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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindu is with Dharma, Noor comes there and says to Dharma that so this is your real face? Bindu told me about you on our marriage night and i thought that you must be so beautiful that Bindu lost his everything to you, i used to be jealous of you but when i saw you as Dasi, i couldnt get that you are same beautiful Dharma, Bindu ask what are you saying? Noor says i am just here to welcome Dharma, she says earlier i used to fight with Dharma’s memories to get Bindu’s attention but now Dharma is here so i am fine, she says i will leave from here but i wanna ask one thing from Bindu, she ask if you were in Khurasan’s place then what would you have done? if your daughter had come to you on her marriage night, crying and telling you about her husband’s

other love, my brother died for you, my father served you for years and what you did with him? Bindu is silent, she says i got my answer from your silence, you cant be wrong as you are husband and husband is God, she says to Bindu that thank you for not involving me and Siamak in all this, she says to Dharma that you have lived in Vann for years but now i welcome you in this palace but this palace is must more dangerous than Vann, here we have rose petal beds but there are pricks hidden in it, i hope you have peaceful life here, she leaves, Bindu looks at tensed Dharma.

Scene 2
Ashok comes in his room and fascinated to see royal room, he ask dasi why you are here? she says i have brought royal dress for you, other dasi says i have brought milk for you, other says i will move fan for you so that you can sleep easily, Ashok says you all will be awake so that i can sleep? they say yes, Ashok says person cant get sleep if he has tension but today is best day of my life as my parents are together, he ask them to leave but they say you are prince, we have to serve you, Ashok says i order you to leave, i want to be alone, they leave.
Helena comes to Noor and says its good you are not crying, Noor says you have lost your son only but i have lost my father, my love and my brother, i want my Son to become Samrat only, Helena says its good that you are still on with mission, NOor says i wanna know how to make my son Samrat, Helena says but are you sure that Khurasan will be silent, he wont tell truth about you? that you asked him to kill dharma, Noor says you are insulting his sacrifice, the father who can take life of anyone for his daughter then he can sacrifice his life for his daughter, you are doubting him that means you Greeks never trusted Khurasanis, Helena says nothing like that but we have to confirm it by meeting Khurasan, Noor says to Helena that i know what i have to do now, you think about our mission, earlier it was only Sushim against Siamak but now there is Sushim and Ashok against Siamak, and that Ashok is more dangerous than Sushim, Bindu likes AShok alot and Chanakya is with him too, everyone is with him, Helena says Chanakya must have some weakness and we have to find that, i have taken decision that i will be silent, i will show as if i have accepted my defeat infront of Chanakya, we will wait for our enemies to do a mistake.
Ashok comes in Chanakya’s room but Chanakya is busy in praying so Ashok starts to leave, Chanakya says Rajkumar Ashok please come in, Ashok comes and says please you dont behave like others, i am same Ashok, Chanakya says you are prince and you cant deny that, nobody knew about you but now all eyes are on you, all have expectations from you, Ashok ask what are you thinking? Chanakya says you said that you can give your life to protect your land, Ashok says my destination is not throne, i wanna serve my land and i will do what you will say, Chanakya says your journey is starting, get ready.
Ahenkara’s new born brother is crying, she ask him to get silent, she says i know you are missing mother but we cant bring him back, Ashok comes there, Ahenkara emotionally looks at him, she gets angry and slaps Ashok hard, she cries and slaps him more, she pushes him and ask why? why you did that? Ashok says i am sorry, i had no other way, it was about my mother and my land, Ahenkara says why you lied to me? why you didnt tell me that you had danger from my mother, all have used me for their good, my mother gave me to Sushim for her good and you also used to me, i thought you are innocent person but you are same like other prince who use girls for their good, Ashok says i know what happened was not good but it had to happen, Ahenkara says why did you save me that day? i wish i had died that day, for whom i shall live now? i have no reason, Ashok says you have reason infront of you, i very well know how is it to live without mother, then Bindu said to make aim of life that you have to serve your land, i got reason to live that day, your brother needs you, make him your aim of life, Ahenkara says how i will do it alone? Ashok says who said you are alone? i am with you, he takes her brother in hands.
Ashok is leaving Ahenkara’s room, Sushim comes there and says what you are doing in my wife’s room at night? Ashok says you are thinking wrong brother, Sushim says dont call me brother, you have lied to me, Ashok says i couldnt tell you, Sushim says ok if you couldnt tell me then you knew that you are my brother, you could have taken my help to catch Khurasan but you didnt and you know why? because you wanted to do all this alone, you wanted to show people how great are you and you can do anything alone, Sushim says to Ashok that today i got to know that you are not only cheap but characterless too who put his mother’s life in danger to become great and to get royalty, Ashok shouts Brathaa(brother).

PRECAP- Radha says to soldiers that no one should enter palace without pass and interrogation. A girl (she is new entry, not Ahenkara) comes in palace, soldier stops her and ask her to show pass, she shows it, he lets her go in. Girl thinks that no one can save Ashok from y attack. Ashok is enjoying bath in royal bath tub, girl enters his room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Good its a fast update….

    1. Mauryan Emperor Asoka Killed 99 brothers to get the Throne | Fact or Myth ? And other Questions

      This post aims to critically examine the veracity of the information contained in ancient texts about Asoka, including Buddhist, Tibetan and Sanskrit texts.

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      According to these texts, Asoka slew 99 of his brothers to occupy the throne of Magadha. This post analyses the circumstances in which Asoka ascended the throne of Magadha and whether he was truly guilty of fratricide on a mass scale.

