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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All royal family reaches new palace, the gate is opened, prime minister says what kind of palace is this? why it is so much dark? Bindu says there are no diyas in this palace? Raj says this is specialty of palace, it is made on Ujjain’s culture, there will be no diyas in this palace, Bindu says how marriage will happen in darkness, Raj orders, the windows of palace are opened and light comes in, all smile seeing it, Bindu is impressed, Raj ask Bindu is it dark or bright now? Bindu says great, i am happy that you have made this palace, this is made on thoughts of Ujjain, Agni thinks soon this palace will burn whole Maruya dynasty, Justin worriedly looks at Noor who is about to break down, she is about to leave but Khursan stops her, she never the less leaves, Justin is

about to go behind her but Agni stops him, Helena ask all to enter palace, Bindu is about to go in palace but Subhrasi stops him, Subhrasi brings aarti plate which has diya in it, Helena, nicator and Raj are worried that palace can catch fire with it, she says to Bindu that we are entering this palace first so as per ritual we should lit diya here first, its good omen, Bindu says i agree, Helena thinks if Bindu gets to know about flammable bricks of palace then everything will be ruined, justin says its not needed, Pooja was done, Raj says he is right, its not needed, Bindu says but whats the problem in liting diya? he ask her to lit diya.

Scene 2
Ashok is filling water from river, soldier has eye on him. Ashok meets Vasu and Subaho, he gives him some herbs, Vasu sys we will come in marriage too, Ashok sys no its dangerous, Subaho says why you are taking risk? we are with you, we will be there to help you, Ashok fills water in jar, soldier ask him to come with him to new palace.
Subhrasi is about to lit diya, Helena says why this ritual is not done by person who will live in this palace that is Agnishika, Agni takes plate from Subhrasi, she lits diya and puts it on side of gate of palace, it doesnt catch fire, all are relieved, Helena ask all to enter palace, all enters, Khurasan is looking for Dharma, Helena ask him to come in, forget that you are army head, marriage is going to happen in family so enjoy it, Khurasan enters palace, Dharma enters palace too with other dasies, Helena blows off diya after all are gone. Nicator says to Bindu that first groom and bride will take bath then they will get married, Justin says i will come in a minute, he leaves, Nicator says to Bindu that because of this marriage, i got time to spend with you, Bindu thinks that where are you Dharma? please prove that my eyes was right seeing you, prove that our love was not false, come to me.
In room, Agni sees sweets and says when all will eat these sweets, their thinking power will stop and when palace will catch fire they wont be able to think how to go out, dharma is distributing sweets bewteen people, Helena comes to her and says find Ashok, he had to bring water from river for Agni, he is special in this marriage, go and find him, Dharma leave, she says Helena is definitely upto else why will she ask Ashok to bring water? i think Ashok is in danger, she comes out to find Ashok coming there with water, he thinks i have to send dharma away from this palace but how to alert her, Dharma says to Ashok that i will take water from here inside palace, she takes jar from him and leaves, Khurasan’s soldier sees her but didnt recognize her.

Scene 3
Helena says to nicator that Agni will take bath but dont know where is justin, Siamak comes there and says its great palace for my guru, justin is my guru, i have learned alot from him, what will happen now? Nicator says Agni will take bath and then we will ask if bride and groom agrees for marriage? Siamak says if they wer not ready then why would they do all this, Nicator says this is ritual, Siamak says what if groom backsout from marriage? Helena says dont say weird things, if you cant say good things then dont say bad either, first learn Maurya and Khurasani culture, Siamak says sorry and leaves, Nicator says he is just a kid, why you are angry on him? Justin used t ask questions like this too, Helena says i will like to answer questions of justin’s kids but i hate bindu’s kids, i want to strangle them, that noor has already trapped my son, Nicator says soon that Noor and Bindu’s sons will be lying on floor dead, Helena smirks.

PRECAP- Noor says to Justin that i hate that Agnishika, she has separated us and i am afraid that she will separate your son from you too, justin is shocked and says Siamak is my son? Ashok is finding chanakya, he is about to trip, he looks down to find chanakya lying on floor unconscious and tied with ropes, he is stunned,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Oh is it dream I too wish so

  4. Hope it is a dream coz i have seen in fab that he died naturally after growing old.Fingers crossed…..Love ashok and dharma…….<3<3

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  6. Todayzz episode plzszzzzz atiba ji everday toh u update superfast then y not today. I haven’t seen todayz episode plzz update na sooner plzzz plzsz

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