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Scene 1
Justin is dead, Noor cant see it, Helena sit down and cries for Justin, she sees his blood on her hands and cries, Nicator comes there with tears in his eyes, he looks at Bindu, Ashok holds out his heart, Nicator makes Helena get up from there, Chanakya thinks i cant believe one can be so heartless, to save herself, she killed her own son, i have seen many enemies but never saw a enemy with this thinking.
the death is getting cleaned, Ashok sees it and sadly leaves. Bindu is also looking at it, Subhrasi comes to him, he says there was a time when i and Justin use to run here, i never realized what i we missed, Subhrasi ask him to calm doen, Khalatak comes there and says there is one problem, we have to go in court, Bindu nods.
Helena sees blood of Justin on her

hands and says i cant wipe it, this is last memory of Justin, i cant wash it off, Noor comes there with cloth and sends all dasies out, she sees blood on Helena’s hands, she makes Helena sit on bed, she puts her blood filled on cloth, the blood impression is made on cloth, Noor says your son’s last memory cant be snatched from you now, she gives cloth to Helena and says there is one more memory of Justin who has Justin’s blood, whatever we do these people will never accept us, they think we are foreigners, we have to protect him.

Scene 2
Ashok is hugging Dharma, Dharma says i never wanted you to see it, Ashok says things wont change if dont see it, what kind of world is this? brother is enemy of brother and wanted to kill whole family and a mother kills her own son, they dont have humanity, Dharma says this is play to get throne, its not easy to become Samrat, Ashok says you know that when their bodies were getting removed from spot, people were talking what will happen to these bodies? all were thinking that their last ceremonies should not happen, they are killed, they got death then how can people be so cold, punishment stops crimes and these punishments were given before too but did crime stop? this is time to revolutionize, why all are silent? Dharma says because you need to have guts to stand alone and confidently raise point.
Khalatak says to Bindu that its ritual that betrayer’s head are displayed in market but justin was afterall a Maurya and he is from royal family and there is ritual that they are given respect in their last ceremony, sushim says that was old ritual and we follow it from years, think if we dont do his last ceremony then what will happen to Helena? she has set example by killing him so cant we give her this much? Khurasan says i respect her emotions but if we do last ceremony of justin then we have to do it for Raj too as they did same crime and if we do it for both then we will have to give same respect to every betrayer in future, Bindu thinks.
Ahenkara is crying in her room, she misses her mother, a arrow is thrown in her room, she finds note tied to arrow, she takes note and reads it, she says mother is coming to take me?
khurasan says if you give respect to them then people will say that Bindu went against rules to fulfill his emotions, Sushim says it doesnt matter who thinks what, all know the result of going against royal family now, nobody has gut to say thing against bindu, he can do what he wants, Khalatak says bindu have to take decision, Ashok comes and says before Bindu takes any decision, i wanna ask something, sushim says you cant stop court discussions like this, Ashok says to Bindu that i have only 3 questions, you will get your answer while answering them, Bindu ask him to go ahead, he says if you have to put burning coals on your hand to show your strength to your enemy then who will burn first you or your enemy? Bindu says what kind of question is this, i will burn first, he then ask will you put oil in it or water to dose it off? Sushim gets angry on him, Bindu ask him to calm down, Bindu says water, Ashok ask if there is a dig and you fell it then will you fall it in again? Bindu says no, Ashok ask will you close it so that no one goes in it? Bindu says i will close it without taking time, Ashok says my questions are done, Bindu says what about my answer? Ashok says anger is like coal which burns your hand only, you gave punishment to betrayers then whats need to hold anger against them till now, if you dont do last ceremony of them then Ujjanis and Unanis will get more miffed it will be like putting oil in fire, when Chanakya made this rule of displaying heads in market then situation needed it but today same betrayal happened this means this punishment it not working anymore, he says to Chanakya that i am not challenging his rules, i am just saying that with time people changes so we should change rules too, we have to tell people that even if betrayers do bad with us, we will not leave our goodness, putting their heads in market is like keeping that dig open, Bindu says after listening to Ashok i think we need change, Chanakya agrees, Bindu says so my decision is to stop the ritual of head showing, last ceremonies will be done, he ask to start preparation for justin’s last ceremony and send letter to Ujjain to ask them to do last ceremony of Raj.
Dharma comes to Chanakya and says you must thinking that kid changed your thought, today my son chose peace way, he has shown new path to all, this will be base to new beginning, it will be only peace now, Chanakya says i am proud to lose infront of my student, Ashok proved today that he deserve to be Samrat, he is only one to deserve it, Dharma says whatever happened in these days, i dont think its not right time to tell ashok about his father, Chanakya says i promised that when betrayers are punished then i wil make Ashok meet his father but i agree to you that its not right time, but if Ashok starts finding about this father then i wont be able to stop him.

PRECAP- Justin’s last ceremony of burning body is going on, Bindu comes forward to give fire to his body but Helena says when man doesnt have son, his brother does this ritual but can Siamak do this ritual? Bindu and all other are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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