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      2. Was Asoka extremely ruthless and highly ambitious in his early youth ?
      3. Who did Bindusara want to succeed him to the throne – Asoka or Susima ?
      4. Who was Rani Dharma? Was she a commoner or a royal princess ?

      1. Queen dharma was a commoner. It was sushim whom bindusar wanted to succeed him. And yes ashok was really very ambitious. And was ruthless to betrayer throughout his life. Like wat he did to trishyaraksha

  2. Noor bindusar ki already charu se shadj ho chuki thi fr tumne shadi q ki.. Charumitra ko bura nh laga hoga.. Fr samrat ne dharma se shadi kr li to isme tmhe bura lagne wali kya baat hai.. Tmhe bura laga iska matlab ye to nhi k tum kisi ko bhi marwa doge.. N mir khurasan n u noor tmne se ye sb islie kia qki tmhe magadh ka singhan chahiye tha.. I wish this noor should also got exposed with his father mir.. And when the main devil (Helena) got punished..
    Starting of this show was very good.. It was seemend that they will show the real history of Ashoka.. A I was always excieted to know the history of Ashoka so I began to watch this show.. But now producer n writer are dragging this show like saas bahu typ..
    I request the director of this show to please maintain the dignity of history.. N please don’t make the history of the great legent waste like this.. Please show some good stuff..

    Anwy enjoyed watching this show…. Please don’t make it in the same category of saas bahu serial.. Make us feel like we are watching history..

    1. pls don’t write bad comments for the show. If u don’t like it then don’t see. what is the need of seeing it? but i love the show very much.

      1. Heyyy I too like this show.. But the way they are showing this all.. Their trp will go down.. N people stop watching it.. So that’s y I have only requested the directors to not to drag it in non historic manner.. I hope u got my point..

      2. Tiyasa I am also a fan of csa like u..

      3. #CSA =# chakravartin samrat ashoka

  3. You and Helena are more dangerous noor… Hw dare u call ashok dangerous.. Hehe this shows u got afraid of him..

  4. From as soon as ashoka entered the palace as common boy these saas bahu drama started
    Do you guys think they are showing real history not even ten percent

      1. not at all

  5. After manmarzian I had stopped commenting.
    But today u have compelled me to comment Atibaji. Ur precision even in precap ohh god hats off and tysm for writing for us so beautifully.

  6. There is not very detailed in history of ashoka childhood so they have to stretch the serial

    1. Yes agreed. But they don’t need to stretch this much in childhood. Because ashok has lived long enough to make the serial of around 2 yrs or more. At this pace they will make it of 6 yrs

      1. oh please siddharth is acting very well. Adult ashoka will be saheer sheikh and he will not at all act well, the role is also not suiting him whereas the role is made for siddharth.

  7. Ur rite csa but from years this sas bahu have nvr lived in harmony n I don know y this revenge n throne war the most capable n fateful would only get but they never understood that. Moron to all those sas bahu fighting.

  8. the way ahenkara showed her anger i thought she will again turn negative towards ashok. but fortunately nothing such happened. they have a very close bonding. i’m just eager to watch how ashok and ahenkara will get married. niharika is so selfish. she didn’t even think about her new born baby. she didn’t even think for once that if she gets caught then both her children will suffer. ahenkara is lucky to have ashok and dharma with her. its high time bindusar must realize that sushim will never be a good husband. bindusar should get ashok and ahenkara married because according to real history, ashok’s first marriage will take place when he’ll become army head. he’ll marry ahenkara and she’ll become his best companion throughout her life. so its a humble request to the director of the show that please go according to real history. i know its a tv serial and there should be some fiction but you must also show the important things that happened. after all its a real life story and till now more than 90% of the show is fictional, only few % is real. so please, its a request that you show the real things.

    1. according to the real story, ashoka first married devi and not ahenkara.

  9. Ashok never marries ahenkara

    1. you have told the right thing

  10. Asandhmitra princess of asandh would marry him. 1 st he will marry devi. Not from any royal family. And hence their was an issue of not declaring her son as heir.

  11. Asandhmitra died childless so kunal and other son got to b heir. But successor of ashok was his grandson and not his son even. Ashok till he came to rule never had good relationship with Ujjain. So its just that director if shows love interest in ahenkara for ashok it will b against history as neither sushim or ashok will b with her. But directors have added Justin noor and siamak how didn’t existed already so they could do anything

  12. For those of u who r interested I history, read about siddhraj jaisingh u will enjoy it much more. The life story itself has so many drama that they don’t need any spices to add to it

  13. Sushim didn’t have any issues so charu and bindu planed to keep ashok out from capital. As his popularity was growing over bindu himself. And he had promisedthrone to sushim. The great father son bond shown in the serial is also a myth

  14. Nicators daughter was married to chandragupt however her name is never mentioned and she never bore him any son. He was much under influence of chanakya and loved dhana nadan daughter or his wife. Whom he could not have as she became a Buddhist monk. After dhana nadan’s death. Bindusar was just a heir that was needed.

  15. Child ashoka siddarath they have made sign 3 years of contract
    So they need to stretch the serial for three years
    May they take leap they may sign elder ashoka for 15 years

  16. ahenkara loves ashok…

    1. not agreed

  17. Everybody is doing some conspiracy at their end except BINDUSAAR.
    i don’t understand what bindusaar is doing all the time.

    1. Hahaha… Yes u r ryt… Bindusaar hi samrat.. N he has to do this all.. To find out truth etc.. But in the show it is shown that bindu do not take his own decisions.. He jst either influent by chanakya or Helena.. Or others..

  18. siddharth is fab. susim loves ahenkara. ashoka never married ahenkara. saheer sheikh will become adult ashoka , who is ghatia.

    1. i agree.

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