena has asked to do work like servant, Ashok says to Ahenkara that congrats for your sister’s marriage, Sushim says when cheap person congratulate you then it means he is asking for some tip, Ahenkara offers Ashok gold coin, Ashok sys its not needed, Ahenkara says commom people cant say no to tip from royal people, take it, Ashok takes it and says thanks, Sushim sys dont you know to say thanks to royal family, say that future king,

queen i pray that you live long life, Ashok gets angry and says i know you are doing this to humiliate me, but i prays for your long life from my heart, i pray that you are protected from all odds, he leaves, sushim says he do this drama and won my father’s heart, he says to Ahenkara that when marriage ceremony will start, we will leave from there, Ahenkara says but its my sister’s wedding, Sushim sys it doesnt mean you have to be there whole the time, leave it, you will not understand, Ahenkara says tell me when should i ceremony? Sushim smiles.

Scene 2
Bindu says to prime minister that Dharma gave me life, served me, protected me, gave place in her house thats why i fell in love with her, prime minister ask what happened then? Dharma who is passingby from therewater jar is about to fall from her hands but Bindu holds jar, Dharma gets tensed and leaves from there, Raja comes there and gives the sweets (which will make them lazy) to eat, Bindu doesnt eat it.
Dharma comes and pours water of river in bath tub, she is tensed, Agni sit in royal bath tub.
Justin comes to Noor and ask her to leave palace, she says i will see you marriage with my eyes, i know you cant marry infront of me, you cant promise her infront of me, you love me so much then why you are hurting yourself and me, justin says come in senses, i cant stop this marriage but you have to leave the palace, Noor says i will not leave, you are taking me as prick of your way, all your love, promises are a lie, justin says there is only one truth in my life and that is i love you, i am doing al this to save you, Noor says from whom? the time i spent with you is most precious to me, it will be good if die than to go away from you, you have courage to see me with Bindu but i am weak, i cant you see in Agni’s arms, i hate that Agni, when she sees you, i get jealous, everything is going wrong from the time she has come here, she has separated us and now i am afraid that she might separate you from your son, Jutsin is shocked and says my son? Siamak? he ask Noor if Siamak is his son? noor says have you ever thought why you love Siamak so much? why he wants to become like you? Justin hugs her and says he is my son? he smile, he says why you didnt tell me this before, Noor says i am sorry, i was afraid that you didnt accept him, justin says you made me father so how can defy it, he ask her to tel again that Siamak is his son, she says yes he is your son, he hugs her again in happiness, both smile, Justin says till now i used to love you but now you have given me one more reason to love you, you are my son’s father, where is he? i want to meet my son, Noor says he has gone to see palace, he is loving this palace thinking that you will live here, Justin recalls how nicator said that whole palace will burn down, Justin says no.. i will not let anything happen to Siamak, Noor ask why you are so worried, Justin says you have to leave from here, Noor says after knowing, that Siamak is your son you will marry? Justin says you will get your answers soon but trust me for now.

Scene 3
Aakramak says to soldiers that tighten security, Ashok comes and says it will not work, Aakramak comes to him and ask what happened? Ashok says this palace is not just palace but plan to kill everyone, this palace is made from flammable bricks, Aakramak says how is it possible that nobody knew about such big conspiracy, AShok takes dagger from him, he scratches wall and red bricks are shown, Ashok says if this palace catches fire then dont know what will happen, i have to tell this to Samrat, aakramak says i am sure Chanakya knew about this thats why he was kidnapped, he ask Ashok to find Chanakya only then we will know who is behind this conspiracy, Ashok nods and leaves.
Ashok is going when soldier catched him. Siamak is with subaho, justin comes there and shouts Siamak, he runs to Siamak and hugs him, Siamak hugs him back and smiles, Siamak ask everything? Justin says everything will be fine my son, i wont let anything happen to you, he ask soldier to take Siamak and noor to old palace, Siamak says but i wanted to see your marriage, Justin says just listen to me, he says to soldier that you have to protect Noor and Siamak, they are more important then my life, soldier says dont worry, he ask Noor to go with Siamak, noor and Siamak starts leaving, Noor turns back, she emotionally looks at Justin, composes herself and leaves, Noor ask soldier where you are taking us? Soldier says you will be safe here, he takes them to one room and closes door from outside, Noor and Siamak shouts to open door, soldier laughs and says Helena gave me alot of coins to put them in this room.
Subaho and Vasu are in palace, Ashok is also closed in separate room by soldier, Ashok is shouting to leave him,l Vasu and Subaho gets to know it, they think to bring Ashok out, they involve soldier in talks, Subaho beats him, soldier faints, Vasu opens door and brings Ashok out, Ashok exchanges clothes from Vasu.

PRECAP- Ashok is finding chanakya, he is about to trip, he looks down to find chanakya lying on floor unconscious and tied with ropes, he is stunned. Dharma is hiding in store room, Khurasan comes there and says i know you here, i will not leabe you today, he brings out his sword, dharma is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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