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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Noor tries to wake up, she tries to wake Siamak up, Dharma comes there and sees her dizzy, she comes to Noor and ask what happened? she finds Siamak unconscious too, Noor ask her to take her to Justin, i wanna see him once, they will kill him, do something and nullify this opium effect on us, she faints again, Dharma is tensed.
Raj and Justin are brought to death ground, Justin looks at Helena, Bindu says this is example to all who think bad about my land, they will be given death sentence infront of all, i hope my this decision is accepted by all, he ask Raj do you wanna say anything? Helena and Nicator gets tensed. Raj says yes, i wanna say something last time to you, he looks at Ahenkara and Nicator beside her, Nicator nods in no to him, Raj says you do justice, i

request you infront of all that dont punish my daughter for my deeds, she is innocent, promise me that you will keep her in magdh with all respect, Bindu says its my promise that your daughter will not be insulted by anyone, Raj thanks him.
Raj is first to be given death, soldier makes him lie his head on slab, Ahenkara cant see it anymore and tries to stop it but Nicator holds her back, Soldier is about to behead Raj but one priest stop it, he says to Bindu that i wanna talk to you, Bindu nods, priest says before you finish enemies of Magdh we brahmins want assurance from you that what happened will not happen again and you have to announce your heir soon who will help you in these problems, we dont doubt your capabilities but the problem we are facing, we feel that only your heir can support you in all this, kids are afraid because that incident, Bindu says i will soon take decision about it, Justin is looking here and there for noor and Siamak.
Dharma makes Noor drink water, Noor wakes up and ask did they kill Justin? dharma says no not now, She makes Siamak drink water, Siamak wakes up too, Dharma makes him get up, Noor takes Siamak from there, Dharma thinks why they are so much worried for Justin’s death?

Scene 2
Bindu gives nod to kill Raj, Soldier takes axe in his hands, Ashok diverts Ahenkara’s attention, Raj is beheaded with axe, all chant for Bindu, Ahenkara is about to faint, she is taken from there, Ashok is sad about her, all chant to give death to Justin too, Noor and Siamak comes in balcony too, Justin smiles seeing them, Bindu ask Justin if he wanna say something before death? Justin looks at Noor and Siamak, Bindu says his silence is acceptance of his crime, soldiers come, takes chains from his body, Bindu says to Helena that it is not needed, Helena it is needed, she goes down.
Helena comes in ground, she recalls how she wanted to behead Bindusar, how she wanted to make Justin Samrat, how Justin asked her to guide Siamak and make him king, she says kids crime is failure of parents, i failed, i used to think that if i give love to my kid then he will have love in his heart, he will shower love only, whenever he did mistake, i showed love in return, i never raised my hand on him, i never punished him and the result is infront of everyone, he has become betrayer, because of his crime i have to choose between motherhood and my nation and i have chose magdh and i will always choose Magdh, i did mistake by not giving him punishment before, i gave birth to this dirt and i will finish it, all are stunned, Dharma cant believe, all nations chant in praise of Helena, Helena looks at Justin who calmly smiles at her, soldier brings axe but Helena denies, she brings out her sharp small dagger, Justin smiles and recalls how in childhood she gifted it to him and how he promised her that one day he will write history with this dagger, Helena says to Justin that this is for Siamak, Justin says yes this is for Siamak, all look on, Noor closes Siamak’s eyes and hugs him, Helena cuts Justin’s throat with dagger ( my body froze for a second seeing this scene 🙁 so heartless Helena is ), Justin falls on ground with blood coming out of his throat, Ashok is disgusted.

PRECAP- Justin’s last ceremony of burning body is going on, Bindu comes forward to give fire to his body but Helena says when man doesnt have son, his brother does this ritual but can Siamak do this ritual? Bindu and all other are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. whats going on ………….. actually, I am not understanding ds….
    very-very bad episode……. heartless helena

  2. I completely agree atibaji frozen entirely my heart skipped a beat.
    She was so heartless for power she killed her son. Even if we get fever our moms go half mad after us killing oh god I don believe. I feel like so terrible she might be she scarified her son instead shr would have remained childless all her life gog y such ppl get children cruel heartless devil can’t tell her b*t*h also coz they also care much for their pups n protect them.
    hunger of power had made her blind dumb deaf mad psycho.
    Disgusting juz disgusting.

  3. so sad for Justin.. how bad Helena was …. when will they reveal true identity of ashoka…..

  4. Rip Justin…. ~_~

  5. helena is such a heartless woman. i feel sad for justin. hes totally innocent. just kill that helena too. otherwise she’ll spoil siamak. poor siamak.

  6. Guys comon.. helena is just plyng the role…. the real villan of history died long back… n helena is good wd hr part.. infct evry1 is plyng gud… n {sid u have ma heart ya.. ♡ u}

  7. update today Epi…….y no update. …

  8. Todayz episode plzz more than 1.5 hour past since telecast

  9. plz update d today’s episode

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