Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Justin’s last ceremony is going on, Pundit says we are doing it by our rituals, if Helena wants to do something as Greek ritual then she can do it, Noor supports Helena, Helena comes to Justin whose body is put on wooden sticks, she recalls how he was a kid, she kisses her and puts it on Justin’s hand, she cuts her hair lock and put it with Justin’s body, she your sacrifice will be my reason to live, whatever dreams i had seen for you, i will fulfill it even if i have to kill dreams of whole magdh for that, she goes back, Bindu looks at Justin’s body, Noor is crying, Bindu is about to do last ritual, Helena says when man doesnt have son then brother does his last ritual but can i ask Siamak to do last rituals of Justin? all looks on, she says Justin

loved Siamak alot, he used to think him as his son, it will peace his soul, he will believe that siamak forgave him then he will get peace, Siamak comes forward and says he was my guider, i have learnt everything from him, by doing his last ritual, i will feel that atleast i did something for him, he takes water pot from Bindu, puts it on his shoulder and takes round around Justin’s body, all look on, Noor is in tears, Siamak breaks pot, he recalls how Justin asked him to be so strong so that he can protect his mother, he lits fire to Justin’s body, Drupat is crying, Khursan comes to noor and helena, Helena says to him that i have sacrificed my son for Siamak, now our dream is one and it will be good if we support each other in this, Noor thinks what couldnt happen when he was alive, it happened after his death. some soldier comes there and says Ujjain is going to attack on us, all are stunned, i couldnt reach Ujjain, Ujjain’s soldiers attacked me, i feel some soldiers are already in magdh, Khurasan ask all family members to go to palace.

Scene 2
Soldiers come in market and announce people to go to their rooms, magdh’s gate is closed.
BIndu comes in court, he ask Khurasan what you do? you are army head and you dont know about anything, even after fire incident, you are not cautious, enemies have entered magdh and you dont know about it? border is under your soldiers, Khurasan says i will investigate about it, Bindu says if you cant fulfill your duties then resign from your position, he looks at Aakramak and says i have more deserving candidates from you, you have time till yesterday, find all the soldiers of enemy and if you dont then i will take actions against you, you are my father in law but when its about Magdh then you are just army head for me.
Raj’s wife Niharka says to her new born child that i couldnt go with Raj to Magdh as i had to give you birth, now my only aim is to free Ahenkara first and then take revenge of Raj’s death, i will finish Maurya dynasty.
she sit on throne and says to her soldiers that you all have taken good decision to be with me, you all are from different caste but we have only one aim that is to take revenge from Mauryas, they have insulted us, they have given Raj very bitter death, she ask how come Bindu got to know that we have entered Magdh? one soldier says we didnt do anything, she looks at faces of all soldiers and tries to read expression, she finds one soldier shivering, she says man’s hand tells secret of his, your hands are not of soldier? i know all my soldier but who are you? soldier is about to attack her but she takes sword and kills him on spot, Niharka says to give message to Bindu that we will attack him.

Scene 3
Ashok says to bindu that if war happens then i will go with you, Bindu says you are not of age to come in war and you dont have practice, Ashok says i am your guard then how can i leave you in war, i have promised you to protect you, Bindu says if you wanna help me then help Ahenkara, protect Ahenkara, i promised Raj that i will take care of her and now when Ujjain has announced attack on us then people will try to harm Ahenkara, so promise me to protect her, Ashok promises him.
Ahenkara says to Sushim that you cant do this with me, Bindu promised my father that he will give me good life, Sushim says shut up, your father asked promise but its not necessary that we have to follow it, Ujjain want to attack us? i will show your worth now, he is about to beat her but Ashok comes and holds it, he comes infront Ahenkara.

PRECAP- Niharka has send Message to bindu that she is ready to take revenge, she wants whole magdh in battlefield. Aakaramak orders royal women to not go anywhere without his permission, they are in one room, subhrasi ask whats Samrat’s decision? in court, Bindu orders to prepare for war. battlefield is shown with Ujjain and Magdh opposite to each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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