Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chanakya says to Radha that helena has asked Bindu to let her kill Justin with her hands so that she is projected as great queen, in coming years people will call Justin betrayer and Helena after giving death to him will become great queen and anyone become great personality in people then its impossible to win against her, we can win against a person but we cant win against her followers, her respect in people’s heart.
Helena says to herself that i am not going to beg on my knees, one prediction of that old lady has come true but i wont lose like this, artist comes there and says you called me? Helena says i want to you to make a sketch of Justin through which i keep feeling that Justin is alive.
Ahenkara gives letter to Ashok and says what if it doesnt

reach to my mother? Ashok says dont think bad, you will get chance to meet your mother through this letter only, she says what you are doing is betrayal, Ashok says if i dont help you then i will feel more bad, Ahenkara says i dont want you be punished and feel guilty because of me, Ashok says i will be guilty if i dont help you, he leaves, Ahenkara smiles sweetly.

Scene 2
Noor and siamak comes to meet Justin jail, he sees Siamak and recalls how Noor told him that Siamak is his son, he gets emotional, he sit down on his knees, sees Siamak and cries, he kisses his hands, Siamak ask why you did it? why? Justin is stunned, siamak says whatever you say but i know you cant kill me, Siamak says you are not good person, you are very bad, Justin cries and says i dont know anything, he tells Siamak something in ear, siamak is stunned listening it, Noor takes Siamak from there.
Bindu says to himself that with Justin’s death tomorrow, alot will be finished from my life, the pain of wounds will never go away, i have forgiven you but cant forget it,
Justin is in his cell, artist is making his sketch, Helena is there too, she is in tears.
Khurasan comes to Noor and says i told you many times to not think about Justin, he is about to slap her but Siamak comes and says beware if you touch my mother then i will forget who are you, Khurasan and Noor are stunned.
Sushim says to charu and khalatak that siamak will see his guru dying tomorrow, khalatak says this is not the time to discuss, this is time to take advantage of situation, tomorrow i will talk to brahmins and they will force Bindu to make Sushim new king, tomorrow Justin will die and Sushim will have new life.
Justin is sitting, artist is making his sketch, Helena is there, she is in tears.
Siamak is sadly sitting in his room, Ashok comes and sit beside him, he says i know what you are feeling now, Justin was your teacher and Guru, Siamak recalls how justin told him in ear to become Samrat and protect his mother, he says i will become Samrat of magdh so that i can protect my mother, AShok says you will be great Samrat, i will be your army head and will make Magdh more strong.
soldier comes to Justin and says your time has come, Justin takes bath, he is given food t eat, Justin recalls how he was given death sentence by Bindu, how Siamak came to meet him, he is in tears, hands shivering, he eats food, drinks water.
Helena is looking at Justin’s sketch, soldier comes and says soon justin is going to get death sentence, he leaves, Helena touches sketch emotionally.
Bindu comes to Justin in jail, he ask do you have any last wish? Justin looks on, closes his eyes and sees Noor, Siamak and Helena, he says my last wish is that my mother is not present there when i will be given death sentence, Bindu says this is not possible as i have to fulfill her wish, she wants to give you death with her hands, Justin is shocked, he says if Helena has thought that then there must be reason behind it, Bindu leaves.

PRECAP- Justin is going to palace, people are chanting against him. in open court, Helena says i did mistake for not giving him punishment before but now i will punish him with my own hands, i have given birth to this dirt and i will finish it today, Noor hugs Siamak and closes her eyes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Hey vaishali.. this is the worst part about this serial.. same repeated precap

  3. Poor Justin. Great sacrifice ?

  4. Plz don’t kill justin. Hez innocent. Kill dat helena. I feel sad 4 siamak. He dsn even knw dat hez a yunani n nt mauryan. Poor justin.

  5. they should nt let innocent, good people die and evil to win.

  6. Same precap!!

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